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skivvy roll how to how to roll a skivvy roll skivvy roll for your bug out bag save space when you pack hi it’s AlaskaGranny I recently went
hunting with four Marines and they explained to me a skivvy roll which I
never heard it before so a skivvy roll is when you take your basic
emergency clothes that you would need for your bug out bag
and you would have a shirt underwear or your
skivvies and some socks so I’m assembling one for
myself so let me show you how you assemble a skivvy roll fold your shirt in half lay the sleeves into the inside and then you put your socks one going
in each direction with the open end of the sock sticking out then you take your
skivvies and you put in there and roll it all up as tightly as you can trying to make it
as small and compact as possible then you take this sock and you push it
over each end of the skivvy roll mine is not as compact I’ve
never been in the marines there you go I have a skivvy roll for my bug out bag or my get home bag or a change of clothes for a hunting trip try making a skivvy roll and see if it
doesn’t save you room in your Bug Out Bag Get Home Bag hunting bag or camping bag and learn more at please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel


  1. Great tip. First time I've heard of a skivvy roll. Can definitely see the space saving advantage of doing this. Plus, cuts down on "hunting" to round up the pieces. Thanks for sharing. 

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