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Hey guys, welcome back. Thanks for joining me for another video I’m super excited about this week’s topic because we haven’t really covered it yet And I definitely wanted to go over it because a lot of people have questions about it when they have relationships, especially men I’ve been getting a lot of messages from men asking me you know in your videos you talk about Narcissism you talk about all these things and it tends to be from the female’s point of view and actually majority of my clients Right now are actually men. So men definitely go through emotional abuse. They definitely go through narcissistic abuse And so for this video I wanted to tackle the female narcissus and I didn’t want to tackle it Just in a romantic setting. I also want to tackle the female Narcissistic mother the narcissistic sister the narcissistic friend or co-worker So just female narcissist in general and if you haven’t already don’t forget to hit that subscribe button down below I am so excited that we are almost at 22,000 subscribers, that’s crazy. I still don’t even Like I can’t even believe it actually sometimes and I just I love the community that we have on here And I think it’s such a great platform You guys are absolutely amazing and the support that I get from you guys on social media on YouTube I mean, it’s just it’s it’s amazing I’m so excited each and every day when I get to know you guys a little bit better and the stuff that you’re going through and You know that you guys are starting to come out on the other side and some people are joining us You know, this is their first video welcome. My name is Stephanie. I’m a life and relationship coach But if this is your first video, you know, and you’re just ending a relationship or you’re trying to get some questions answer This is definitely the channel for you because it is a great group of people and you realize you’re not alone You’re not the only one that has gone through some of the things that you’ve gone through in your relationships in your life So I’m gonna stop rambling and let’s get right into this week’s video. So just like the male narcissist. The female is pretty similar They’re gonna lack empathy They’re going to be seeking narcissistic supply from people and they’re gonna use manipulation and other tactics in order to get that the bottom line with all narcissist is they have an extremely low sense of cell they have no sense of essentially, but they have very fragile egos and they’re very jealous and insecure people and so they mask all of that with this grandiose of personality or Their a covert they very much will play the victim so all of these abusive things that they put out to the world is just a cover for really the fact that they’re just wounded damaged hurting insecure jealous envious Etc etc, and they don’t know how to deal with all of that They don’t know how to deal with what’s going on inside of them because they don’t even know what’s going on inside of them They are now playing a character which is this narcissist. So all of these things that they do Are just basically defense mechanisms. And if you’re not aware that people are that a narcissist is doing these things You’re gonna take it personally You’re gonna see it as a reflection of your own self-worth or self value when it has nothing to do with you So learning about this stuff is really crucial towards protecting yourself definitely number one, but one of the biggest things with a female narcissist and this is more so with a romantic relationship is Just like with the male will use manipulation to and gaslighting to control their victim and they’ll be very charming and they’ll swoop in and be you know the knight on the white horse and Save the day and I’m your soul mate, etc, etc Be very romantic with you in the in the early stages of dating The female is going to use her sexuality to really get to you to really you know Get you and just like pull you into the relationship so she’s gonna rush intimacy and she’s gonna be very Sexual right off the bat and she wants to make you feel like a man because by making you feel like a man You’re going to be become essentially addicted to her And this is when once the addiction starts in you, this is when the abuse actually happens So it’s really the same thing With the female as the male the male will use romance and charming and sweeping you off your feet And I love you and love letters and soulmates and like all of that things all of those things that women Want to hear when they’re coming from that? You know wound place where they haven’t felt themselves up and it’s the same thing with men If you have all of those wounds, then you’re going to need a woman to make you feel better about yourself You’re gonna need a woman to make you feel more like a man and by her being sexual and really honing in to What men how men tick which is their sexuality whereas in women? It’s more of our emotions That’s how they’re going to basically hook you in order to get that supply from you in order for the abuse to actually start Now just like with the male narcissists, you know obsessed with money and status And what can I achieve and you know achievements are very important. That’s why a lot of really successful Narcissistic men are in very high positions and it’s not about the money sometimes with them It’s about the achievement like what else? Can I achieve how higher can I go and it’s great to have goals and set goals But there are some people and I’m sure we’ve all met one at least where it’s never enough They’re never happy with the success that they have. They never can take a step back and say wow I did a good job. That was great and just enjoy their life and appreciate their life It’s like they want more money. They want more success. They want more status. They want to know more people. It’s just it’s a never-ending bottomless pit to try to fill a void within Themselves and that they’re trying to fill and with the female narcissus She’s kind of similar but instead of really gaining things she and gaining money Which she very well could she really wants to spend the money and she definitely doesn’t want to spend her own money That’s for sure. So She’s going to you know, hook up with a very successful man that has a ton of money. She wants to spend money She wants to flaunt her new bags and she wants to flaunt her diamond ring and she wants to flaunt all of these trips that they’re going on and things like that that make that makes her feel better about herself that basically gives Boost her self-esteem a little bit makes her feel better about herself by spending money and flaunting it and that for her proves to herself really that she’s worthy that she’s enough because she has all of these other things and especially if she’s surrounding herself with People that do not have those things you have to understand that the female narcissus is a net attention seeker and I’m sure we all know some celebrities that are like this as well where they’re just so Narcissistic and they need to be the center of attention. They have such a level of self entitlement that it’s crazy I mean you look at them and you’re just