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  1. Thank you — we really need more authentic content, there is a lot of commercialism out there in the sewing blogging world. I'm not sure about what the right answers are though since people who blog for a living are probably relying on product sponsorships and optimising for clicks / views /subscriptions or whatever it is that maxes out their ad revenue. Also there are a lot of snide remarks within the online sewing community that the new generation of bloggers aren't all technically up to the standard of the old school sewers / sewists and sometimes not teaching the proper techniques in their tutorials. Maybe the best way is to just be real about what we do / don't know and wherever we are in the sewing journey, and share our enjoyment of the process. But easier said than done since passion, time and making a living are all at odds with one another…

  2. What I find disturbing is the quantity of projects that some churn out. I get that they are using their hobby to produce material for their u tube channel but they couldn't possibly wear all the pieces they make.

  3. I think your point about discouraging beginners is right on. I have loved seeing the recent growth in the number of people who want to learn to sew. It seemed the craft was dying out and I hate to think beginners would be tempted to give up when they don't achieve what they think of as perfection right away. In my shop the pictures are decent but I don't spend much time on them and I love to post my goofs so that those who understand can share the laughter or tears (or bleeped out curses 😀 )

  4. This is a really great video. your material is top quality! I am going to be viewing the rest of your videos soon!

  5. Wow! Jennifer this is the video that made me subscribe on your channel. I don't have Instagram, Snapchat, etc and etc so I have no idea what it is. keep it up the good work. I'm more in tune to imperfection rather than perfect. I personally do not even have a sewing machine and thinking of purchasing one but WHICH ONE?

  6. Love this! I just put out a blog post today about altering pants to fit better. They were pants I made for myself & in the process of making them fit, I jacked up my zipper! But guess what – they fit now! I try to show it all even if it's not pretty because it still may help someone learn. Even if it's what not to do! 😀

  7. Thank you! Yes, please show the mistakes, issues, and imperfect journey along the way! Showing only perfection makes it seem like sewing every project is perfect from start to finish and it's NOT. There is a lot of ugly in every project I make, and certainly enough to fill bins whenever I'm learning something new!

  8. Jen, maybe it's a generational thing. I have no problem sharing my fails but it is definitely one of those societal pressures we must endure at any age. During a show and tell I'm often discouraged from pointing out my mistakes. I like to say that I've never made a perfect quilt and don't expect to. It's a tricky balancing act between confidence and being humble. But there is a difference between a mistake and a choice. Recently you did a spur-of-the-moment video where you weren't all made up. I thought it to be no big deal. It was your choice. It wasn't an accident. No apology was necessary. Any criticism would reflect more on the person making it than on you. You know, "I'm rubber. You're glue."… It's up to each of us to assign an importance to any reaction we get and either take it to heart or dismiss it. I"m pleased to hear that you've decided to dismiss this one.

  9. I wonder if this kind of authenticity depends on your audience. If my business is to show people that I can do the job well, I don't know if they should see mistakes. However, I agree with you that authenticity is necessary for the creative community. You learn more from failure than perfection. Keep up the great work! I appreciate what you're doing for the sewing community.

  10. I agree with you I never look at the clock when I sew. Because, when I sew, I am in a peaceful, stressless, happy place with candles burning or mist aroma and music.

  11. Awesome video! I just joined instagram a couple of weeks ago. and posted some real pictures without thinking about it. Afterwards I started feeling self-consciousness.
    But I think it is the only way to change things; Be authentic and share the real you.
    Thank you, great advice.

  12. I agree. I like people to be authentic. It makes me feel more connected if I can see someone's true self. That would include imperfections and mistakes. I also like to see process photos and videos because they help me improve my own sewing more than perfect finished shots.

  13. Girl take all the photos you want with your cell phone! Too many “staged” photos and lives as it is on social media!!! 😂 Thanks for keeping it real and lets all have fun being creative, sharing our love of crafting with others, and not being fooled by the “made in an instant perfect the first time” posts floating around social media 😂

  14. Thanks for sharing Jennifer! I am totally on board and agree with you 100%. I haven’t even been on YouTube as an influencer for a year and I’m feeling the pressures that come with uploading “perfect videos,” and “perfect pictures.” My videos aren’t perfect at all. I’m a professional photographer and have professional equipment with very expensive lenses, and I don’t use any of it when posting videos! I use my camera phone! It’s much easier to record on my phone than it is to set up my professional gear! I mean I plan to use it in the future sometimes! But like you, I’m not going to stress over it. I want people to like the content I produce and not focus so much on what’s happening in the background of my videos, whether it’s blurry or if you can see my furniture, doors, walls! Who cares!

