Spring Try On Clothing Haul 2019

stars so I recently turned 24 years old and I guarantee you there's gonna be comments on this video let's say that I don't look 24 and it's one of my bigger insecurities and one of the things that kind of bothers me because that affects you that really does affect you in work in relationships when people don't think that you are the age you are and they think maybe you're more immature whatever it's something that always bothered me and made me feel like it was just out of my control like I just look young and then I realized it is a lot more in control than I think I found that a lot of times I just wasn't dressing my age and now that I'm 24 which is an age that feels so adult to me I decided I needed to go through a complete wardrobe overhaul get some new clothes that are stylish a little more grown-up that's what today's haul is all about growing up and being a 24 year old woman wearing stylish clothes so today's video is sponsored by ever Lane they reached out to me and asked if they can send me these clothes and I freaked out because every Lane is an amazing label this is just right up my alley they have such cute clothes and there are things that could be appropriate for work or for business casual but also for going out and just your every day to day life it's just they have the best stuff so not only is ever Lane a fashion brand but they're also a movement because they're doing two really cool things number one they make everything ethically you can see on their website they show photos of the factories they have relationships with the owners and everything from the sourcing of the fabrics to the employees working for the company is ethically done ethically made clothes has been something I've been trying to work on steering towards and only buying and ever lane doing that makes it so much easier number two they are completely transparent with their pricing I don't know if this is something any brand has ever done they literally show on the website for each piece of clothing how should actually cost them to make and then how much they mark it up so you'll notice I got a lot of clothes and getting a lot of clothes at once doing like a complete wardrobe overhaul is an expensive thing to do so Everland offers after pay which is really awesome in a situation like this after pay is so simple it just breaks up your payment into four installments rather than one big one so if you were buying $200 worth of stuff you'd also pay $200 at once you can do for $50 payments as long as you're paying your installments on time there's absolutely no interest no hidden fees on after pay if you're late on them that's probably a different story but we're not late are we we're not late on things everything that I got will be linked below so if you want to shop any of the looks that I got right down there for you now let's get started so I got two pairs of shoes this first one is called the day heel it's so cute it's in this light cream color I hate flats they just I don't think they look good on me sometimes I just make you look frumpy that's just me I don't like flats so if you're like me and you don't like flats this is the everyday heel for you it's literally called but everyday heel it's so perfect so it's just got this little like one-inch heel so the shoes are still really comfortable really easy to walk around in and they're so easy to pop on as you can see they kind of cinch right there I'm usually a 7 and a half or an 8 and I got these in a 7 and a half and they fit perfectly and these are made in Italy which is really cool it feels so fancy the other pair of sheers that I got is a sandal this is so cute I love it so much so this is the block heel sandal and I got this one in a size 8 because for me I have wide feet so whenever there's anything that exposes the toe I just need something just a slight size up so it's a little bit wider so my toe can fit through this is just gonna be the perfect shoe for running around in the spring and summer because it's just got a little heel so it's easy to walk around so this is made out of 100% Italian leather here are some photos of the factory that it's made in you can see photos of every factory on the site that your products are made in I think this is a beautiful shoe and I can't wait to wear these bad boys onto clothes they sent me in a huge box this sweater right here is what made me want to work with ever Lane I saw this on their Instagram and it's just the most pretty bubble gum pink so this is called the oversized alpaca crew and yes it is made out of alpaca fur it's got a kind of ribbed texture and then just the crew neckline alpaca is really nice because it's super warm and it's less prickly than other fabrics out there so it's just so comfy this was a bit more of a splurge this is their cashmere v-neck obviously cashmere is really nice this is in the camel color it's nice to have a sweater like this because it just looks really clean and seamless on and it's just a really clean nice professional look this sweater was made in China and this is what the factory looks like next I got one of their cocoon coats this is such a great coat and the inside it's lined in just like a silky texture and then the whole thing is plaid so the whole coat is just a pretty full length coat goes about to your knees it looks a little bit big on me but it's actually made to be an oversized fit it has three buttons that it can button up to and I think this will look so good with one of the cashmere sweaters underneath next I got the Italian go weave classic blazer I've always been afraid to buy a blazer because I don't know sometimes they can just like make you look like a flight attendant or too grown-up you know my job is not something that I need to be like that dressed up business-wise for but Blazers can also look really cute in general so I thought I'd try one out and this Blazer is amazing my biggest fear is getting a blazer and just looking like I'm drowning in it like it's just too big this is razor it's like it was made for me I personally think it just fits so perfectly if this is a great this is so I just I love how this fits so much on the website it says that this is tailored to be a slim fit but it has a little bit of stretch to it so that it can stretch a little and I think that must be why it just fits absolutely perfectly another thing I get kind of insecure about my shoulders I feel like they're big and broad and I feel like that's a very regular insecurity for a lot of women out there the shoulders on this place are really subtle and they don't make your shoulders look all big I would highly recommend this blazer if you're looking for one this one's amazing it makes me feel like a CEO not a girl sitting in a room talking about close to a camera okay this is the cashmere cropped mock neck very similar to the v-neck cashmere sweater but it just has a mock neck to it there's not much to say about this I mean it's a beautiful sweater it's pretty understated but it's just classy like I feel like a million bucks when I'm wearing this this is the sand cotton linen Cru this one is from their newest spring collection there's something about the way that then knitting on it is a little bit slightly see-through that it just feels lighter and beachy and more summer to me it just has the crewneck line to it it's a bit crop so like that this is their cashmere ribbed mock neck sweater this one doesn't look like the other cashmere sweaters it's got like the ribbed texture to it it goes a bit oversized and I love that on the sides it's got this little slit to it this one's definitely a lot thicker than the other customers sweaters so if you're looking for a thicker cashmere sweater get the ribbed textured one I really like this one this is in the heather gray everline offers a lot of great basics and this is as basic as it could get this is their Raglan tee so it's just literally a plain white tee I didn't have one so this was $20 I like this for like tying a knot in it and then this is the Pima stretch turtleneck which is another just really basic good for layering easy basic little turtleneck super simple so they have a lot of quality basics and lastly for the tops this is the Japanese go weave cami just a really simple white cami you could wear this layering with like the blazer or you could wear this going out it looks great tucked in or not tucked I love these super just dainty little little straps sometimes I avoid the really itty bitty straps because I feel like they make my shoulders look bigger but luckily with this top the way that this is kind of squared out on me is very flattering very pretty it's a great cami okay and lastly for the bottoms that I got these are the Italian go we've easy pant in the color surplus so it's kind of like a dart all of you color these are really really comfortable with this stretchy band here so with these go weave pants the wool is spun in Italy so that's pretty fancy so my favorite part about these pants is the front has a pleading to them so when you put them on you can really dress them up they even have like a back pocket I feel like a back pocket like this where it's a little slit typically signifies a nicer more business look to it I love these pants because they look dressed up but they're super super comfortable you feel like you're wearing sweat pants and lastly I got two pairs of jeans this is their high rise cheeky straight Jean I love high rise jeans it's like all I wear sadly I thought I was the size 24 apparently I'm not because these do not fit me I can only get one button up so I know I've been eating a lot of pizza this winter but now I have motivation to go to the gym because I really want these to fit because when I put them on you can see they are so cute like they have the cutest fit and then these are the exact same pants but in white so cute but they don't fit me I just got these pants on really I thought did not fit I miraculously somehow squeezed into them I'm never so the thing is I linger between a 24 or 25 but it really depends upon the material of the Jean if it's a little bit more stretchy I go 24 but if it's not I'm more twenty-five so these don't stretch at all just so you know go a size up I didn't do that I'm gonna be hitting the gym and then hopefully by summer I can fit in reading from the tag here it says that these jeans are made in Vietnam they have some of the best sustainability practices in the industry they recycle 98% of their water and they air dry their jeans they also repurpose denim byproducts to make bricks for affordable housing so that's really cool okay that is really cool so that is everything that I got from ever Lane I hope you guys liked this haul if you liked any of the stuff I'll have it linked below ever Lane is just such a great company and when making your purchase you can also use after pay to break your installments up into four rather than one big payment so do that if you want no pressure if you are interested in using after pay you will see it all over the site just choose the items you want to add to your cart continue to check out you will continue your payment with after pay with after pay you make or payments one every two weeks as long as you pay everything on time there are no hidden fees if you are shopping for new clothes let me know in the comments what occasion you're shopping for like where are you in your life you want to see these looks in action as photos go follow me on instagram at Monica Church and I'll see you guys next time bye


