SM-Liiga jerseys Ranked (Dark)

Stephen Alan Americans game and you're watching postal code hello and welcome to post to post the channel where we discuss all things hockey and all teams we are back for another Jersey ranking video and today we're gonna look at the Finnish Liga jerseys and there's 15 teams in this league I've ranked them 15 to 1 my least favorite to favorite this is completely subjective this list shouldn't matter to you it's it's there's no right or wrong just have some fun with me this is an entertaining video don't get too bad please okay are you ready for this I'm ready for this I start at 15 number 15 is the name I'm not can not pronounce surprise carp carp at probably butcher that okay so it's um it's not terrible for a team that's in the last place but that caramel kind of brownish color just not a huge fan of that and that's really the only reason that their last place I found that secondary color they're already oh this is cute EPS Turku at 14th position that I understand the history behind that logo I know it's very traditional very old but it's just so strange to see a basketball on a hockey jersey what looks to be a basketball in hockey jersey and it's quite it's quite almost basically all black there's only just a couple of stripes on the arm so to me it's not not too attractive okay Helsinki number 13 I do like the colors I'd like to read in the dark blue but it just it just looks like it's not very unique let me see jerseys like that all the time just a couple stripes on the arms so I had to put a record in 13th number 12 a set poori this reminds me of music New Jersey Devils Jersey little last year which isn't a bad thing it's a nice Jersey but because it had more of a familiar feel with me I drink it low mm-hmm number eleven Kalpa oh well you had lots of yellow here which is it terrible she's a little bit of a black I don't hate it but it is quite yellow that's the dark away or the dark home whatever yeah and so what's their white yours it's a really a bright color to me I'm saying you know I don't know what their white jersey looks like but they did have a another Jersey I think it was the last year's Jersey or maybe this is last year Susie and I saw this year's Jersey I don't know but there's one with the stripe kind of in behind the logo oh yeah it looks better than this one yeah but okay so I'm proud and lucky and aramta yeah I am I like this a lot more than the previous Jersey even though they look really similar mm-hmm but just based on that piece of black on the arm that's that little separation with a number goes on it I like that a lot go number nine knots kita yeah and apparently that's posed to be a hurricane yeah well let's counterclockwise so it is a cyclone but I don't if anyone ever got in a hurricane no didn't think so no but interesting I love that the white goo from the shoulder goes all the way down the arm and I like that it's partnered with that red stripe that goes down as well I don't think there's anything I dislike about this Jersey other than the thick white around the neck it almost like it look like they're wearing like a neck brace or something you know what I mean yeah it looks a little strange turtle big turtle neck yeah turn alike yeah Tepera and temp ear yeah I like that logo he's pretty cool I left the colors Dan Emmett a northerners kind of feel to it the orange and blue there yeah yeah no no no hate here okay this is vasa sport bus number seven I like that the under arm of white and then the side of the block like that again no hate I don't really have any complaints to put that one okay number six this is Hammond Lena I mean Lena in hpk orange but it's just I'm singin to sound wither Brooklyn or winter I've got the color orange and it looks great on his jersey huge thumbs up cool thanks Luke oh and aroma yeah and this is the one that I believe that means the lock and I'm gonna finish but which makes sense because there's a lock on the Jersey okay but you notice how the the number of on this Jersey is closer to the forearm rather than the bicep area okay I thought that was pretty unique so I liked that and I liked the separation of the stripe and blue and yellow looked great together and then down here I threw in this other picture on the bottom right I don't know if that's a third jersey or that Jersey they used last year I prefer that darker blue jersey and then just with the yellow on the bottom of the arms I prefer the opposite of the one they used to mail only seen the left soon hmm and lofty Pelican the pelicans it's got that original Pittsburgh Penguins throwback doors they feel to it which is great but what do you notice anything else unique about this picture are the uniform I guess those are the helmets oh okay yeah I didn't pick that up it's a dual color design in the helmet they're not just a jersey I like that a lot that is a true yes huge thumbs up for that I like that they're unique ooh I know that's not how you say it but that's how I say I'm gonna say cuckoo I'm gonna deem this my favorite team in the league just based on the name how can you know go yeah how could I not like a team that's named that and so uh yeah I love it got the orange you got the separation where the number goes so like that no complaints whatsoever I like it a lot Andy in the color on the helmet yeah that's very nice you this I really wouldn't be a usually a fan of green and yellow together however the jerseys in the middle which I think were the jerseys last year are mostly green with yellow zone but the yellow on the shoulder I like those the ones you see to the left and to the right up top or both looks like it to be black with their green and yellow color up there not as big as the fan as those as I was the ones in the middle however again look at the helmet on the right it's like a shiny gold does that mean something is like the best player or something get a crazy shiny helmet or aren't they doing that somewhere where they're giving yes there I don't know because if we go to the first-place team which is how you say that you could you hear it yeah look at its homeland yeah it's but there's there's a significance to that I want to know what it is and I'm wondering how that would look in the NHL like if all the captains were shiny helmets like that I think it's I don't know if it's the best player you know from the previous game or the best player statistically it's almost like the yellow jersey would have have enough Tour de France you know there's some one guys got the yellow jersey cuz he won the previous stage or whatever I think this is popular in the e IHL I think they actually want Z's specific to the best player or I think they do I have to we have to look at that up definitely but it is getting back to this jersey my favorite jersey that logo was amazing the colors are amazing blue and yellow you got the stripe in behind the logo on the jersey you got the bit of design within the yellow on the arm that bit there no complaints whatsoever love this Jersey huge thumbs up for this one very good and then I threw in this picture on the top right just two dudes wearing dresses talking to a horse that I don't know this – the back story here but I wanted to throw it in because I thought it was fun anyways the horse is looking at the guy say what kind of Jersey is that yeah anyways thanks guys for watching this really appreciate it what we do in the finish lega white jerseys soon well I shouldn't say soon probably in a month or two months something like that who knows but I appreciate your viewership that means a lot if you knew this channel hope you can hit the subscribe button if you liked this video hit that like button and we will see you in the next jersey video adios


