– What’s up, crazies? I’m feeling the heck out of my ponytail. Yes! Anyways, in today’s video I am going to do a Romwe try-on haul. It’s one of these online boutiques where you get clothes for
like ridiculously cheap. I got tops for like five
dollars, 10 dollars, four dollars, like dresses, jumpsuits, like I went crazy on this website. I am gonna go ahead and
open up this package and I’m gonna show ya’ll
what I got and I’m gonna try it on for you. I called my friend Jalen
to come see this stuff and be a part of this slay
or throw away with me. Yes. We’re doing another slay
or throw away, ya’ll. And at the end of this
video, you have a chance to win all of the clothes in my can. So watch until the end of the video. Let’s go ahead and open this package and call up Jalen because he
helped me do the damage, okay? Like, it’s his fault why
I spent all this money on this website. Things were so cheap and we were adding so many
different things to the basket. I’m like “yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.” The only thing that I didn’t like, hold on, let me rant real quick. The only thing that I didn’t like so after I purchased everything, three days later, they contacted me, they emailed me and said, “Oh, we don’t have this
item any more in stock, “it was in popular demand
and it’s very popular “and it’s super popular and
everybody wants this product “and so we can’t ship
it to you at this time.” Like trick, then why did you allow me to go through with the purchase? Huh? Ya’ll just greedy for your five dollars. I see how it is. But anyways, I got me a little refund. Even though I didn’t want
the refund I wanted my pants Okay? Anyways, let me go ahead and
open this package and see what I got. I can’t remember. It was just clicks. A bunch of clicks. Jalen did some clicks, too. Anyways, Jalen, where you at? Hey! (singing) Introduce yourself. – So my name is Jalen aka Lick My Fashion. – Here on YouTube, right? – Yes, I’m on YouTube, yes, I am. – Earlier, I was like Jalen come over and teach me how to Milly Rock. And I’m like I got my Romwe
package and Jalen was here when I was ordering a bunch of stuff. The cart got to $500 and he was like– (laughs) He’s like, “half a thousand dollars?” – Half a thousand dollars. – That’s half a thousand dollars. We have our half a thousand
dollars right here in clothes and I’m gonna try everything on and we’re just gonna judge everything. Jalen’s a stylist, he gets fashion. I’m getting there. I stay basic, okay? (laughs)
Open the package. – I thought that was a wiener. – Oh my god, me too. I’m like, “What the
hell is this dog doing?” That looks like a dog in a bag. – It honestly looks like hair. – Do you remember this item? – Bruh, it’s the fur coat, no? – Yeah, it’s a fur coat. I’m like “Yo, I have to get this.” But yo, it did not look
like this on the website. – It did look like that
on the website still. – I feel like a peacock or something. – Let me see. – You like it. You like it, you love it. – I don’t think I like it that much. (laughing)
(shouting) – Yo, I’m getting
freakin’ hair in my mouth. – I don’t know if I like this. – Nah. – Nah, I don’t think I like this. – No. – Over, like fully, I don’t like it. – But like this, it’s okay. – We love– – But it’s not like, I’m not getting the “I love it.” – Yeah. – So I think you should,
I think it’s a nay. – Really? – I don’t know it’s– – In New York I Milly Rock. I’ll link everything that I try on in the description box below. – You kind of look like a chicken. – And. (laughs) (imitates chicken) – La Quinata!
– La Quinata the chicken. – Okay, there we go.
– Oh, and ya’ll, all the clothes from last time, my last throw-aways are still in here. And we will be giving them
away to a lucky crazy. This is a part of it. – Throw-away! – Let me try on these jeans, man. Yo, jeans? Oh my god, remember these jeans? – Oh, yes, I like them though. I really do like them. – Yo, it looked kind of cheap. – But we could do it ourselves though. – We could’ve actually– – We could’ve done this ourselves. – Look. Ya’ll look at this. I love the detailing on these jeans. They’re so poppin’ but
Jalen and I were like we can make this ourselves. Bruh. – I don’t think I like those either. – Bruh. – Honestly, fam, it’s a no. – No, it’s a hell no. There’s no way.
– It’s a hell no. Nah, this is dumb.
– But wait, hold on. – No, that’s dumb.
– Wait, I have this… – This looks like an arts
and crafts cut like come on. – And I don’t like the crotch area like how it’s all big and bulky. – Look at this hem. What’s happening here? – Like any how I get
low on the dance floor this is ripping off and
I’m gonna be pissed, bro. Let me try this out. – Try it out, try it out. Yes!
– Yes, yes! – That’s a hands down keep. – Slay, that’s a slay.
– That’s a slay. – That is a slay, that is a slay. – Are you dumb?
– Are you dumb? How many items did we get? We got like over 50, bro. – It was half a thousand dollars. – Half a thousand dollars. – Ooh, this is a sweater.
– What is this? – I think it’s a sweater.
– Okay, let’s try it on. Alright, yeah, I’m here.
– Alright. You know what, yes.
