Skyrim Mods – Clothing/Armor #1

All good, we are back for another video of Skyrim Mods this time clothes and armor are in the same video will have both types in a single video how everything is equipável in the personage I’m already picking up other sites too and putting everything together and not only the nexus, let’s go we have this skeleton outfit, and ghost well cool, we have this texture and this hat we have the differentiated face, we have the rings that give these two effects, and also just to equip the ring the effect already begins How I’m showing you there, in normal clothes. and we also get two spells one for this sword and one for the bow This one here does not have much to explain basically they are boots with 3 different color types now we have these clothes here if I’m not coupling it’s from a mobile game, I do not know pronounce his name, even though I play it every day well cool, already comes with this sword it’s really cool clothes I wish it were smp now if this hair were smp I was already wearing it on my character and the sleeves are HDT This time we have an ESO armor. HDT and SMP, pretty much already leaving the details, only have in this color, and on the back We already noticed where SMP is. cool, of course quick test to have a notion, good this time we have this TOP clothes, I hope I have taken the name of the author correctly because the thing was difficult to know very pretty CBBE and SMP unfortunately it is not bodyslide, because if it were I used to live for the whole time, this front committee is TOP now showing the back pretty detail, and the basic test as always is, this very good thing>.


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