like oh my god Like you’re so wrapped up in your own self like and it’s great to have Self-love and to love ourselves and to take those selfies and be proud of yourself and things like that, but we all know Celebrity a friend a co-worker Where it just doesn’t feel right it feels not really authentic and it’s coming from that narcissistic place and again that Narcissistic supply place is basically low self esteem. It’s someone that needs to feel validated It’s someone that needs to show off her entire body in order to get you know Some people look at her or give her attention or give her what she needs. So it’s all attention seeking It’s all narcissistic supply the really kind of crazy thing about all of this Is that as she’s spending money as she’s you know, flaunting everything that she has and in all of this She really truly believes that everyone around her is envious of her She really thinks that she has the life that that you know She’s better than everyone else that she’s the better woman like she really believes that in her mind It’s the same thing with a narcissistic man. He really believes. He’s a good guy at his core He really believes that he’s a good dad. He really believes that, you know, people are really envious of me and as long as I You know portray myself in this certain way that people will really look up to me and know that I’m a great person When they’re not at all at their core They’re just flaunting or they’re just portraying again this character this superficial character and all of these superficial things To again fill that void within that low sense of self Oh, actually no sense of self low self-esteem. No, you know self-worth or self-respect Absolutely. No empathy It’s just again It’s it’s like a child that’s begging for attention and it’s real what the female narcissus is The next thing that is really different between the male narcissus and the female is she is caddy She is caddy. She isn’t secure She is a bully a thousand percent Now we’ve all had moments when we gossip, and we’re probably not proud of it And when we’re doing it we know we feel gross and that we shouldn’t be doing it or we just feel that pit in your stomach and I know for Me if I’ve ever been gossiping. There’s always a moment where I’m like, I don’t want to be doing this anymore Like I don’t feel good about it. I shouldn’t be judging someone else like and to be honest. It’s completely irrelevant but this woman Loves it. She loves to throw jabs. She loves to cut you at your knees. She is really a bully a hundred percent and Again, it makes her feel better about herself. She loves to gossip she loves to throw people under the bus because By hurting someone else it makes her feel better about herself is sick and twisted as that sounds she’s the one that it’s gonna one-up you so whenever you just got you know a nice new bag that you worked really hard for and this is something that you really Wanted or you got a promotion at work here she comes with well, my husband just got a promotion, too And now we’re going to wherever Paris or wherever Wherever we’re going. It’s just always a competition with these people. She enjoys bringing people down she enjoys causing drama that is definitely the sign of a narcissist and To be honest, even if someone is not narcissistic the woman that causes drama the woman that sticks her nose in where it doesn’t belong the woman that’s gossiping all the time the woman that’s constantly throwing jabs that People are cutting people out their knees and saying the most hurtful things that you could ever say That is a woman that screams Insecurity and there’s that quote, you know insecurities are loud and confidence is silent So it’s like when you meet that woman that is constantly trying to one-up you Constantly just you know is jealous of you then you know that you’re dealing with a narcissist and the reality is the reason why she does these things the reason why she wants to flaunt herself and You know flaunt everything she has and cut people at their knees and say the most hurtful things and be so passive aggressive with her comments or Just you know, if she says something positive it’s there’s like 10 other negative things that come with it The reason why she does this because she’s jealous of you and the fact that she’s jealous of you Means that she knows Consciously unconsciously, who knows that she could she’s never going to be that woman So a lot of the times when you come across a woman that you know is very jealous or insecure And does these hurtful things and you take them personally? if you just actually understood that the reason why she’s doing it is because she’s jealous of you and the reason why she’s jealous is Because you carry Certain traits certain qualities that she’ll never be able to have because she doesn’t have the self-awareness to know What’s wrong with her that’s causing her to not be that person and that’s you know, narcissism right there I mean a narcissist has absolutely no self-awareness of where their wounds are they have no self-awareness of being able to take responsibility for their actions and Seeing the damage and the sub and the selfishness that they’re doing towards others and being able to self reflect and saying, okay What do I need to do within myself in order to change this? They don’t have the ability to do that? They’re always gonna blame. Someone else put it on someone else. It’s someone else’s responsibility It’s not mine because I’m perfect now for the narcissistic mother and this is something that I honestly get a lot of questions on is people that have had childhoods where they’ve had to deal with a narcissistic mother and You know with the narcissistic mother they need to raise Narcissistic children, so it doesn’t mean every single child is gonna turn out to be narcissistic But they’re definitely gonna find that one child that is their golden child that they’re going to enable They’re going to baby They’re going to maybe shower them too much. You know, here’s the thing with raising children And if you’re a good parent, you know this it’s all children need attention, but too much attention and too much praise and too much putting on a pedestal and Enabling and helping out and not letting your child at times learn those lessons Struggle a little bit so they know how to pick themselves up they’re never going to be able to be that healthy adult just like You know abuse of neglect and not feeding and not taking care of and just leaving and abandoning I mean that’s abuse – they’re both abusive the narcissistic mother is definitely a topic that I will go more into in videos to come because it’s definitely Conversation all on its own, but I just wanted to give you a quick Outline or overview of the narcissistic mother they definitely pick that one golden child And really want to groom and breed narcissistic children so I hope that that has helped you guys understand the female narcissist a little bit better if you have any comments or questions Don’t forget to leave them down below Definitely give this video a thumbs up if you liked it And if you have any interest in what I want coaching, I will link that down below and I will see you next time


