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what's going on guys it's like – bo3 and i am back with another video so today's video is going to be a summer try on clothing haul so I just went shopping for all this stuff I just got in my last vlog so if you guys wanna check that out go ahead and click up there it will also be linked down in the description box below make sure you give this video a big thumbs up hit that post application bell hit that subscribe button and follow all of my social medias so without further ado let's get right into this video so first we have forever 21 and from forever 21 I got a camo skirt kind of like camouflage skirt I thought this was really really cute I got it a size small because I'm pretty small so this is what it looks like and I also got this shirt and it's off the shoulder kind of shirt so you should kind of read like this so yeah it's just a black random shirt they had got also a small because yeah so that next from American Eagle I got two pairs of shorts first pair is a dark wash denim and these are like fake rips in them oh yeah but I got my shorts in a size zero so yeah these are gonna be great for when we go on vacation we're going to Florida soon send out a pair of dark wash and I got a pair of light wash so the light wash ones don't have as much rips on them I have a few at the bottom but yeah and there's so many buttons on it there's like four I thought that was cool but I also got these in a size zero of course next up I went to device I have never buy any clothes from Dillard's besides I did go home coming just shopping there once but I never buy so first thing I got was this Nike tee it's a white and black Nike team I thought this was perfect because it's so simple and I like Nike I'm a big Nike fan um so yeah I got this then I got some tube tops I got a white one and I got a black one but these I think will be really cute with a denim jacket and like some black pants or some white pants and I'm denim jacket I don't know but I thought these would be cute and I got them in the size small I also got the Nike shirt in science magazine and then black one it's pretty much the same thing got some ruffles on it but then I went to TJ Maxx you guys and I found some pretty good stuff at DJ Maxx they had this was the outfit like one of their mannequins head on and I literally took the outfit off the mannequin because it was the last size available so it was this mustard yellow and white dress am i super cute and it also has like little Crossy things on let's call in the back which is also with you but I would wear it with a denim jacket probably this pretty cute white one this is an extra small as well and yeah just a white game jacket so cute and it goes really good with this dress next up we have Marshalls only got one thing oh I really only got one thing so from Marshalls I got this us a little crop top shirt it's blue and red colors of the United States of America all right and he just says USA and it's just a really simple shirt I thought it was pretty cute only $5.99 and this was a size extra small still so yeah and then you guys I went to Ross and they had abut I found a bunch of stuff in there if you don't shop at Ross what're you doing so first off I found this cute shirt I don't know what these shirts are called the like tanks but like summer kind of thinks but they're really cute um yeah so this with a denim jacket also pretty cute to me and it's just really pretty of maroon color what's yeah and it feels really good it's like big so and then I got another little tank this one has some ruffles on it I don't know how this one's gonna work out I feel it's gonna be big but I'm gonna try it on and see but is this army green color and I also think this would be cute with a damn jacket and everything ski with the denim thank you and then I've got this one-piece type thing I don't know what I think is pretty pretty sure it's not on one piece but this is really pretty blush pink color and it's the OP is an off-the-shoulder shirt and really simple it's got some office right here yeah and last but not least I got another yellow dress this one was really cute as well I may look like this and it has a pretty little tie design going on right here and like a little slot type thing in there but yeah I really hope this fits I feel like it's gonna be too because it is very stretchy but we're gonna see and I did get this in a size small so hopefully so you guys that's pretty much all of the clothes that I got um I did get some shoes first off we'll start off with these these are my Air Max 270's these are so cute I'm one of a couple of times but these are so cute they are mostly black with this like purple upper like under the black I don't know if that makes sense but it's really cute and it's kind of like a holographic type thing going on and it's purple and pink and like this pretty blueish color but yeah I love you so much my mommy garden for me and I love them next pair of shoes I got was from Foot Locker so from Foot Locker I picked up the cap and gown 13 and I thought these are really cute cuz they're all black it's not only a summer color but it's a go with anything kind of shoe and this is my first pair of thirteen's I got it in a size 6 and it's got petting my down the sides and the rest is kind of like a suede material um yeah I like them I will really interested to see if they make my foot look big because I've never had a pair of their teens and yeah also from pivots this was an online purchase but from hibbett I got the bread fours this is my first pair of fours in a really long time you guys I didn't have forest since like 24 15 or 16 but yeah I had to get these they're really cute I can style this with a lot of the clothes I have in my wardrobe because I wear a lot of grey black and red because that's half of the colors in my shoot collections but yet I love these and I picked them up on hit it and now because it is summer we had to pick up some summer shoes like some sandals and stuff so first I don't know what these are but there's some sandals rocking candy I got these from Marshalls and I pretty much just look like this they're really cute and it's like this I don't know what kind of code this is like a brown color it's like two different colors or two different tones of brown and I really thought was really cute they're really narrow my feet are narrow so they fit really good on my feet also from Marshalls I picked up these jelly shoes these are so cute to me you guys they were the last ones left in my size too but they are this black color and they're really cute I love them they're kind of clear too but they're just like jelly shoes and they're so cute I love them again and then from Target I picked up some of these because barking stops are way too wide for my feet so we go with these no but I like these they're really comfortable and they're fairly well and this is like a light tannish color and they're gonna be great for the summer [Applause] [Applause] all right you guys so that's it for this video I hope you guys enjoyed it make sure you give it a really big thumbs up hit that post on the petition Bell hit that subscribe button follow all of my social medias and I will catch you guys in the next one peace


  1. I have the same black and white tube tops💗 Ilysmm. All the clothes and shoes look nice😍 I love the scenery, and your hairstyle💛 #VeeHive

  2. NOT HATING or nothing. But i don’t think you should keep saying you’re small and how your clothes are in a Xs or S. Because i think we can see that you’re ‘small’. Gets kinda annoying. Js

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