[SnapChat] James Charles launches Sisters Apparel

each other – wanna have a little conversation really like there needs to be like at least warm or like even six shades between that's like we are officially live guys oh my god go – sisters – apparel calm – check out the new at line I am so excited okay guys I'm getting so many T's from people saying that they're on line up at the web site is loading I'm really really slowly or not loading at all don't worry it is not crashed yeah they're just over 3,000 people of you guys currently trying to shop online right now so just be patient because it should load it very very soon and you'll be able to it get yourself I hope you guys are excited about the bunch because I know I certainly am so many of you guys or it's feeding me at 70 pictures of you getting stuff and it makes me so happy I literally cannot wait for you guys to all have these days and half and pop sockets on your hand also there are so many cool things coming students this is apparel as well that I've been working on so remember hoodies in house it's just the first one there's more stuff coming soon so if you guys haven't checked it out yet make sure you go to sisters – apparel calm and get yourself before the limited edition items up because they are already getting close but these sisters hoodies the hats and the pipe segments will be permanent edition so if you don't get it this time you can get it whatever you want I love you guys this bunch and I hope you were having an amazing amazing morning now I'm off to go to Starbucks to get my pinky drink and then to go look at houses

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