  1. My mom is the worst. She puts me in the middle of her drama. She can't handle dealing with people. So she makes me the bas guy to deal with them. I kicked 2 uncles out of her house, and her husband. She can't tell them to piss off. Don't want them to hate her. I got her husbsnd indighted on 1st degree assault charges. But she lies. Told me she had cancer, and Parkinsons to get me to move home to take care of her. I own 6 acres in Colorado and got a CO ID but live in TX taking care of her house instead of mine. Mowing her yard instead of mine. Then she says it is my fault. Yea because I put up with her dumbass. Childish is what women are. Anyways Im never married, no kids, and in my 40s taking care of her. All she cares about is her self. She does not care about me living my own life. I live her life. She owns 50 acres and does not moe any of it. I told her she needs a condo not a farm you dumbass. A condo you got maintaince man to repair the home and change light bulbs. She is a showboat. A showoff. Look at me and my 50 acres my son mows. I fix everything. I told her she does not need anything she can not maintain. Get rid of your cats and dogs if you dont pet and feed them. Get rid of your car if you can't change the oil. Can't heat 4000sqft then sell it while you laugh at my 600sqft log cabin in Colorado with a wood stove. I bought a new white truck and my mom bought a new white SUV. Jealous!

  2. She exactly describes my narcissistic elder sister. She makes my life a living hell everyday. Sometime, I feel like committing suicide because of her continuous mental torture and ill treatment towards me everyday.I wish she rot in hell😅.

  3. Daaauumn Jeana!! You just described my relationship. Yes She hooked me with her sexyness! Shes loves to start arguments, calls me a narcissist constantly when she doesn't get her way

  4. I feel like some people (like my partner) have some of these traits but some they don't at all so its hard to tell. Can people be partly narcissistic?

  5. My ex was a narc. She was also a drug addict. I put her on jail cause she stabbed me with a boxcutter yet I hate to say it I still miss her but she can give twice shots about me.

