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what's going on guys it is Lexi vo3 and I am back with another video today's video is going to be a shopping blog so I'm going shopping for summer I have not been summer shopping in a long time well because it was just winter but I'm going to the mall today to go shopping because I really need some clothes that aren't for winter me and my dad are on our way right now we also have to return some shoes from hibbott because the retro fours the bread fours recently released and I actually got three pairs of them so I am taking one back today so we're gonna do that make sure you give this video a big thumbs up hit that posting with acacia build and hit that subscribe button hit it right now go and hit it also follow me on all my social medias I do respond to some of my messages and some of my comments I also follow back occasionally so go hit that follow button on all my social media let's hope the mall is in two packs because when it is I feel rushed when it's packed so I tried to come like literally right after school in hopes that no one would be here it doesn't look like there's too many people here so we might be good my school just had their prom hedaan like homecoming style dresses and I was like the dresses in there are like super expensive I've never gotten adjusted we were posed to take back some sneakers and we forgot them in the car and I go we forgot the shoes and he looks at my feet like like I brought the boss coming and I was like just before I got the car I was like I'm not gonna forget someone that's he will forget and then I forgot I'm in a shoe store I need to know who it was called but I'm gonna borrow socks I see the little kittens so I need to find the work on socks on that big kid ones I said big kids that was named Loki these would be so cute so like the cutest little shoes okay no where's my sake procs I should get some balls do you guys think I should just because I definitely should not pink not blue I don't know anything about Christ so I'm in here looking could work the stock section still can't find anything feel a little bit lame literally don't see my size I look you want some foxy guys so I might go back over there literally just for the crocs Birkenstocks okay guys so I'm looking at the crotch pose Oh a song but I just don't know what color well I don't know what color and I don't know how they would look on my feet so we gotta find that out right now I'm gonna grab a 6 of any color just to see how if it's in how it looks on my head wow that's small and they they only do one size they don't do half sizes so the 8 is too big and a 7 is too small trouble ok let's try these civvies they don't know for me on the broad stays they're too wide I have really narrow feet so my problem has always been finding shoes that are not too wide which is hard now look at these slides all of these are pretty plain so that's pretty much it for this store let's roll out Autobots autobots roll out please just at least I did get myself a size six here go some 13 these are looking nice the cap being gone 30 mins dude I wanted these but it only sucks to try them on but I wanted those I didn't really like these to mention they released it's not a fan of the colors I did like these but I don't know I'm trying to watch my spin because I'll only want to get shoes that I really really really want and I know I will wear a hundred percent and I just don't know that for a fact so that's where it gets a little tough now I lost my father I don't know where he is there he is I found him come let me show you anything buckets I can feel good I like them because our I'd like and actually somebody who was my schoolwork's here and I am just praying that I don't see them this is just awkward I want to look at their denim skirts because I think denim skirts are cute but all of these are short cropped so if you guys go to shop at forever 21 you know it's kind of like a lot to look through so it's hard to like really be engaged with the camera when I'm trying to look at so much because they do have a lot of stuff here like I don't even know why they still have stuff like this and move out because it's definitely spring and like too high at least my legs usually have dresses up here and that's another thing their stuff moves all the time so it's really confusing but you can find some gems in for everyone also this music isn't going so great for me guy stuff from forever 21 but it's always hard to find stuff there oh I don't like these fat ones either my sister like did they call like your black born none of my favorites are here oh well today just doesn't seem like a good shopping day yeah like why that was fast now we're going to American Eagle look for some shorts to have buy one get one jeans and shorts all right I got some stuff from American Eagle pretty good so I'm not gonna show you guys all the clothes that I got yet because I am going to do a haul I just lost my shoes by the way but I'm gonna do a haul and then I'm gonna show pretty much the shoes that I got so yeah and I'm gonna collect all the clothes that I've gotten recently and do a pole My Luck the journeys is not always that good so you guys know what you think I think they are less because you know all white classic Logan's I mean these are not the classic ones but it's a classic shoe for for this time of the month so I might be septic if the music stops and I go wow I think you look beautiful after color walking but not the style of hand like if this was on this than 30 so cute II don't think he is all pressive on a whole can spare my dad has been looking for knives for like an hour it's very aggravating because it's seven o'clock I want to eat a