Spring Modest Clothing Haul 2019 | Madewell, Free People, Lulu's etc.

hi it's Emily and welcome back here to my youtube channel so in today's video I'm gonna be doing a spring modest clothing haul I have been wanting to do one of these spring hauls for a long time now and I just haven't got around to filming this it's not like I just went one day and went on a big shopping spree this is like collective over a couple of months I've bought these things and been meaning to record this video and just haven't got around to it yet I get a lot of questions from you all asking where I shop where I find my clothes if I can do more videos like this so I'm gonna try to be doing a lot of videos with modest clothes in them here over the next few weeks I'm gonna try to put in a lot of them because I'm getting a lot of requests and I know that you know spring is here and it's hard to find stuff in the summertime and youth camps summer activities are coming up and you're looking for cute modest clothes I kind of get stuff from all over the place so this is just going to show you where I'm shopping and where I'm finding stuff I've already posted a lot of these things on my Instagram and I've also posted them on my 21 buttons app and on 21 buttons I have the direct link to all of these items so make sure you follow me on both Instagram and 21 buttons so you can find the direct links to these and you can also get modest styling inspiration from those so I will link both of those down below make sure you're following me on those I'm just gonna start with this shirt that I'm wearing because I love it and I think it's so cute stand up so you can kind of see it's like really like flowy and it has these cute tassels on it and this is actually like embroidered on here this is from American Eagle and I found this on clearance online this is like long-sleeve but it's kind of like connected right here so when you move your arms it kind of like goes up so I just roll this up and wear it as 3/4 length and it's like really flowy so it's not hot and it's super thin so like I said this was on clearance on American Eagles website and it was only $5.99 I was shocked when it was only $5.99 I actually bought this in two colors this color it's like orange II and pink and it has the orange tassels and I just love the boho style right now and I thought these were so boho II and cute and they were on clearance this orange in pink one is actually 13 99 I don't know why this one was more expensive and this one was only $5.99 but since they were so cheap I went ahead and bought both of them because these are just so cute I can put one of these shirts on with the jean skirt and just walk out the door it's kind of an effortless outfit but it still looks really really cute really really love these shirts I'm gonna be wear it like switching them out everyday wearing them when I'm just out in town and I need something to wear I also got one more thing from American Eagle and it is this skirt it's a really cute flowy it's really thin skirt it's got buttons down the middle and it's this cute like peach floral print and I thought this was super cute for summer they also had this in a different color it was a darker color it was either black or navy I don't remember what it was but I went for the more summery color this is gonna be a great youth camp skirt I love wearing skirts like this for youth camp so that was it for American Eagle but I've got another shirt that goes along with this boho look that almost looks identical to the shirt but it is this pink and purple shirt that I found at vici and this was on clearance as well and it's long-sleeved but I also like to pull this one up and make it three-quarter length or wear it long sleeve and this one's kind of more flowy so I just nod it down in the front so it doesn't look as baggy on me but I thought this was super cute it's really lightweight and I also found this on clearance as well I have been shopping the clearance sections here recently more often I know it's harder for me to share items with you that are on clearance because you know they may be sold out of sizes or they may be sold out of it completely before I can share it with you but I've just been finding everything that I like on clearance and it's cheaper so anyways here's this one I will link this down below if it's still available on their clearance section I found this skirt that I wore in my plant video shopping at Francesca's and I actually went to the store and went shopping and found this I found this in the clearance section so it was another clearance piece but I just loved this skirt I love the him and it's this orange color it's actually a little darker maybe in person it's more of like it kind of looks like a fall color but I thought it could go for summer as well because this is a thin skirt it's Fleury and I think it looks summery especially when you pair it with like a lighter top like the white or cream that is in this and you all seen that this skirt matches my pots for my plants and that's why I'm just obsessed with this skirt so this is from Francesca's and last time I checked it was still on clearance online the next skirt that I found was online and I found this from where did I find this one I found this from Olive Avenue boutique and last time I checked they were sold out of it but there are some other boutiques that had the very same skirt and this is just a perfect skirt for summer I love taking these more dressy skirt and pairing them with a more casual shirt and making it a day outfit because I love how light and comfortable these skirts are so I love buying skirts like these and wearing them dressy and casuals so if you'll check out my Instagram I have a style for both dressy and casual for this skirt and I just love this skirt I thought it was so cute it goes with so many things this is the shirt that I actually paired it with and I found this shirt at Roxy and it's just a cute graphic three-quarter length t-shirt and I thought this would be great for summertime just to throw on with anything I could match it with any kind of midi skirt tucked in or I could wear it with a denim skirt I just thought it was cute for summer I have another shirt that I got and I found this shirt at Lulu's and it's another 3/4 length just cute shirt that I could wear for the spring and summer and it's got these ruffles and this is like a coral color but they also have this in white as well I thought this would go really good with the peach floral skirt that I got from American Eagle so that's why I got it but this could really go with anything I feel like I've had a really hard time just finding solid shirts to go with all of these patterned skirts that everybody has out right now I wish it was easier to find just solid 3/4 length cute shirts but it seems to be a little bit of a struggle right now so I did pay more money for this shirt than I would normally like to pay but I feel like it was such a rare find that it was worth it for me because I have been searching high and low so if you know of any other places that has similar looking shirts just something solid 3/4 length help me out because I would really like to know about it ok then I got a couple of denim skirt denim is kind of hot so I usually don't wear denim skirts in the summer but I got to the point where I was only wearing the same denim skirt over No and I was like I think it's time for me to get some more denim skirts so I found this one it is from skirted fancy and I absolutely love this skirt I wear it almost every single day it's stretchy and comfortable and it fits me really well and it is their moto skirt and I just love it I think it's so cute and trendy looking but it's also modest so I love their skirts and I plan on getting more in the future they were sold out of one of the other skirts that I wanted so I will be getting that when it's restocked another denim skirt that I found is from Free People and I seen one of my friends on instagrams share this skirt and I thought it was cute and it was a great price for Free People it was on clearance and I got free shipping so I ended up going ahead and getting this skirt I thought it was really cute I love white washed denim is my favorite this is actually supposed to be a midi skirt but on me is to my ankles so I am going to be getting this cut off to actually make it a midi skirt because I'm not a big fan of long denim skirts I just feel like I'm tripping all over them and I just can't do it this was awesome to find a Free People denim skirt on clearance for so cheap so I snatched it up the last places I want to talk about is made well I have been falling in love with the clothes from Madewell and it started with these skirts that I'm going to show you the first one that I have is this like light pink it's kind of a peachy color these are midi skirts and they have buttons down the front and they have pockets I love this skirt it feels so soft and so nice really nice quality material you can tell it's like really well-made and I really really really a light pink skirt for this summer so whenever I seen this one from made well I really wanted it it was pretty expensive and I did not want to pay the price for it so I just kept looking at it and dreaming about it but never would pay as much money as they wanted for it but then I seen they put these on sale and then on top of the sale they had like a 20% off coupon and I was like so excited that not only was it on sale and I had a coupon and I got free shipping so I went ahead and got it and I love this skirt I think it's so cute but also I feel like these skirts you can find them pretty much anywhere like I feel like everywhere I've seen these at t.j.maxx I've seen them all kinds of boutiques have these skirts that are MIDI linked with the buttons down the front so if you're looking for a more cheaper option you can definitely find that right now these are out everywhere I just loved this particular one and I also bought this skirt in the light denim color and I just thought this one was so cute as well these are really thin lightweight skirts so they're gonna be perfect for spring and summer and I love the a-line I love taking shirts and tucking them in and these are just really feminine and cute looking and these are my kind of summer skirts these are always when I'm wearing the last thing that I have is from made well as well I went to the store and I felt like I hit the jackpot with this shirt it is just a denim light wash long-sleeve shirt got this cute tie in the back and it's got like that puckered shoulders I found this on clearance and I used the 20% off coupon again and I have been looking for a shirt like this for so long I have one of those denim button-down shirts with the colors that I wear a lot but I really wanted a denim shirt that looked a little more dressy that didn't have the buttons or the collar and so I've been looking and looking and looking for a shirt like this for the longest time I can't even remember how long it's been so I found this one it was my size it was on clearance and I got a coupon I was so excited I don't necessarily like that it is full long-sleeve for summer I thought about taking this to my seamstress and getting the sleeves cut off maybe like 3/4 length but then I thought maybe I would keep it long and I could just roll the sleeves up if I needed it and then I could still have the length for I could also wear this in the fall and winter time I could just unroll the sleeves so I haven't quite decided yet but either way I love this shirt and I was so lucky to find this they still have this on clearance I found this on their website so I will definitely be linking this down below that is everything that I have in this haul so if you liked this video give it a thumbs up leave me a comment down below and let me know where you guys are finding your summer clothes especially where you're finding cute summer tops because I feel like that is the hardest thing to find right now subscribe to my channel if you haven't already I upload new videos every Thursday and Saturday I hope you have a wonderful day bye


