1. Hiiii everyone! Today's video is a huge haul from the thrift store. I wanted to get some fresh funky pieces for the new season and I succeeded. Have you ever been to a thrift store before? 😊

  2. This weekend I found a vintage Gucci long rain jacket for $20 at my local thrift store and a really cute Ralph Lauren Polo tee! Honestly it is so important to buy thrifted clothes, clothing takes years and years to break down so every time we buy that dress to wear once and throw it away, we put so much stress on the environment. Plus it's so exciting when you find cool shit hidden on the racks (or in the baskets)!

  3. I'm shook. Not gonna lie some of the stuff on those hangers looked questionable and then you put it on and BAM they look soo amazing on you. You are truly amazing!

  4. My aunt ruined one of my sister's wool sweaters like that, but then she gave it to our sister who was four at the time. πŸ˜‚

  5. Almost everytime you pulled an outfit up I had no idea what it could go with, then each time I see you wear it, it totally makes sense! Love the video and the haul! Nice seeing you in a good mood!

  6. Hi Jenn! i learned that shrunk clothes can get back to its normal size if you soak them in a fabric conditioner for a day or two

  7. OMG the last one killed me 0.0! I didn't thought it could be worhty, you are very brilliant and clever jenn! I'm really astonished, you actually make everything work, you do things that at first sight looks complicate and difficult to remake but at the same time looks relaxed and without effort. You are meticulous, aren't you? anyway, incredible skills jenn! I really love and enjoy your videos, keep going you do a wonderful job! Blesses for U!

  8. i just LOVE your hair this color and length!! and also i LOVE the way you put this video together because we get to see the clothes you got so clearly

  9. All of those pieces are πŸ‘ŒπŸ½πŸ‘ŒπŸ½πŸ‘ŒπŸ½ also my goodwill has been seriously slacking lately. I've gotta find a new one that doesn't just carry oversized jeans and pantsuits

  10. omg i love absolutely everything and it all looks wonderful on you Jenn even the pyjama pants haha! love from france!

  11. Those pants!! Perfect! You have a great eye Jenn! I love how you can make really ugly or odd looking clothes look very chic and cute! 😍

  12. +tip I heard that Urban Outfiters and Salvation Army are pro anti-gay :/ and I was a huge fan for both stores before but after hearing that and read more about it why they are against, I just simply don't shop there anymore… Just a thought

  13. hey, I think I saw u in Bali Indonesia a few days ago. I wanted to say hi but I'm not sure if it is u or not

  14. judging by just the items themselves, I wasn't really quite impressed but somehow, you managed to pull off each and every item you picked. it really astounded me that how great you paired each item with, you're also really pretty!

  15. Jenn Im, Please Check Youtube Channel Han Yoo Ra That Girl Crazy To Meet You.. Sorry My Bad English ☺ From Indonesian

  16. Jenn!!! try to soak the blue wool sweater with hair conditioner for a few hours and then gently stretch it out. works for me, maybe you can save your's this way?

  17. Jeans and leather jacket at the thrift store are the cheapiest. And i love that star pant, i can wear them to class.

  18. That wooly mistake literally happened to me LAST WEEK! Absolutely gutted about it. I might put my dog in it now.

  19. Always inspired to thrift after watching one of Jenn's thrifting videos. Every time, I go and walk out empty handed. It takes a gift to see potential and I clearly don't have it

  20. Lol this is the only time I say no to your wildcard just because it's totally pj pants hahaha I've seen these in real life for that purpose haha it's ok tho girl love u

  21. I'm so glad that I found a great youtuber like you and I think I am gonna be addicted to your amazing videos hahah I like your style your smile and everything truly thank you for the great work β€β€πŸ’™ and here's is HI from Morocco !! :')


    i was at a Salvation Army in Mississauga, Ontario (which is Canada) and I found the bottom half of the floral blazer you hauled!!!!! I took a photo because the print looked familiar and I just realized it's because you featured its top half in your video!

    Here's a link to the bottom half (it's a midi-length skirt!)

  23. What's the uk equivalent to Goodwill? I can only ever find tiny charity shops with nothing good in them, or have to go rokit or beyond retro where they put a ridiculous mark-up on the price!!

  24. For that sweater that shrunk.. wash in the sink with baby shampoo. Should bring it to original shape

  25. i reeeeeally love your videos. it inspires me a lot and i hope I can find some thrift store here containing such a steal clothes huhu

  26. Ughhhhh i don’t know how you do it but you make everything look so great. 😭 it doesn’t look that pretty when you hold it up but as soon as it’s on you, you just make it work so perfectly 😭 love you jenn! ❀️

  27. I love your thrift haul once again! I can't wait to try and score some finds soon at my favorite consignment shop!

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