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now two weeks and one day away from the very first Democratic presidential debates here on MSNBC and we're continuing our series called the road to Miami as Steve Kornacki fills us in on everything we need to know about the important states along the crowded bustling I 95 corridor you might remember it was just last night Steve got stuck in some horrible traffic on the Cross Bronx Expressway but tonight having slipped the surly bonds of New York we are happy to report our friend Steve has crossed the magnificent George Washington Bridge and is now safely in the Garden State the great state of New Jersey and back at the big board with us tonight is Steve Kornacki Steve hey Brian yeah that's right we finally we made it across that cross bronx expressway of course it took all the gas out of my tank so I had to make a pit stop here at the vince lombardi service area when I hit New Jersey filling up the tank right now of course I can talk to you well I'm doing this because in New Jersey there is no self-service gas it is all full service that is as state law it's the only place in the country where they have that so I get to sit here they get to fill up the tank of course the problem is there's 18 pumps here there's only one attendant so actually I've been waiting a few minutes for them to bring the company card back to me but while I continue waiting maybe I can ask folks a trivia question how about that I'm gonna give you a four names here four people and I want you to think about what might they all have in common number one exuberant sportscaster dick Veidt out number two hip hop artist in comedic actress Queen Latifah number three 19th century novelist James Fenimore Cooper and number four television news icon in 11th our host Brian Williams what do all four of these individuals have in common well they've all never been in my kitchen that is true but there's something else we're thinking about all of them are members in good standing of the New Jersey State Hall of Fame located mere miles from where I am right now in New Jersey's historic and in fact I believe we have exclusively obtained some footage from that night five years ago when the host of this show was inducted by mr. Bruce Springsteen into the Hall of Fame my life really comes down to three numbers I'm very proud of I was born at exit 163 raised at exit 117 and we are currently homeowners at exit 98 it's all about the numbers it's always been all about the numbers that was of course those were Parkway references were I 95 on this trip but close enough Brian Williams of course as we said inducted five years ago and we can report some new news on this front for you tonight Brian you will soon be joined it was just announced this week by several new esteemed inductees into the New Jersey Hall of Fame including the smithereens southside johnny george RR martin martha stewart and jason alexander all of them will be taking a place with you in that hall of fame this October so something for everybody to look forward to there okay now we always talk to on these trips about politics about presidential politics about the significance of each place we visit when it comes to New Jersey well look we think of New Jersey as a blue state this is what it looked like though before the 2018 midterms twelve congressional districts in the state seven of them were blue five of them were red that's because New Jersey blue state yes but a suburban state a lot of traditionally Republican suburbs suburbs that Democrats in the Trump era have been targeting suburbs that are filled with the types of voters they tend to be more college-educated more culturally moderate Democrats have said there's going to be a backlash against Trump with those voters that's going to power them they said this in the 2018 midterms and look at New Jersey this was before the 2018 midterms it was 7 to 5 Democrats over Republicans after 11 to 1 that's what the 2018 midterm wave did here in New Jersey by the way it wasn't just that US Senator Bob Menendez he went on trial for bribery he was got a hung jury during the campaign ran for his numbers were in the tank and yet that resistance to Trump in the Republican Party was so strong that Menendez still won by double digits Democrats look at this those suburbs in New Jersey they look at those results from 2018 and they see something that didn't just power them in New Jersey they think it's something that's going to power them in suburbs all across the country in 2020 Brian Steve thank you it's an honor to be included we all look up to James Fenimore Cooper he's a rest stop and of course we all hope to be rest up someday if you're from New Jersey that's the ultimate honor Steve Kornacki thank you so much we're just loving this series of race hey there I'm Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube if you want to keep up to date with the videos we're putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos


  1. Why does Brian Williams still have a job after being a demonstrated liar? Does anyone believe this guy any more? Talk about corrupt media



  4. Biden will get destroyed in the debates. His past is a treasure chest of despicable claims and terrible decisions.

    Look at Biden's claims in 2006 and tell me he doesn't sound EXACTLY like Trump. Just try to make that case, I'll be waiting.

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