Stop Motion Cooking – Make Beef Stewed Potatoes From Winter Clothes ASMR 4K

Dieses Video wird sicherlich die Emotionen vieler Mütter berühren. Verpassen Sie dieses Video nicht. Wenn Sie möchten, abonnieren Sie bitte den Kanal und drücken Sie die Benachrichtigungsglocke, um uns zu unterstützen.


  1. My friend:hey what are you doing?

    Me:you know,just playing basketball

    My Friend:but its raining outside

    Me:then I will just cook with my basket ball items

  2. I was kinda triggerd about the socks cooking because its the same its like mine and i shouted at my mom saying "MOM WHERES MY SOCKS!!?!?!?!?!" Mah mom said "i put it on ur drawer" me"oh ok"

  3. So let me get this straight…the ppl wanna do sum but find out they can't so they go to their kitchen and start cooking their things but soon finds out that the weather has changed and gets mad that they ate their stuff!?! 😂😂 WTF

  4. Это конечно прикольно но я не понимаю логики. Они начинают есть вещи потому что злятся, потому что плохая погода и это выглчдит очень странно

  5. This girl cooking her party bc no one shows up like girl it takes time for people to show up like people don’t rather wait then just cook/destroy their party =_=

  6. The legend says if you say their name 3 times you get pinned

    Stop Motion Cooking
    Stop Motion Cooking
    Stop Motion Cooking

    Did it work?

  7. I find these videos very satisfying even though it seems silly. You must have put a lot of effort into all your amazing editing!

  8. Me:turns on video without knowing it’s like a Asmr*
    Video:makes Asmr noises*
    Me:wait wut¿ reads the title oh god I’m so dumb

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