  1. You Guys are Good ! Atleast Getting Better ! You are The 1st ones to cover FHL in English ! KK IS just like KKK – to say IT ! Koo IS letter K !

  2. Neil's ruling are kind of dumb. It should be based on how well it blends instead of which ones are orange

  3. fun fact: tappara is actually older than edmonton oilers even tho they share the same kind of style

  4. Teams that have color coded ads have best jerseys. Teams which have random colored ads ruin their jerseys. And sadly ads are also reason why jersey design is not payed much attention to. Its going to be covered in ads so you need something very basic and then ads come and ruin it anyway. But can't afford to play without ads.

  5. If you want to know how to pronounce KooKoo correctly, just say cocoa, and you're pretty close… 😀 the golden helmet is who has most points in the team

  6. KalPa plays with a yellow jersey at home, and black jerseys on the road, when the home team wants to use their own yellow/white jerseys that are too similar.

  7. Neil I have a question
    I'm intrested in buying a vintage old school CCM Jersey and the player is Rob Brond'Amour Jersey From when he was on Carolina. And it will be coming from Canada to the US. It's for about $200.
    I guess my question to you is if it being Sold in Canada is it legit what APA replica or an authentic Because I been watching a lot of videos about real and fake jerseys and what to look for but, They also say buyer beware.
    If you can give me some advice I would be most grantful.

  8. Golden helmet means that the player who has it is the most points done player in the team at the moment 🙂

  9. The golden helmet is for the player with currently most points in the team. The helmet has state betting monopoly ”Veikkaus inc.” ads and the helmet is provided by the league. The concept started ten years ago as a promotion campain with Veikkaus inc.

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