Spreading Positivity Through T Shirts Featuring Dude Be Nice

Hi everyone I’m Claire from BELLA+CANVAS
we are inspired every day but all the ways our customers use our tees to
spread good in the world today we were highlighting dude be nice
to use our tees along with the digital content strategy to spread their message
of conscious culture I am Brent Camalinch and I’m CEO nice I’m
Veronica Tolentino and I’m the president at dude nice so do be nice as a platform
and we basically just want to inspire people to to be an active participant in
their community and make a positive impact few years back I was working in a
corporate job and I was looking for something to do that was kind of
meaningful and was gonna make a difference and came up with this idea of
why not create a brand and inspires people to treat themselves and others
better and put that on a t-shirt call it dude be nice pretty impactful pretty
obvious in terms of what it stands for dude be nice is inspiring more conscious
culture by inspiring folks to get out and to be active in their communities
and to rally folks around things that are positive and that are gonna leave a
lasting impact so we’ve been using Bella Canvas apparel really since day one as
kind of the primary vehicle in which we spread our message I think one of the
coolest things about dude be nice when we kind of knew like we had something
was when we first kind of revealed dude be nice on a t-shirt like the reaction
from the public wherever we go even to this day you know it’s always either
that’s cool that’s awesome where’d you get that that’s funny so you know we
realized that that dude be nice really captured attention because the reaction
we got on just a simple t-shirt when we first started so we first started it was
just like hey buy t-shirt from our website that says dude be nice kind of
live live this spirit and then what started to happen was community schools
specifically were like that’s like a great brand that would embody the
culture we would want to create on this campus and so we decided okay why don’t
we customize these shirts for schools organizations across the country these
shirts have become kind of that the glue
that that embodies the culture of what these campuses and organizations want to
create you know we made a conscious decision a while ago that our our custom
apparel for communities across the country with the exclusively Bella
Canvas and the reason for that is a couple of reasons one they’re
comfortable we didn’t want to have we didn’t want to sell shirts so we’re just
like a random shirt for sale we want it to be a good experience for the
customers so bella canvas was you know important player in making sure it was
comfortable but also you know we we got to tour the Bella Canvas Factory and
see how employees are treated see how you guys care about the environment
everything that you guys do this brand that stands for social
consciousness and community it was really important for us as we started to
grow to really make sure that the vendors we were working with shared
those same values I mean everyone everyone wants to be a part of something
right and so we want our brand to be something people want to be a part of
but it’s a really positive thing and the shirts just that a nice common
denominator among a group of people trying to do something positive in their
community our strategy for building this business has always been we believe if
we give and add value to people’s lives you know they’re gonna want to be a part
of this and that’s why a lot of people come to us to buy custom apparel for
their communities we hope you feel inspired to spread a
message you’re passionate about like dude be nice have you experience
spreading brand awareness using shirts let us know in the comments below and
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  1. Great work. I love the message. So many hurtful statements are made everyday, it's awesome you choose to fight against it all .

  2. I cant stand seeing all these people/organizations doing exactly what I been doing except when I started it no one was doing it and I became a targeted individual and now nothing I do no matter how awesome succeeds. Eventually theres pop up organizations backed by corporations banking off divine concepts to help humanity that they adopted and use to benefit themselves and their agendas which have no concern for humanity and our continued growth and existence on earth. After being targeted they have successfully broke me and my drive to help light overcome darkness. Who knows, if they didnt succeed id probably be dead right now. They dont like us helping and empowering each other, it threatens their way of life, positions of power and our enslavement. I dont use fb anymore but you can see what I been pushing for the past decade @ethanalexanders on fb or my ig southbayproblems. Its all very crazy and so much behind it the only way to get it out is to write a book wwhich ive started and is titled "A life of service, the biography of a light worker struggling with his purpose." Most likely no one will even see this comment. Oneluveverybody! Sorry I cant continue at the fronlines of this battle between good and evil but any bit of support or positive energy directed towards me makes a huge difference, the lack of it has been heartbreaking but im still doing my best to dodge the bull, OL'E!!

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