Skip Hop Backpack Diaper Bag – Greenwich Review

Hey folks today we’re gonna go ahead and review
the Skip Hop Greenwich Diaper Bag for you. This is a brand new bag from Skip Hop and
we’re really excited about it. The first thing that we’re excited about is
the price point. It’s only $100 which is really really great
for this kind of bag, it’s gonna be super durable for you and last you quite awhile
as long as you take decent care of it. And that’s so great for all of us new moms
that are trying to get all the baby gear that we need. We just want a good, durable well priced diaper
bag, right? So it has about 9 pockets we’ll start with
this first one right up here. It’s just a nice big opening with a spot for
your phone or your wallet so you don’t lose it, so you can stuff that with lipsticks,
snacks for you, your sunglasses, whatever you need. Next is this really large opening and I love,
I absolutely love bags that have a really large openings as well as pockets. Cause sometimes you need to be able to stuff
things and sometimes you just need it all organized. So this offers that, it is a gusseted pocket
so it’s not gonna, you’re not gonna unzip it and have everything fall out. And then on the inside we have these two elastic
pockets, so you can go ahead and stuff those, with toys, or snacks, whatever you need so
that it kind of expands a little bit. And then you can just stuff the rest of that
compartment so if you’re going to church function or a family reunion you need to take the whole
kitchen sink with you, there is room in here for that. If you’re a working mom cause lets be honest,
lots of us work or even if you’re like a working at home mom, you might need room for a laptop. On Skip Hops website, it does say that this
pocket will fit a 15 inch laptop, this is a 15 inch MacBook Pro and it’s not quite there,
so I would just be aware that like, of your laptop size, you can just take that into account
when you’re doing it, it would definitely fit a 13 inch one. You could stick diapers in there or extra
clothes, it’s so nice sometimes to just keep those things separated so you only have to
get into one part of the bag and not mess with everything else. And then this is also the space where they
keep the padded changing mat. They do have two bottle pockets, so we have
one open bottle pocket on this side and there’s also a bottle pocket on here. The reason I like bottle pockets that zip
up number 1, your bottle isn’t gonna fall out so you don’t have to worry about that. Number 2, if you add like a heat pack in here
you already have it stuffed with some clothes and things it can keep your water warm or
if you put a cold pack in for breast milk that way it’ll kinda help insulate it a little
bit. It also comes with stroller straps, these
stroller straps are connected to little hooks on the side, so you just unclip them, and
then you’ll wrap it around your stroller handle and hang it off there. It is made of wipeable vegan leather, so for
all of us moms who are well accustomed to children who make lots of messes, when we
least want them to, so wherever you’re at just go ahead and wipe it off, it’s actually
super nice cause it’s really, that vegan leather makes it really light too, so even if you
stuff this thing it’s not gonna be super heavy. It is a backpack, so which is nice for us
mom’s with multiples who you know, need some extra hands. Now that I have a second I just have been
like, I can never not have my backpack on. Cause, I just need both hands. But it fits really nice and it’s really comfortable
to wear, these straps aren’t super padded they are a little bit, but because they’re
so wide, they’re not going to cause a lot of strain on your back. Well that’s everything about the Greenwich
diaper bag, it comes in 3 really pretty colors, they made them all very earthy tones so they’re
gonna go with anything in your wardrobe. This one’s the Carmel, this one’s the Dusty
Rose, and the Smoke, my personal favorite’s probably the Dusty Rose, it’s so pretty. But if you have any questions for us, make
sure you comment down below or feel free to comment on our or feel free to email us at
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  1. In the diaper pocket there is the place for the baby changing table? I would like to get inside the skip hop pronto changing station.

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