Soft contents restoration and removing mould from clothes

Hi it’s Lex here from New Life Restoration and today we’re going to learn how to treat mould affected garments. We have Jane here who leads our textile division here at new life restoration. Jane could you explain to us how exactly we do that. Hi, first of all we are going to make a list of every garment that we are taking from
the site to our facility. Take a photo and number each and every one of them for insurance
purposes and also it will give our clients to
have a peace of mind that nothing get lost in their properties. Ok, so could
you explain after doing that inventory process, what we are actually doing here to remove the mould? Yes. this, we are washing some garments now that’s been contaminated with mould what happened is we are going to use a special enzyme
powder to remove physically the mould in the affected garment and also this
washing machine is quick and fast two and half times comparing to the domestic washing machine. Let’s have a look at how we dry the garments. We are here at the drying room now, and Jane is going to explain to us what we’re doing in this process here. Hello Lex, yes after we washed our clothing from our washing machine We will take them here in our drying room facility Before we close the door to dry them, we are going to treat them by putting all the ozone machine treatment and also the hydroxyl machine which it helps it helps to eliminate odour from the mould. Okay, so we’ll put some notes in the show notes below about the details about ozone machines, ok so the next phase in the process is obviously we’re going we’re going to fold the clothes and we’re going to press the garments….Yes And, let’s have a look closer at the equipment involved in doing that
Yep no problem This is the final step in the process, and Jane is going to explain what we’re doing. Thank you Lex, well this is our final touch from our washing machine to the drying room to the ironing board. So we have 2 features for our ironing facilities. We have the number one feature is our ironing board is heated You only iron it on the top, you don’t need to iron it bottom part. Now number 2 is a suction feature. Suction feature is very special because it will hold your garment and place it in the ironing board and, also it will absorb the the moisture from the ironing board. And because of the suction part of it it will dry the surface quickly and you can be faster and after that because this is the commercial industrial grade iron, it will make your ironing faster and quicker. Thank you. How fantastic. Okay, it’s also worth noting that when we do place the contents back at the house we know exactly which rims are coming from, because we’ve inventory them in our iPad software. Thanks a lot for watching. We really do appreciate it. If you have any questions at all make sure you send us an email and we’ll see you next time.

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