– Yes, this is so me. – Yes, that’s you. That’s so you. – I love this. – Yeah, that looks nice. – This is so cute. – Yes!
– Yes, yo! – I like that.
– I love this. This is a slay. For sure.
– That’s a slay. – I love the mesh right here. – Yeah, that’s what I’m
saying it’s different. – It’s kind of, yeah. – It’s mesh here at the top here. – Does it have it in the back, too? – Let me see. – Oh, that’s so cute.
– Yeah, the back too. It looks good.
– I love this. – Yeah, that’s really nice. I don’t know what this is
but honestly, there you go. – Yo, this might be a Christmas cake. (laughs) – Alright. Oh, that looks so cute. – Does it? Does it really?
– Yeah, I like that. I think it’s cute. It’s different.
– Yeah. It’s really different. I think that’s cute. – Hold on, let me go– – Nah, that’s cute on you though. That’s cute. That’s for like a Christmasy dinner. – A Christmas like in bed. (laughs) But what is this though? – There’s different ones, too. – But what is this? – I like it. – The string is like hanging down. – But I like that though. – What is this?
– I know what you mean like that part is a little bit cheap looking. – What is that?
– But it’s different. I like that though. – Do I like it?
– That’s cute. – Am I gonna wear this? Can you picture me wearing this, Jalen? – I can picture you wearing this. – Really? – And I don’t lie like if I
think it’s a nay I’ll tell you. – I like that.
– Ya’ll like it? (snaps) Okay, I’ll keep it. This is a slay for us. – I think you should keep it. – It’s a slay.
– It’s a slay. I don’t know what this
plaid looking thing is? – What the heck is that? – It looks interesting. – Let’s try it. – Like what is going on?
– What are you doing? – This white shirt is attached. – Okay, but how? – Hold on, so you have to button it now. – I see these buttons here. – That is so odd. Can you put this one for me? Wait, no. This is how it was? I hate clothes I can’t figure out. Okay.
– What? – Where’s the other button? – I think it just came like that. – Wait.
– Hold on. – Wow! – Definitely is a no. Like what? You look like you’re suffocating them. – Who made this up? – No. – Whose idea was it to put
buttons on this shirt and then… What is this? – No. – This is like a cowboy
fashion like yeah– – But that’s not even
what people wear though. This is definitely a throw-away. – Do you think you can slay this? – No. (shouting) – Yes!
– Yes! – Yes!
– Yes! (singing) – I love this top. – Are you dumb? – This is so cute.
– This is dope. – Everything that I bought
was under $20, right? – Yeah, everything was. – Everything! – This is cute. – How much was this? $14? – I’m just gonna say that
every off-the-shoulder top looks good because at this point. – I’m styling, I’m swagging. Even with these jeans.
– Even with this. Even with that.
– Yeah, I love this. – No, that’s definitely a slay. – Slay. ♫ Wild, wild thoughts – Yes, girl! (laughs) – What’s next? Hell yeah. – Love it.
– Yo, this is so me. – No, tough gal.
– Yo, honestly, I’m just gonna put a Nike
check mark and call it a day. – Yeah, no, that’s cute, I love it. (singing) – Yeah, I love this. Wait, hold on.
– I love it too. – Yeah, it has pockets. – It’s just regular, just nice. – Yeah, like everyday with black tights. – Every time I see these,
they just look like tough gal. – Yeah, tough gal. Yes, join my 30 day challenge!
– I should join. – You should! – I’ll be the first tough guy. – Yes, right! – I’ll be the first tough guy ’cause God knows I can’t do anything. Oh my god, that’s so cute. – But it’s very scandalous. Very scandalous. Honestly, I’m not sure. – Wait, now you’re not sure? – I think it’s too skin out. – It is skin out? – It’s too skin out, fam. – What if I put a, wait, no. – This is so out-the-door. (laughs) This looks more skin out. But it is a cute top. – I’m keeping this. – Riri would wear that with no bra on. – Well, then I’m wearing
this just like Riri. Coming sooner. I’m keeping this.
– Keep it. – This is a slay for me.
– It’s a slay. – Ya’ll like this? Comment below. What do ya’ll think? This is like I’m six months pregnant and I’m trying to be cute. – I…
– That was me. I was buying all tops like this when I was pregnant with
Tamia, my first pregnancy. – I don’t think I, no. – This is like a cute pregnant, like a maternity top, you know? – Yeah, but I don’t know. I feel like it’s supposed to be like this but it looks like an apron. – Yeah, no. Okay, no, no. I’m gonna throw this out. Throw away. – Oh, yeah keep that. Hands down. – Yes, this is so cute. – Even though, that’s skin out. – It’s skin out but I’ll wear
like a black top underneath. – That’s nice. That’s actually really nice. – This is so me.
– That’s so you. – What would I wear this with? Obviously, like– – It’s so nice, I feel
like you should just honestly, pull out all black. – Black leggings, high-waist leggings. – Even some nice black track pants. Some tight track pants with heels. – Yeah. That’d be cute. I like that look. – Ya’ll like this?