  1. Idk why people think 24 looks different from like 19-23, it really doesn’t. I’ve looked the same since 18. I also returned to college at 24 and no one guesses I’m older until I tell them.

  2. How is everlane ethical if they use alpaca fur? This is a real question that I want to be answered so if you have any info pls educate me!

  3. I am 24 i look 13 yo (i swear i am not exagerating!) i know exactly how u feel 😔😭😭 thank you for the inspiration

  4. Why not return the jeans for a size up? I cannot imagine it would be a problem, they want you to wear them.

  5. All looks nice on you… just one suggestion to you… I have noticed you picked only light colours and mostly 3 colours which are white grey and creme…. you should try bright colours too just for a change.. you would look amazing

  6. I feel the same way everyone thinks I'm 18 and I'm 24!! I think I need to revamp my wardrobe! thanks for the amazing, inspiring content 🙂

  7. You know it’s not a bad thing that you look so young, when you sixty and saggy your gonna miss this. And people shouldn’t judge you off your appearance they should judge you off your work ethic and as long as your not going to meetings in slept in sweatpants, I think your doing fine 🙂

  8. With wear, those jeans should stretch out enough for them to be comfortable! Cotton denim just needs a bit of breaking in.

  9. I'm 26, will be 27 in August, and most people think I'm 20, if not younger. When I first started working as a waitress my coworkers thought I was 16. I've come to terms with this. I've come to the conclusion that I'd much rather look younger than I am than older than I am. But I definitely always feel an overwhelming need to state how old I actually am. 😂

  10. i seriously feel the SAME way about my age. I am several years older than you and people have made it very clear to me that I look super young. Maybe rethinking my outfits will help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I love love love how professional all your main channel content is and that you are so transparent about brands that you work with and how passionate you are about ethical clothing! Your hauls are always by far my favorite!

  12. I'm 25, look younger and have to wear scrubs for work. My wardrobe doesnt help at all, I look like a fetus lmao

  13. Wow this is exactly how I feel, and I just turned 24 too!! I've started to dress more grown up just to look like I'm 24 and not 17. This is so helpful!

  14. I think you’ve always looked your age, regardless of whether you’re wearing a hoodie or a suit.

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