mall closes at 9:00 I don't want to be here's a line so it's kind of getting frustrated frustrated but you know he's been patient and giving me my time so I have to be patient and give him his you know nothing so yeah I'm just waiting on news i watch on this whole story a good three four times and I'm like okay time to find a seat Gigi taking a bit of a look and my feet already like he hurt and I have to go to Target oh my goodness we're looking for something to eat we were going to be at the food court but we're kind of in the mood for wings and like food food I mean food is food but food food is like we just made restaurant food I guess we've just made that up we are on the hunt I want some wings I don't know where wings are over here I don't drive over here and I don't live over here so I don't know where winged wings I don't really drive on this out of town or live on their side of town so I don't know where our wings would be you know are we near a big shake I can go to bed shakes we're not near it but okay I can for sure go to big six boy let's go let's go what we're going to a big shake man big shakes is good I don't know if they have a big shakes everywhere I don't think so maybe they do I don't know here in album we have a big shakes in my city the guy who founded big shake seals on shark tank and oh my goodness it's so good I have been craving big shakes for the longest it's a little bit out of the way a little far but I'm telling you guys if you have it it's really good worth the drive it is worth it we're here that baby and I am excited to be here so we did do a little like 20 minute drive maybe 20 minutes but we did a little job but now we're here so it's all worth it because we made it and it's chilly I just got mines in a different flavor mines is cry baby isn't stop drop and roll my baby's not hot like not really hot we just got a big shakes man I'm full I'm good I'm feeling great you guys we got to eat when we get home okay let me tell you the story behind that we were so close the big shakes less than half way and my mom calls and she's goes don't eat we have Mia made food at the house and we were like oh well because we were so close and it's big shakes it's not like it's Taco Bell or something these big shapes so we were like oh we're just gonna get something real quick for the vlog and then we're going to be eating when we get home I'm full so I don't know but we're gonna hit up um Target gotta get some move why she's cuz mines I just you know warm out I was debating at one point if I should get lash extensions like I'm had the appointment made and everything but I decided not to because I want to be able to have my natural face when I want to and like I won't be able to pick every single lash off when I don't want lashes so I think the last strips are a lot easier I ended up not getting it as my sister took my appointment I get to her so now that I ran out of the ones that usually is I have today it's been a good day so far it's my last week of school can I get a hallelujah it's my last full week is this week Monday Tuesday Wednesday those are for me and then all I have is Monday Tuesday and Wednesday of next week and that's finals but I am so excited to be so close to being done just a blessing because I'm ready to be done you guys anyways off me talking cuz I can talk forever a long time I will catch you at Target I would give you guys some b-roll but it is dark and scary it was dark and scary and you guys probably couldn't even see me right now so yeah I'm just gonna catch you at circuit hey my Ross and Ross actually has some good stuff I know everyone has shopped at Ross before well maybe not everyone thank you my cheap stuff it's just okay cuz you can find some Vista I'm not even a cat Kyle told me she gets our chief justice from your so I figured I'd look Carla curvy because they do have dresses here Tyler sometimes hats on some pretty nice dresses heard that Kyla you have on some nice dresses sometimes so like I figured I would check and where are you going mmm are you following me following you don't follow me I'm not looking for dresses I don't all right you guys we just made it home it's like 9 o'clock so I'm going to film the Tryon part of this video and where I show you guys everything I got tomorrow but this video will still go out on Wednesday I'm pretty sure hopefully hopefully it was out by Wednesday future me is it okay honestly yeah I'm really pooped feet hurt and everything but I did get some good stuff and I'm really excited to show you guys all right you guys so it is the next day I was really tired and it really didn't feel like any video to be honest but I'm ending it now I hope you guys enjoyed this video I got some pretty cool stuff make sure you stay tuned for D try on haul where I show everything and I tried on thank you guys so much for watching this video I hope you enjoyed make sure you give it a big thumbs up hit the post notification bell hit that subscribe button I love you guys and I will see you in the next one peace


  1. Yay comments are back on🤪💗 Lyy. Your videos are amazing and your so pretty, talented, etc. I love those white classic vans😍 I love the types of videos you make. Can you possibly do another hairstyle video?

  2. Love you Lexivee03 #VEEHIVE. Keep it up with your amazing videos. Probably said this already but you know people love your videos so they have to say it again

  3. Lots of love from Kenya❤❤😊🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪
    Give your Kenyan fans a shoutout Lexi😫

  4. Love your videos! Can you do the challenge where your at the mall and you get one thing out of every store in the mall!

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