Spider-Man 3 (2007) – Jazz Club Dance Scene (6/10) | Movieclips

oh this is so cool I have never been to a jazz club before oh I hope we can get a table find us some shade thanks hot legs right this way sir oh, thank you i am so loving this oh me too isnt that your old girlfriend? yeah do you want to go some place else? oh nono i’ll be ok mary jane, show us what you got i’ll be right back alright peter? this is for you double time! thanks (cheering) Now dig on this that was all for her?


  1. One of the worst scenes in history. If this happened in real life there is no way Peter wouldn’t have pounded away at her afterward.

  2. I love this scene it's just so out of place, very disturbing, ridiculous, the meme potentiel is outrageous but kind of enjoyable, Sam Raimi did 3 awesome Spidey movies, but then the rest of his movies were kind of "meh" I really hope he comes back and gives us some awesome meme movies again

  3. This is how to get revenge on your ex-girlfriend, with piano and dance skills. And other women will think and see this is an elegant revenge.

  4. Okay for real though, that solo is pretty 🔥. Does anyone know if Toby actually did any or all of the stunts (including the piano playing) for this scene?

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