SISTERS SHOPPING CHALLENGE!!! We Buy Outfits for Each Other

(upbeat music) – [Marissa] Okay. These are so cute. – Do you think Marissa would like this? (upbeat music) – [Together] Hey guys!
– I’m Marissa. – I’m Brookie! – And today we’re doing
the shopping challenge! If you have not heard of
the shopping challenge, it’s where you have $20 each and you have to pick out an outfit
for the other person. We are going to be doing
shirts, pants and accessories. We don’t wanna shoes because
shoes are kinda expensive. And we only have $20. We’re just gonna go with
that and pick out an outfit. And reveal it at the end! And show you guys. – Thank you so much
for watching our video! If you haven’t subscribed yet, click that red button down below! – And smash that notification bell so that you guys can be part of our hashtag notification squad! We love you guys! All right. Let’s go to Target!
– Target! – Okay. We got our dollars! Let’s go in! Bye, Brooke. – Bye bye! – All right so I have to pick
out an outfit for Brooke. I’m wanna pick out a
t-shirt and some shorts. Oh my. These are like $12 so that won’t work. Clearance. These are like pants. But these are 12 bucks. 9.99. I have no idea. This is really hard. It’s cute. Okay this is six dollars. And it’s so cute. It says “radiate positive vibes.” Think I might give this to her. Oh wait! Four twenty. Go away! I know Brooke doesn’t like dresses so I cannot find any cheap accessories. They’re always like five bucks. So I don’t know. Okay. These are so cute. 12.99. – [Machine] Three dollars. (beeps) One dollar. – So it’s my turn to find for Marissa and it’s kind of hard because she’s 14. And she’s between women’s and kids’. So I don’t know where
we’re gonna find her stuff in women’s or kids’. So let’s go! She would never wear this but, I mean, pineapple! Look! Matching shorts! You could have a pineapple something! Pineapple outfit! Do you think Marissa would like this? (laughing) Oh yeah! I don’t know would she like this? It’s kind of cute but kind
of not at the same time. We’re gonna keep movin’. This is kinda cute. It’s like a shirt-dress. She loves those. 19.99. We wouldn’t be able to
get any accessories. This is cute but she has too much gray. I like these shorts a lot. I think that Marissa
would like these a lot. And I think it might go with this yellow shirt or blue shirt. I don’t know! It could go with any shirt! We’re lookin’. We’re lookin’. There’s a cat shirt! These are kinda cute. These are really cute. This is kinda funny. Hi! Maybe I can find like a swimming suit with a maybe a little cover up. I don’t know. I think we found what we needed. – [Automated Voice] Welcome. Please scan your first item. – We just met a few of our fans in Target. And it was so fun to meet them. If you guys ever see us
make sure to come say hi. Because we love learning
about you guys and seeing — – It’s just so fun meeting you guys! – Yeah. It’s just so fun! All right. We just got back from Target! We got the goods. – It’s hard for you to
shop because in the kids’ it’s all like Shopkins, Wonder Woman. Do you know what I mean? And then in woman it’s all kind of – Low cut.
– Yeah. Like if there’s a v-neck
it’s all the way down here. (laughing) – You were kind of easy to shop for because you like little kid stuff. You know? Well you don’t like little
kids, Shopkins and stuff. There’s some cute clothes
that I wouldn’t like but I know you would like. So let’s pull out the shirt first. Ready? – [Together] Three, two, one! – Mine’s plain. – Mine is — Radiate positive vibes. And it was four dollars and 20 cents. I just got a plain white shirt because my pants, or shorts that I got — I think it was eight dollars. – So that was these shirts. – Okay now pants! Ready, set, go! (laughing) – Okay. – We were actually looking
at those shorts for her. – She said she didn’t
like the little fringe. – ‘Cause I was looking
at them for Marissa. I don’t like the fringe thingie. – I was like there for a little bit. And they were looking for me. But anyways. These are your shorts. – Those are cute. – They’re 10, 12. Okay. – At least I like the colors. – These are cute though! These are 7.99 and these were 9.99. – I got these at the store because I can never
find no shorts her size. I went with athletic and it
goes good with the shirt. – That’s cute. – Yeah. I like the color a lot too. – Okay. Ready? Accessories. I have three! – You have three? Yeah! I have one! ‘Cause you were like so hard! – Ready, set go! Got you a water bottle!
– Yay! – It says make your own magic. – I like that a lot! – And it was three dollars
in the dollar section. What did you get for me? – I got a headband! – Oo! Those are cute! – Because it’s like a sporty. – Yeah. – I found this at like the hair section. – I got you some bracelets. – Yay! – Some rainbow bracelets
’cause they were a dollar! Kinda cute. And then for a little snack I got you a simply balanced fruit bar! It was 30 cents! – I don’t even like it but that’s okay. – That’s it. (laughing) And my total was under $20. – Nice! – I know! I got all this stuff for under $20! – I wanna see the water bottle. One sec. I need to figure out how to do this. Oh! Ouch! (laughing) – So yeah. – I like this a lot. This is mine forever. I’ve always wanted a water bottle. My own water bottle. – Well I got you one! – I wanna see the bracelet. Hey! At first I saw them I
thought they were hair ties. – Let’s go try ’em on. – Let’s go! – These are our outfits! – Okay. The shorts, they’re a little big. The shorts are a little big. My waist is over there. (laughing) I am not a large!
– The shirt looks good though. And the bracelets and the
water bottle look good too. The only thing is the shorts. But my outfit! I like the headband. The shirt is okay. It’s just a little plain, ya know. – I don’t know what to get you! – And then the shorts
are like a touch thing. The waist doesn’t fit. They’re really cute though! And they feel good. – I am definitely
keeping the water bottle. I’m definitely keeping the bracelets. And I’m definitely keeping the shirt. (laughing) – I am gonna keep the headbands. And maybe the shirt. And return these. – [Together] Thanks for watching! – Hope you enjoyed the video! – Subscribe down below
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– Bye!

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