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everyone's Victoria K and Jenny we are doing something different today I usually do the try on balls and you know I wear the most amazing clothes that ISA has yeah and you know it's a lot of fun but we also want to show you something different so what exactly are we covering today so for today's video we're gonna show you guys some awesome shapers that you ladies can wear underneath your dresses so it is smooth everything out yes so that extra little belly what he called pouch yes pouch belly pouch is just gonna vanish yes so neatly and I would be the model today so I will be putting it on for you of course and I'm also going to show to you what it's going to look like with clothing on so so we'll show you a person yeah yep and then an after yeah I'm really excited to put on the shaper I've never worn a shaper and really it's not like he needs it no we're also going to show you a shaper that absolutely is not working and why you should be trying out ISA shapers yes and we're also going to show you like what to look for so you know that the shapers are authentic and they're gonna last you you know a really long time especially like if you just give in first boy it's not surgery or if you just want to get rid of those extra you know pounds you can you can wear a cheaper at that and actually help or if you just lost a bunch of the weight yeah you know it's actually gonna help you from your skin as well so so I'm really excited to try it on a shaper for the first time I'm excited for you you're gonna love it you're gonna get a kook done because I'm gonna catch a big difference we will see and we're gonna get started with the first one which one is the first one by the way so I'll show you guys we are going to start off with our thermal boxer and it's one of our best sellers the first thing is a lot of men are not comfortable wearing thongs so though they do prefer like a boy short cut just because it is longer okay and it isn't right up so it's gonna stay in place and another cool part about it is that it has silicone fans so it's gonna move a also in place it's not going to move no it's not gonna move me I have it okay you know you put on it's gonna stay like that the whole day and it's super comfortable it's very stretchy yeah and another cool part is and I don't know if you can see it from from the camera but it has these stitches here and the stitching here has a thermal pouch so this is also gonna help you fur in that Sally's mad so I ran out of date because you can wear these all day also pleaded so is this is the front so there this year or it's no access to her for your gluts so with all the everybody yeah what happens is the way that it is also it expanding and lifts your booty it's gonna give you that it's gonna lift you it's gonna suck you in so you're saying that oh okay my cheeks will fit in this correct because I'm gonna give you that lift so if you see this part here this gonna lift your glutes okay so we're gonna see right now yeah it fits it yeah so let's see how it looks on Victoria so we'll get before and then after yes okay come on Victoria show us a moving war so here we go so stick out your tummy you know and the side now I'm going to try out this shaper and it's gonna be a whole nother game right yes so let's let's see that so picture is not going to show us how the shaper looks on with the dress comics are you all right so she's now wearing this sheet from underneath the dress as you can see she looks really smooth but it still is giving her a nice shape with her glutes it's giving her a lift mm-hmm she's also you can see that like her waist has inched and you can see the marker how it just smooths everything out you can't even see her bellybutton anymore what I love about this is actually I don't feel like I'm wearing it yes that's what I love about it and then also the booty part I don't feel like it's smashing smashing my butt and like making it flat this actually expand like my booty expands into the shape or a shaper should I show everyone what this looks like under yes this lift up your dress please all right so she's wearing the thermal boxer and you can see it's the boy short it's not cutting into my leg which normally shorts do for me and shapers yes oh you okay you really like snug mm-hmm so this is the side right here is the back so you see how this basically lifting her glutes because of the way that it is to cut and the way that it all changes here so it'll is her glutes you can see is this just completely smoothed it and you can't see her belly button so that looks really good when you wear fitted dresses because you always adapt a little hole there and it's really not flattering and also you're you're penniless yes so this is just gonna smooth air out clearly oh and this right here is great basilica's my heart it just it's named in place I feel like I am being shaped but I feel really flexible yeah awesome and the bit yes so this is definitely a favorite definitely one of our customer favorites so Viktor is gonna show us the second shaper so come on Victoria show us so can you please um lift your dress just a little bit to show the detail of it so she's wearing a high compression shaper and it is the thong as you can see this is super high compressed and not see that if I can't even pinch it I know I'm president so it's gonna give her a smaller ways and also gonna give her more hip know that she needs that but the nice part about this one is that you can also wear this as a top because it has the late you know so if you wear like a nude or white bra underneath you can wear some pants you can wear high waist skirt so it also gives you that nice cinched waist or if you don't like showing cleavage you can wear this like Victoria's wearing it with a dress you don't want any panty lines obviously get you know a thong and if you can see like it cinches your waist even more yeah so this is a little bit tighter than the first one also opens up on the bottom yeah so it has closures yeah so in case you need to go – mm-hmm the restroom yes the very important makes it easy and you can also adjust the straps so Viktor is going to show us the next shaper come on Victoria yes so she's wearing the full body shaper yes it also is BOM shorts it up a little bit really can see and this one's actually in extreme shaper because again there you can even like it's so since you know yeah this is actually a design for women that just had a baby or had like a tummy tuck it's also great for women that don't really want to go to the gym but they also want to lose weight it has three layers and it's high compression it's a full body and you could turn a little bit or not not so much just goes a little bit so they can see that it does have the full back support with the strap and then it has the zipper right yeah it has the burst oh you can actually this you can pump go into it like really easily just because it's so compressed this helps you you don't get into the shaper and also has the straps for throwing whore let me show you screw-ups okay so just like this and it goes like right below your breasts so when you pull them up you're gonna also feel like your breasts stars yes they are supportive that's what they need to go up alright so let's move it to the next one and oh yeah okay so she's seriously gonna help me try this right here so this is what not to buy what not to wear it really just cheaply made so this is a traditional shaper that you can everywhere that you can get basically get anywhere for like $10 yeah so it's not even worth that no and I will show you why do not spend your money on these type of shapers so come on over tram so I really have to show them this you have to I'm sorry okay guys dope this is my really bad and like Victoria it's like she doesn't want to show you guys because it's just not a cute look but it's so ugly it is but you guys want to see the real deal you know come on okay so this is the reason why she just doesn't want to show it and this is nothing compared to what it actually looks when we remove the dress so you can see like wrinkles you can see how it cuts into her skin and then we think granny panties are horrible like please turn around look at this look at this it kissed her no shape no support like look at what it's done to her cute but like it's just not cute no more I look better without it yeah this is pointless yes unless you want to make yourself look extremely ugly or get rid of a guy that you didn't yeah let's turn around and show them like you can see her panties okay she's gonna wearing panties but you know all of these shapers now if we lift it and you're gonna lift it because I need to see the what the rely on this so look at this it has no support I'm skinnier without this like I don't it has no silicone so you know this is gonna go down yeah okay again you can see her her panties actually wearing its cutting look do you see yeah it gives her no no support look it looks so ugly here yeah like it doesn't do anything for her yeah this should not be called the Schaefer no like our shapers are 100% you'll see in that package it says 100% Colombian we get them directly from Colombia and they're high quality they will last a lifetime these I know where is disposable I'm glad I learned something else yeah well I hope you guys learned something too and I hope this was very helpful and informative I love the black one I just think it works for me personally the best you know I haven't had a baby recently or any type of surgery it's one of our customer it's it sounds really good so now that you know about these amazing body shapers these are available at ISA so you can also get them if you like I have a link in my description box and you will just enter my code at checkout and you can get yourself one of these and save some money yeah leave us a comment let us know your thoughts if you guys enjoyed watching this video as much as we enjoyed watching me putting on the body don't forget to like this video subscribe to my channel subscribe to ISA as well and thank you so much for watching we'll talk to you next time you


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