  6. The worst part about a narcissist female is that if you ask real questions,hope for better arguments and dont fall for her tricks,she accuse you of being the narcissist one.

  7. Everyone has a narcissist within.
    They key is too have a variety of successful strategies when confronting the world and apply them appropriately. Have an inner child, an inner parent, a soldier, a scholar, a builder, a lover, a builder, and a playmate.

  8. Google/YouTube Adam Atiyeh I could use any advice as well and in winning and just getting my life and being able to just protect my freedom which I'm sick of it as I ffin just left bc. Of who I am I just go through the profiling and being the bad boy with a giant heart just got eat it and keep pushing through but multiple false lie arrests all bc I left but I appreciate women like u I'm no victim God will give e justice it's just a burden that b a blessing and was a lesson


  10. I would just call them undisciplined spoiled brats that never grew up. With enough social media, they never will. They need to be put across you lap and spanked with a paddle(ping pong) every time they lose self-control and start shouting.

  11. Thank you for this. I've been through hell over the past 4 years. She claims to be a victim of narcissistic abuse but shows literally every single sign. I've been manipulated, gaslighted, verbally and physically abused, extremely disrespected in front of guests……

  12. My psychopathic ex-girlfriend had sex with me on the first day we met and she did everything with me/to me. She came across as very highly sexed exactly as the presenter here mentions. When she eventually manipulated $9K out of me she never had sex with me again. She told me that she found sex abusive and just could not go through with it anymore, a few crocodile tears were shed. The slag gave me $2K back in order to keep me around longer on the promise of paying the rest of it back. Of course, she didn't. I subsequently found out that she had robbed her own family and family friends. That's when it sank in I'd never see that money again.
    Woe to any woman that tries that shit on me again.
    These types of cunts, particularly women have a weak point to be exploited. They will risk something, usually money or lots of sex in order to get something much bigger out of you. Once you've clocked them as psychopaths or narcissists, just have fun with it.

  13. omg you are so right! she is a bully, she is obnoxious, road-rage, show-off, IT'S always a GOD DAMn competition with her! I cnt blv i stayed friends with her for 4 years.

  14. Damn, you described my entire relationship to a "T" . Unfortunately I was too young to understand what was going on. I am thankful to be out of that toxic environment.

  15. Not an attention seeker but if I would have the opportunity to speak w you in Bristol, I would have put ny knee on the ground, keep up the food work

  16. Two months strong!!! No contact your vids" as well a few, others has been a life saver…Thanks for the help I would of still been trapped.

  17. Ever notice how a narcissist can complete disrupt and destroy a close knit social group or organization? Toss in birderlinevissues, and oh, boy.
    They do so by gossiping, backstabbing, lying & cheating. They especially despise the successful, popular and/or highly skilled people in the group, and will try to drag them down, even destroy them. But when they come up against a secure, well adjusted, well liked strong person, they will eventually be exposed and be despised by all and ostricized right out of a group, or fired.
    After they are gone, it will be like a hurricane has passed through, and it will take time for the group or organization to heal and become functional again, like an island decimated by a tropical storm. Sometimes, it never recovers, and is abondoned, disolved, or reorganized.
    So it is important to identify such people and shun them from your personal life social circles, and never hire one. And never, ever pity one because they claim their issues stem from past abuse and take in like you would a puppy from a shelter. They cannot be house trained. Ever. They will ruin your life.

  18. Same as a snake; lures you in strikes and bites; you die a slow agonizing death…..or free yourself and soar with the eagles..

  19. OMG I have 3 people in my life right now oldest sister Girl friend and a man who are narcissistic…
    I feel attacked and I am combative. I didn’t know…Im burnt OUT! I’m trying to learn how to cope

  20. Stephanie, these are great insights. There are variations on the narcissistic mother. Sometimes the mother is unable to attach to any of her children and finds meaning through her spouse. My siblings all knew that our parents loved each other more than us. The narcissistic mother can be quite violent and emotionally, psychologically, verbally and spiritually abusive. I had a group and a member of the group was looking to see if the narcissist in my life did the same things as his spouse. I wanted him to see that his mother had Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) also but he wasn't ready for that yet. The point is that there is no one size fits all prototype of a narcissist. There are a few high profile people who are an exact prototype of the narcissist. I don't want to get controversial and name the person who does fit that.

