Spring 2016 Mix & Match Outfit Ideas | Lookbook | ANN LE

(bright pop music) – OK, I know, I just got back. Traffic is ridiculous. You have no idea. Hmm-mm. (sighs) I know, ugh,
it was just ridiculous. Give me like 10 min, ugh, feel good, give me like 10 minutes to get ready. I know, it’ll just take
me 10 minutes, babe. I’ll talk to you later. (sighs) (breathes out) Ohh, ouch. Oh my goodness. (sighs) (sighs in exhaustion) (bright pop music) Hello? Um, I think I just wanna stay in. Yeah, I’m feeling a little bit tired. I want to just stay in, watch Netflix and chill? Hey lovelies, I hope you
all enjoy this video. If you do, make sure
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  1. Hi where is the pink trench that you started the video off from? The one you were wearing when you were on the phone.. 🙂

  2. OMG! This is literally process & outcome when I try to get ready to go out… You know me so well, already. LOL!! 😀

  3. You are such a great mix and matcher! I wish i had an eye like that, but I usually take forever to choose something coherent. Loved the little story going on!

  4. Really gorgeous clothes/outfits. Can anyone tell me how old she is? I like a lot of the looks but unsure if they're not age appropriate for me. Thank you!

  5. loved the second outfit so much. I def took inspiration from you when I was filming my spring lookbook as well 😀 keep up the great work, love you ann! I've been obsessed with your vids for forever now haha

  6. Hello, hi…I am not one to usually comment but I must say that every single video you have done on fashion has been amazing! Right from the start. U r truly a modern day Martha Stewart!!! Go AnnLe!

  7. I laughed through this entire video! You nailed the bras off at the end of the day, haha ;D Ann, I love all of your videos, you are a style icon for me!

  8. Where did you get that clothing rack shelf thing that you have in your background? It's super cute, I'm going to have to get myself one!

  9. omg love all of the outfits, in love with all the heels, my fave are the strappy ones so sheek! Appreciate how you showed me to ware pieces casually and also crazy classy ^^

  10. hi Anna Lee love the video I never thought doing a clothes capsule before until now it's a very good idea how often do you change the styles of clothes is it season to season I would like your input please xx

  11. What's so funny?
    Great intro tho xDD but watching u laugh in every outfit was a bit like "When my salad keep making jokes"

  12. heey i love the skirt of the first outfit! I can't find it on the zara website. So could you please put a link in the description. thank you 😀

  13. i love this so much! so so pretty! I recently made a video similar to this! 🙂 So much inspiration!

  14. chào chị, có phải c là người Việt Nam không? 😊😊😊 mà em thích video này của c lắm 👏

  15. This is my first video that I've seen of yours and I think it's the best lookbook I've ever seen! Instant subscriber!


  17. This was my first ever video of yours and I loved it! I just have to say how refreshing it was to see someone have so much FUN doing a look book! I was smiling from start to finish 🙂 thank you!

  18. Absolutely love those green pants! and you're so adorable!(I wish I had those pants for one of my videos D:)

  19. i m sorry i dont speek english. Je te suis tout le temps et je t'adore et j'adore ton vidéo, i love it please encore, merci

  20. i really want the green pants, the white shirt, the culottes but theyre either all sold out or dont have the sizes

  21. & the pink jacket omg ive been wanting one so bad but mid length please help me find some cheap stuff like this itd be soo helpful

  22. I love your baby pink jacket. the one you came through the door and the other lighter pink. May I ask where they are from? Thanks

  23. I love your style but I can't afford the items u showed. Can u please make affordable capsule wardrobe for items current available. Thank you

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