Spring Clothing Haul 2018 🌸Niki and Gabi

hey guys I'm Nikki and I'm Gabby and today we're bringing you guys a new series on our channel as you guys know we're pretty much bicoastal we have a place in LA as well as back at home in Pennsylvania we figured why not take advantage of that and bring you new videos in our bicoastal series our first series where we won't be together in the same room it's kind of different since Spring has finally sprung we wanted to show you different fashion trend on the east coast and west coast [Applause] [Applause] so I did a ton of online shopping from a bunch of different places because I online shop I found a random pink bag to put all my clothes in so the first thing I want to show you guys are leggings I got these navy leggings that are super high waisted kind of resembled denim if I ever want to wear lighter colors and not wear just bold black leggings I can wear these and they can have a lighter feel since it's springtime okay now the next few items as you can see lilies very attracted to them she's gonna go check them out and they're my luxury items for Springs so the first thing I got was this adorable white a navy blue checkerboard printed blue the Tom backpack so cute this is gonna be an adorable carry-on bag there's also pastel pink on the inside and you guys know that I love pastel pink but especially in the springtime one of my favorite colors is orange if you guys don't know I'm pretty sure you all know I love blue and orange together they're my favorite color combination I needed this off the shoulder sweater I got this from pretty little thing and it's a really pretty crimson it's super warm and comfy since springtime isn't exactly hot out yet it's still knit it's still warm but it's cropped and it falls off the shoulder so it's still kind of breezy I really like this I'm really excited about it the next item I got is obviously bed slippers you guys know how I feel about slippers i buy slippers all the time but these ones really stood out to me because they're so sparkly and I love anything sparkly and there's fur so it's sparkles and first so obviously have to get these definitely very spring the next thing I got is from Urban Outfitters and it's a t-shirt that says happy-go-lucky I love the mustard color I really like the phrase and I love the color matches my setec again t-shirts are perfect for spring especially with denim they go with a lot of things and I can wear this to bed and I can be calm in it the next bag I got is the YSL Saks is your bag I got it in the largest size because your girl has a lot of things to put in a bag I thought this was awesome for spring because I don't own a white bag like at all I just feel like it's time I buy something white and embrace the spring with my designer bags let's just hope that I can keep this clean spring is the time for white dumb I feel like white pants are totally unacceptable in the winter and fall and they're totally a cute statement piece in the spring and summer I'm not excited I love white pants these are high waisted and they're from pretty little thing I really think it would fit really nice they're kind of stretchy I love stretchy the next luxury item I got is this Chanel sweater vest and I got this sweater vest because it's still chilly on the East Coast it's not necessarily warm but there's also those days it is warm so it's like it's like a sleeveless sweatshirt slash sweater it's very comfy I'm excited to wear it I got these sweatpants online from create little thing and they're a really pretty nautical green color they kind of remind me of the beach I am a huge fan of sweats and I kind of wanted to get a pair of dressier sweats I also kind of wanted to get a pair of lighter sweats for when it gets hot out so I wanted to get some sweats that aren't gonna make me sweat if that makes sense my next item is a louis vuitton denim jacket and like I said about the sweater it's still very chilly here on the East Coast when I think springtime I think still buy jackets but just like lighter jackets it looks like that so cute the next thing I got is from Nordstrom I actually got this in person I went and I tried on sunglasses and I realized I needed a new pair of sunglasses I used to have a pair of silver mirrored Ravens and I wanted some warm tones this spring so I got myself some copper mirrored sunglasses I'm wearing bell-bottom pants too you know and I feel super like retro an American Eagle stumbled across this like super cute crocheted new lace band oh I'm obsessed with tops that have like built-in bras or Bandos or whatever you want to call them because then you can wear it with something high-waisted it would still look really cute depending like go on vacation I mean obviously like the East Coast is mad cold this is the bottoms that I chose to go with this top mint is everything of spring so the next thing I got is from pretty little thing it's a white print crop top and I think this is one of those pieces that you can wear with everything I just feel it white is very spring so I thought it felt some camo good these are all done for pretty little thing a promise this isn't sponsored I literally tweeted you guys what's a great store to online shop at and a ton of use a pretty little thing to go with these I got a really cute belt it's gold and black and I feel like this would look so cute even with what I'm wearing right now I'm picturing a look so I got this cute yellow top it's so spring it goes off the shoulders it's roughly their stripes there's floral it's just so cute have myself a pair of just regular skinny jeans nothing special just regular yep that's my outfits first of all I can't believe I kept these sunglasses on I forgot I have them the last thing I want to show you guys are these coral earrings I got from Free People I've been really into accessories lately if you guys haven't noticed I also think coral is a very spring color I'm really excited about these because with all the simple pieces I got I think these will be the perfect statement I'm really excited about these then I went to Yankee Candle and I got myself some spring candles this one's called happy Easter and it's white and it smells like white chocolate it's so good and then the other candle I got is rainbow cookie and it's blush this kind of kind of like a fruity cake smell it smells like jelly beans marshmallows in cake so good last but not least I already open this but I got three new makeup products for spring the first one is my favorite it's this laura geller highlighter pretty much the best highlighter you'll ever use and then I got some Too Faced pure gold I don't know if this is a new item for spring gold really reminds me of like warm bring his win because warm so and last but not least I got shimmering glow liquid eye shadow from Stila so it's not very sparkly but it's very Sheen and satiny so nice so that was our spring haul and Minnie's lookbook video if you liked it make sure to give us a thumbs up let us know in the comments down below what you think of the bicoastal series and what kind of videos you want to see in the series let us know in the comments down below what you think of our new bicoastal series and let us know what you want to see next in this series also make sure to follow us on our separate vlog channels and mines fancy vlogs by gap it mine is Nikki G Mart will help all that link down below on top of our social medias be sure to follow us and look out for our new spring instagrams and we'll see you guys in our next video bye


  1. I feel like either Gabi spends outside her budget or Niki just saves a lot of her money. Niki shops for cheaper clothing and Gabi buys two designer bags at once

  2. OMG! I live in Cleveland and your hometowns in pencilania!!! Your not to far! Love u 2!!🧡💙 💗💛

  3. Story time

    So I saw the thumbnail will Louis Vuitton and a Louis Vuitton ad came up as I pressed the video. What coincidence 😂

  4. Does anyone agree that when it comes to Gabi you like what she gets it’s just to expensive so you will never get it. But when it comes to niki her taste is bomb and cheaper.

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