  21. Please do a video on how mothers with Narcissistic Personality Disorder create pain and damage throughout a person's life into adulthood. I'm 53 and re-experiencing the wounds of childhood under my mother. I went into psychotherapy to help others who had suffered trauma from growing up in an abusive home. I became the opposite of the narcissist. Now I am not liking being stepped on by others. I maintain empathy and compassion but I am very turned off by narcissists. I am avoiding relationships with people who want to hurt me even if that is my own family. My sister and brother did become somewhat narcissistic. So, they saw nothing wrong with the sadistic treatment by Mom. It almost feels like blasphemy to speak the truth about the abuse and the impact it has on a person throughout life.

  22. So true, it's hard when you are in a social setting and one female is always trying to insult or belittle you. I know it's hard but ignoring and smiling back is the best thing you can do. And try and understand that this person has been treated unfairly as a child and not given the right kind of love or felt valued. But why don't these people just go and get some help instead of wasting more of their life in pain. The only way to have good, happy loving relationships with people is to be like that yourself. 😄

  23. I actually know someone like this. She post selfies of herself. Anywhere between 5 to 20 of them a day. But what no realizes is that she is filtering the pictures. She messaged me a few months ago. She said to me why don't you do us all a favor and go stand on the railroad tracks and die. She said much much more.

  24. She said a few times she wanted to kill herself, she had 2 kids in another country, I always felt I was doing something wrong, the sex was really bad and she went back to selling herself for money, told me multiple times she was depressed, I still was totally in love with her,i guess I felt she was a bird with a broken wing, I'm glad she broke up with me now ,looking back she was a narcissist

  25. My ex-wife to a T. She pretended to buy into our life for years only to finally show her true self. Ended our marriage, cheating with a former friend of mine. 1 1/2 years of counselling made me realize I am the best without her. I have 2 kids, that's the hard part. When we switch, kids have something NEW or wearing something new every time. It's pathetic & sad but the eye on the prize is proving myself to the kids all the time. Being the best I can for them so they see why they should strive to be the best they can be for themselves. We can do this !

  26. If this is about a female narcissist why do you keep bringing narcissistic men into the picture, also everyone is a little bit of a narcissist. it's like saying your not a sociopath everyone is kind of a sociopath. The human condition is just finding a narcissist or person of some other mental disorder that is to a level you can deal with. We are all fucked up in one way or another, human psychology, and genetics are the only thing you can really blame, there is no fixing it history will teach you that.

  27. The father of my kids got him a narcissistic female and he is also very wounded and does that mean they are 100 made for each other.

  28. I need to know if I’m a narc or not, she has me so confused but I really feel like I might have a problem too 🙁

  29. Please do more videos about narcissistic mothers. I think it would help so many people that don’t even realize they need help bc their childhood was so tainted.

  30. These mothers become grandma.God forbid they have daughters/ granddaughter it real hell it get’s worse when they r about 10& up to adult. They r then out for blood.They well lie ,gossip make threats to use the law against them ,all family members, community etc❣️4 every good thing they do , they do 500 evil things to them ❣️they see them as competition 24/7 ❣️

  31. I haven’t watched the video yet but I’m excited to watch this cause I feel like my mom manipulates me sometimes. I’ve been going through heartbreak and she is invalidating my feelings and turning it on her.

    Also it would be nice to know if IM a narc

  32. 15 Actions for Men to Protect themselves when in the United Kingdom:

  33. I asked my sister about her goals and what she genuinely wants to do in her life and her response was “I want a man that will take care of me and my kids and provide for me financially so I can invest in business.”

    When I asked her about her business ideas she didn’t really have any solid ideas she just KNEW she needed a guy with money willing to pay her way.

  34. I have been with one for 32 years. All about drama everyday in some way. She flirts with every man that came around, right in front of me. I stopped going to parties and she exposed her frontage publicly constantly, and then would say I was being to sensitive. She would make lewd inappropriate comments at the most inopportune time. People would laugh while I felt embarrassment and shame.

