1. Based on your weave, how would you create this weave with more wires to get the same look? Should you always have an even number of wires if you want to make a thicker weave, like for a cuff, as in, add wires in multiples of two? I notice after the top wrap you come down and do a single on the next wire down, followed by a double including that wire, and a double going down the next two wires. How would it change if you had say, 6 wires, or 10 wires? Thank you.

  2. Thank you so much. I am going to keep on trying out the patterns and try to find a smaller wrapping wire, as mine was so hard to work with, I think that they were stronger than the base wires. But I'm thrilled that you responded to me. Thank you, and I hope that you have a great future full of love, and joy. My birthday is on Friday, so I am happy to hear from you, it's like receiving a early b-day gift. I haven't really accepted that I am just 4 yrs away from being 50. All I know is that you have to give all the love you can, and be grateful when it's returned. it's all that we can take away from this life. I had a friend who shares my birthday, but she was born 25 years before me. She taught me to celebrate for a week, not just one day. Life should be celebrated more, but now my daughter who is 10 expects a week also. We just do a small thing everyday that makes us happy. I hope that you will do the same thing for yourself. Love Always, Vicki

  3. I love your work. You make it look so easy. My 1st attempt with wrapping was a partial disaster. But I used a pair of aluminum 20g silver plated wires as the base, and a thinner copper wire for the wrapping. My husband is a electrician, so I don't know the gauge. But I'm hoping that you will share with us exactly what the wires you work with, not only the size, but is it dead soft, medium or half hard, or full hard. also is it sterling silver, or another metal plated, and or colored. I have found that I always prefer to go to your posts 1st, as you are so accomplished in all that you do. I will be praying for your hands, I saw where you said you were in pain. I know how it feels, as I am disabled with reumatoid arthritis and I am struggling with depression, but I am wanting to get into this for an escape from my illnesses and my father's cancer. So please if you can can you tell me what to start with metal and hardness wise. Adding wire is also an issue for me. But I can't thank you enough for being on you tube. Even if I just watch, you are a big help to me. May God bless you. Vicki

  4. Hi sweetie, you've been a busy little bee again lol♥ I always look forward to your tutorials. I have been looking for something new and this weave looks great it's very neat – on both sides too… well I know what I'm doing tonight. Thank you hunni, Im sending you lots of hugs from the very windy cold Northeast of England brrrrrr lol. Diane xoxoxoxox

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