– Yeah. – Okay, this is a slay.
– That’s a slay. – Yeah, slay, 100%. Okay, what’s next? – That’s cute!
– Yeah, it’s cute. – Yeah, no, I like it.
– It’s cute. – I like it, it’s just really cute. – It’s just simple, kind of cute. – Like regular, going out. – Yeah, but where am I going to wear this? To the mall kind of thing? – Wear a leather jacket over it. – Okay, but what kind of pants? What pants would you wear with this? – I would do some dark pants.
– Like dark pants? – Like dark jeans. – Am I gonna wear this though? – I think you should wear it. – Hi, guys. What’s up? – You look like a little kid. You look like you’re 14. – I look like one of those girls that shop at Abercrombie and Fitch. – Bro. – Is that store still alive? – It is still alive. – Oh, really?
– People still shop there. – Yeah, really? Like hi, guys! – I don’t think that’s… – This isn’t me. – That’s not you. – This is a throw-away. – I think if you’re gonna keep it, you can only wear it to the beach. – Well, we don’t have beach right now. – Okay.
– Weather. So at this point, it’s a throw away. – It’s a throw away. – [Latoya] Yo. (laughing) – That’s a nightie, right? – Yeah. – I wouldn’t even wear it to bed. – These are pajamas. – I wouldn’t even wear it to bed. – This is kind of cute like
I want to keep the shorts. – Why are they so hitch up? – Maybe I hitched them up by myself. – Why are they so hitch up? – Because it’s so bulky right here. Yeah, no. – You gotta keep this one. It’s pajamas. – Yeah, pajamas.
– It’s pajamas. – So regardless, even if it’s a nay, you can still keep it as pajamas. – I can’t wear this in the club at all? – No, definitely not.
– With some heels? – Definitely not. – That wouldn’t be cute?
– No. – Oh my god.
– Definitely not. – Okay.
– Strictly baddie. I like it. – This is like, I’m going
to meet the parents. – Yeah, I like that. That’s cute.
– Is it? – Yeah, that’s cute.
– Let me see. – I could picture it with
some nice dark jeans. – Oh, that is so cute.
– Yeah. – It’s different. – Maybe with like a
handbag walking with your nice black shades. – Yeah, I like that. – Yeah, I like that.
– This is so cute. – That is cute. – Oh my gosh, this website
is like more slays than ever. – Yeah, more slays than ever. It’s nice. – So I feel like I got my money’s worth. Although, this bin looks kind of full. I look like such a mom like going to a– – But you look like those
fashion-forward moms. – Yeah. – Those moms that go to the high school and their like “Oh my
god, somebody’s mom”. – Yes! (laughs) – Yeah, no, it’s nice. But I like that though. – It’s cute.
– It’s cute. – Okay, ya’ll. If ya’ll are into off-the-shoulder items, you have to get a bunch of them from Romwe because they’re all super
cute and they’re cheap like five bucks. – I like every top you’ve tried on. – Yeah, all their tops are so cute. – Every off-the-shoulder. Let me see. Yeah, that’s a slay. – You like this one?
– Yeah. – What does the back look like? (laughs) – You gotta tie it like this. There you go. Yes! Like tied up laces. – Oh god! – I like that.
– This is so cute. I like this. – Yeah, it looks good. – Okay, my camera just died. They don’t want ya’ll
to slay for cheap, huh? They don’t want ya’ll to
slay for cheap like trust me, you’re gonna slay for cheap. This is so cute. – I like the design and everything. – Yeah. So this is a keep.
– That’s a keep. – Okay, so it’s the end of the video. I hope you enjoyed it. So with all of my throw-away
items, I’m actually going to give them all away! – Yes! – Ya’ll though that we were
really throwing them out. – Right? – They really thought I
was gonna throw it out. – No, we’re not throwing them out. – Heck no, we’re gonna give it away to one of ya’ll. You have to go over to my Instagram page, which is and follow me there and
after you follow me, comment on my latest
picture something funny. Make me laugh and the person to make me just crack the heck up, is
gonna win these clothes. I’m gonna reach out to you through DMs so make sure you keep it open for me. – And there’s some clothes in there. – Yes. There’s a lot of stuff in here like bro. All this stuff.
– Yes! – Yup, I’m gonna ship out to one of ya’ll. Thank you so much for watching and if you like these videos,
please give it a thumbs up and subscribe if you want free clothes! Because every slay or throw-away, I’m giving away the clothes. – Well, every second– – Every second one, yeah. – Right, every second one
that I do, I’m gonna give the clothes away, okay? So that will be our thing. – Yes. – And yeah, ya’ll can slay the stuff that I don’t think look good on me. Anyways, thank you so much for watching. Don’t forget to subscribe and
check out Jalen’s channel. – Yes! Jalen aka Lick My Fashion. – Yes!
– Yes! – Okay, are you dumb?
– Are you dumb? (laughs) Bye, ya’ll. (upbeat playing)


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