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hi everyone welcome to veronika hug today I will show you how to make a scarf called starlight so this is going to be a project today you see that we are working with a glitter thread in here and I hope you can see it even though it's really hard to catch on camera I don't think we've had this many glitter videos or videos with glitter threads so I'm really excited to show you this today and then showing you this car because there are a lot of really interesting glitters the rest that you can use that we haven't used before so a lot of different colors different widths or different thicknesses so yeah a lot to work with a lot to try out as well as a lot of projects to do with it and I think it looks really special in the end and kind of gives this gives the scarf a new dimension so if you have other ideas what we can do with such materials feel free to recommend whatever you would like to see or maybe have already tried out yourself so I personally worked with this copper colored one but now I'll do the silver one with you guys with the blue buoy hugs bauble also a really neat thing is that glitter threads are usually much longer than regular ones make sure to check of course but mine has for example 1000 meters so I definitely know it's gonna be enough for my bauble that's only 800 years long so make sure to check your details about what kind of thread you are working with what kind of length and thickness and yeah let's get ready and we can start you here I now use my bubble thread and my glitter thread so we will start as always with chains and this time with six chains one two three four five six and then go back into the first one do a slip stitch and close the round and now we get a little ring that we will do 11 travels so in order to do that we will do 10 actual levels and three chains instead of the triple and then ten more troubles and we'll also work the beginning thread from both the bobble and the glitter thread and do the work so that we don't have to leave it in later Eirene Thanks eat and ten so that's the first one we started with one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven travels total my first row is now done and we can now mark row so that in case you need to rewind you always know where to stop and where we are at so in the second row we do three chains instead of the first treble and then we do an additional chain and turn the work go here into the second stitch and do a treble again a chain and a travel into the next stretch and then you just keep working it to the end so in between each travel goes a chain the second will ends with the treble around the third chain of the first fake trouble of our first row and that's how row two ends now again three chains for the height turn and then go around the first treble and do a relief trouble from the front then a chain and around the chain from the last row goes the travel Jeanne and around the next travel from our last row again our relief treble from the front chain and treble around the chain of the last row and again the team and here a front relief treble chain and a treble of the team and Lily chain and the trouble and then the chain and the plant will change grapple chain can really change a tribal a chain and run relief chain and trouble a chain and the front value chain and trouble a chain and front really a chain a trouble to change chain and a treble the chain and a front Louie and Thoreau ends with a treble into the third chain from the fake treble of the second row now comes row or and we are again doing three chains to replace the first treble and then we will work around the relief treble one relief Tremmel but from the back this time one gene and into the treble from the last row we do two trebles but no changes between two travels after one another one chain and a back relief treble and one chain and two travels into the single travel one chain in the back relief travel and one chain in – troubles into the single travel one chain and a back relief travel and one chain to travels into the same trouble and now you just keep going like this until you reach the end of the row and then we will start our next row in the meantime I wanted to tell you about the Facebook groups that we have it's called Lewy hugs and there you can find different patterns different ideas inspiration for all of your projects including knitting crocheting Tunisian crocheting as well it's a big community there are there's a lot of people doing different things for beginners or maybe a bit more complicated but feel free to check it out one chain and two travels into the single treble one gene and a back relief trouble and one chain and two troubles into the single trouble one team and back relief trouble and one chain and do travels into the city level one chain and a baffling treble and one chain and two travels into the safe Oh trouble one chain and a back relief treble and one chain and one single crochet into the third chain of the thing travel so we can read for the next round starts again the same way three chains and the pink rebel turn and do a front relief around the relief from the last row then do a chain you know to travels and into the following trouble one chain and foot relief again a chain to travels and then into the following trouble ting front relief again a chain to trebles and then we do the following travel horrible and eat to the end of the row five robes or fifth row ends now I did the two troubles now I did end with a chain and one relief from the front then one travel into the third chain now again start with three chains turn and really put the back a chain into the mid treble from the three goes another crebbil three chains and a treble then another chain in a back relief a chain into the mid treble from the three goes on the rubble three chains and a travel then another teen in a back relief and repeat one more time a chain into the mid travel from the three goes another crebbil three chains and crapple than another chain back and end of the row here is my last mid trouble now chain back Willie and one trouble into the third chain that road was row six and now relief trebles from the front so in a cruise you always do the front relief travel and in the even rows you always do back relief troubles and you see how you get a nice edge on the front side so anyway let's continue after the front relief comes a chain and around the chains go again close again a couple three chains and a treble 7th row is the same as the sixth but reliefs go from the front this time a chain always the chain then travel three chains treble and three chains one chain and front Willy chain around the three chains goes a treble three chains treble chain and Friends movie and you do that to the other side at the end of the seventh row we are ending with a friend relief and a treble into the third chain of our fake example ro8 let's do 3 chains and turn now and we will do back relief grubbles to you and now here we have three chains crebbil you know we are doing two trebles three chains to travels so same but two troubles chain back relief and again Jean – troubles me change to travel Jeanne and will you close the back one chain and to travels through teens to travel and the eighth and ninth roma just repeat so it's always the same the ninth will again have two troubles three chains beauty crackles so here Israel 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 – and the world nine we are doing a travel into the third chain of the big trouble and we start a row now we are starting with three chains and turn odd row so back relief chain to trebles around the cheeks here now leave the first one and do one into the next one and then again to travels for the chains three chains to trebles always two and one comes into the fold in trouble one trouble stays free so chain back relief chain travel into the second level of the last room and then again two chains with two travels and chain as trouble goes into the trouble after the chains let's repeat chin trouble to trebles will change to troubles you and now you did the tenth row the next row you do with leaving one of the two club asleep so make sure you don't forget that first treble goes here and second and third here so I'll finish the tenth row and then I'll show you how I did the last row so how we kind of end but meaning that you can keep on going this way as long as you like I'm at the end of row 11 chain and again elite rebels so always two rows with the same number of troubles here go to first goes into the third so that you can go around the chains three chains you always do and then three chains and two around the chains third trouble into the first of the three then again chain front relief chain two troubles three chains and again two troubles and the first trouble gets the third level Jean and one crack relief and you'll repeat so you see the pattern is pretty repetitive when you get the hang of it it may take a while but it really pays off in the end so yeah just stick with it and after a while it's gonna all make sense so we did two rows with two troubles and now come two rows with fork rebels three chains back relief and one chain now I have more troubles to always go around the chains into compounder two and three were and the three chains – around the chains and – into the following troubles just one stays Philippe now we have just one crebbil left in the 11th we had to free and in the past one so chain back relief chain leave one trouble to around the chains three troubles and go into the five in trouble so we need for travels so 2 goes here and this is how you continue in row 13 you will have again for travels so you would skip the first to do to travels into the third and fourth and the next two ones would as always do around the chains and that's four and the following two rows which are rows 14 and 15 you would have five troubles which means that you would in the first section leave out just one then one two three troubles and the last two into the chains in the following row you would again skip two and then again just one and then again two so that keeps changing that way the number of troubles that is skipped between one you two and it should be pretty easy to do so I hope you enjoy today's project you'll free to let me know what you think if you'd like to subscribe to the channel you can stay notified whenever I post something new and also you can gain access to older things I already post it if you like this particular project feel free to shoot a thumbs up you can also share this with your friends and yes thank you for watching Veronica hug I'll see you next time in our next project and until then have a wonderful day bye


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