Snowshoeing & Camping : Snowshoeing Night Clothes

In this clip we’ll talk about the kind of
clothing you’re going to need at night when you’re doing an overnight snowshoe trip. Well
let’s just start from the bottom up. You’re going to want a very thick well insulated
pair of socks, several of them most likely. Also you want a boot with a high thermal value
and preferably with an extensive rubber rend around it. This will make a remarkable difference.
As your next layer, again we’re going to do this in layers, is a polypropylene long-john
bottom and you’ll want the same for the top as well. And then you’re going to continue
your layering. There’s various kinds of insulation layers you can use. Some of them are fleece
type wear. There’s other insulation layers that you can get as well with down and, and
synthetic. Once you’ve got that on you may want to shell on top of that for wind protection
and water protection. A Gortex pair of pants for that purpose works just perfect. For your
upper layer, again as I said you’re going to want a propylene top to start with and
then you’ll follow that up either with a fleece or similar insulated garments of either down
or synthetic material. Several layers of these is not a bad idea. Depending on the kind of
temperatures you’re going to be going into and I would allow an extra layer than you
think you’re going to need. I always top that with a down layer. And then finally a Gortex
top layer that’s, that’s wind proof and water proof, and will breath. Additionally you’re
going to want some kind of a wool or a synthetic like fleece cap to put underneath the hood
on, on your jacket. That should keep you pretty warm as long as you have a good pair of insulated

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