  15. I think the monetization is what fuels the perfect image, fancy photog material etc. in addition to the perfectionism that sometimes accompanies the craft itself. It's funny, IRL, I get annoyed when people tell me to make money with my sewing. And now in virtual, social media world, I get even more annoyed that it seems that should be the goal also. No, not for everyone! I am a hobby seamstress. I sew for myself and a tiny number of other people. As for the hashtag thing, its a catch-22 situation. If you don't have a relevant hashtag, you are not seen by "your people". But the 10,000 hashtags are exhausting (especially when they include misspellings which defeats the purpose!!!). As with everything in life, I think balance is key. I don't like dark, over-exposed photos, looooong wordy vlogs, photo-heavy blog posts. If you're aim is not to make $$$$ from your online sewing presence, just give me simple, clear, usable content!!!

  16. I sew because I love it. I don't put a time limit on what I'm doing. If I do, I feel stressed out and then I don't enjoy it. A few years ago I watched a some videos by some women who were remaking some clothing into something else or just changing the length of a skirt using a glue gun. WHAT! I asked one of them how it would hold up just to see what she would say. She told me she used the glue gun because it was faster for the video, but that she would normally sew it. Okay. Gotta love the ones who sew a complete dress, with a zip in an hour or two. If they really did I'll bet if you took a closer look it wouldn't look so nice. Ah, sewing and craft room tours. I enjoy watching them to get ideas and, well ……. I like the ones that are decorative and not messy. I know the rooms don't look like that all the time. I hate the ones that have fabric dumped all over and the room such a mess that you can't even see the table tops. Just my opinion. One more thing. Does someone really need to sew 5 or whatever dresses, tops, skirts, pants in a week? I don't think so. Alright! I'll shut up now.

  17. I like the crafters that make a mistake and keep it in their video. Then they show how to either fix it. Or they tell us how many prototypes they went through before they got their desired results. I also sew. I have been following someone for about 3 years whom I really like and have made many of her projects because of her simple step-by-step directions. Recently, she has been promoting a $6000-$7000 machine. Really??!!! Let's just keep it simple and keep it real.

  18. Best. Post. Yet! Thank you, you hit the nail on the head. Sewing should be fun, not an editorial shoot for Vogue magazine!

  19. You are so right. It bothers me when I see perfect, perfect homes. The bloggers that I think are the worst are the ones that show their perfect, clean homes. I feel they are fake, and cannot believe that the public actually eat right out of their hand. I have yet to see a true blogger with a “real”…they are doing a disservice to all of us. They are all fake, it sadly are making thousands of dollars. I’m not a Pinterest follower simply because of the perfection they always portray. I like watching you because you truly are “real” glad you brought this topi.

  20. YES!!! That's why I enjoy watching you. Everything you see elsewhere is about how quick and easy sewing is. Fake news!!! People have no idea about how much we invest into every project we make. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this, Jennifer 🙂

  21. I love your statement. I know when I want to post a picture of something I'm cooking or a craft I'm doing with my grand daughter I tend to carefully crop out the sink of dirty dishes and the glue and scraps all over the floor. Same with sewing we all want to show only the end best result. I belong to a facebook page of free motion quilting enthusiast and I just love that while there are many beautiful post from people who have been doing it for years those of us who are new can post our feeble first wobbly attempts and the community cheers us on. Like my husband likes to quote "Perfect is the enemy of the good"

  22. OMG!!! You hit the nail on the head! I almost gave up on quilting when some of my points didn't match….LOL. I gave up on Pinterest the day I signed up. I would much rather see something "real" than something "staged". Thanks for keeping it real!!

  23. Thanks for your honesty. I have been sewing for years and have never been able to do any project within 2 hours. At least anything that I plan to wear beyond the "try-on pose for the camera stage".

  24. All I do is post in the moment!! All my fails and Successful are posted!! Be you!! Be real!! Take breaks!! I only have my cell phone camera. I only take one or two photos and edit. You do an awesome job, I appreciate all the effort.

  25. Spot on….I'm so impressed! And that you asked for accountability? Now that's 'adulting'! Well said & thanx for sharing 😀

  26. Never truer words spoken! Especially when folks talk about how long it takes to make a project. How many of us really time how long it takes to make a project? I know I don't. Thanks for the "real talk."

  27. Thanks for your honesty. I use my phone as I don't own a camera and can't afford the cost.

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