  1. Glad to see you dont dress frumpy, but in our very hot climate I would not survive, not that I dress immodestly but I cant stand high necklines and long sleeves, only in winter if its really cold

  2. You should check out the Klaasygirlboutique if you haven’t already! They have super cute and modest clothes! Also, I love everything you got! So cute.

  3. I think we all like the clearance section lol. You have the cutest style, Emily!! I really liked the pink shirt and denim skirt. Also, I think Amazon does have some plain solid cute tops. It was all very cute! Have a great weekend!! 😊

  4. As always Beautiful clothes you found. Love everything. I get most of my tops from Marshall’s & TJ Maxx. The downside is that you have to go often to get the newest items. 🙄 I’m trying to re-used a lot my clothes this year to save some money because I’m re doing my master bedroom. So when I buy something because it happens 🤭 I’ll try to get dresses to save some money. 😎

  5. Can you make a video about shopping offline because in my religion we don't use Wi-Fi where do you shop if you don't go online

  6. You and your girls are just adorable. By the way, I couldn't get the link to 21 Buttons to work, tried twice–said no user exists with that name and "these aren't the buttons you're looking for" lol.

  7. Can u make video bout matching skirts and blouses and what patterns go wear and modest clothing for the season thank you

  8. God bless you emily you know, God blessed you with the skirt you wanted for less because God honors those who honor him. Praise him 🙌💓much love.

  9. hi, i’ve been wanting to start a youtube channel and was wondering if you wanted to do a collab maybe?!

  10. I love your channel. Even my 7 year old asks if you have posted any new ones from time to time. However, the denim shirt you could have elastic put on the inside of the cuff. I sew and I tend to find this to be the best solution for the sleeve length dilemma. Stay holy and be-you-tiful!

  11. You can find a whole lot on Poshmark!! i just found the Amercian Eagle blouse you bought on there!! Everyone, go sign up using my code "TEIAUSHA" and get $5!!! Loving your style!!

  12. Awesome video thank you for sharing. 🌺💐🌹🌷🌻 I have a question, in this video I see a beautiful white bell sleeve blouse in the background. Where did you buy that? I have been looking for something like that.

  13. I love your clothes! Thank you for sharing, I’ve never been much into clothes but since I plan on getting married this summer I need to redo my wardrobe! So very helpful and thank you for sharing the 21 Buttons too! ❤️ if you want 3/4 shirts check amazon, type in “shells” and they have lots of options. You can get them fitted for underneath tops or you can get them looser.

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