    It was crazy.

    My daughter and son (golden child) are carbon copies of her. Her mother is one as well.

    So I had to deal with 4 of them all at one time.

    This means I had no peace. I was always in trouble with someone; then one day my life became a complete living nightmare for 3 straight years. They tripled teamed me. It was like trying to go outside and physically fight 3 Tier Five tornadoes; impossible.

    The practically broke me and went into Fight mode and became an emotional grizzly (super hyper-vigilant in battle mode).

    Found out later that they were trying to drive me crazy intentionally to lock me away in a psychiatric ward; who does this kind of nonsense?

    I’m free finally after two years of going through a divorce nightmare; no kidding!

  35. Personal experience with female narcs their number 1 weapon is the smear campaign while being extra nice to your face, which is how you know a smear campaign is underway. Male narcs will just tell you to your face that your are crap and the consensus is no one likes you.

  36. i would like people to understand, that narcissism is not pure evil, but a natural survival mechanism that often came up due to abuse in their own life. they are certainly lost people, but not inherently evil. pray for them.

    also some narcissist can actually be healed, once their mask has been crushed. i have seen it. i feel like all the youtube videos are really loaded emotionally and bias the issue. the only way to handle this topic is with objectivity

  37. Oh wow, this made me realize I'm most probably a narcissist and I'm definitely on a female narcissist's hook. I tick basically every box of a male narcissist except I'm not that successful. I definitely have this void inside of me that I'm trying to fill using different methods, I'm basically never happy with what I have and have a really fragile ego.

  38. The biggest clue for me is if she constantly focuses on her problems and pays little to no attention in asking how I'm doing? It's always about her. It's the biggest red flag for me.

  39. I grew up with an woman who had a crap childhood. She lost her father a the age of 3 years old. She fell pregnant at the age of 15 years,to a man 7 years her senior.The girl growing up, hating her alcoholic step father. This woman now over 60 years old,is very bad news.She has children, and yes her favourites.The non favourites got a hard time,they were not flash enough .This woman is a shocking Narcissist. Stephanie your video is spot perfect, in describing this person.She sure left behind a trail of destruction, second to nothing.I worked her out from day 1,i kept my distance from her.A loving bird never soils her own nest.This Narcissist,is a vile bird who soils the nest and loves it to death.She calls herself a Christian,but acts the opposite.She keeps as many people on side as she can.Some of them are waking up to her Narcissist ways.These people have backed away,to a safe place.Thanks Stephanie for posting a very accurate video ,on this chronic disorder.

  40. Only just realised I was married to a female narcissist for 20 years having watched exactly the same behaviour once divorced and that was ten years ago. The problem is that it’s my two kids (now in their twenties) who are at risk. I feel stupid, how did I not notice before? All the words that aptly describes then IS her, it’s unbelievable. Still researching and wondering how I can protect my daughter and son from the utter darkness she’s causing?

  41. I need to hear this. They make you think you're crazy! You really do question your sanity! I had to co parent with a Narr mom… was hell. Shes doesnt care about the kids because she used them as a weapon. What's sad is that they will love her unconditionally BUT she doesnt give the same in return. Its maddening. I've been raising the kids for the last 10 yrs EVERYDAY 24/7/365 BUT she will say "the boys are not your concern" 😱

  42. Female narcissist
    Lack empaty

    Fragile ego
    Romantic and sexual early
    Makes you feel like a man
    obsess with achievements, money, status
    SPEND the money
    Attention seaker
    Needs to feel validated
    She really believes thar everybody emvy her
    They believed they are "great persons"
    NO SENSE of self
    Child begging for attention
    Insecure, BULLY
    Loves gossip
    Narcissist mother need to raise narcissist children, golden child

  43. How old are you?, ya must be new. Your commune is done. MGTOW. reform law, or rot to cat women. Women need men, more than men need women. Josie Wales/Jeremiah johnson, awake ladies. Men are what you lust for, always. Awake to your own femininity/ care/ love. natural law.

  44. I left my female narc almost 5 months ago and have been no contact. This video is spot on. She was abusive in every way possible and also an addict. I fled with my kids(I'm widowed) and never looked back. The smear campaign began and I kept quiet until I got my permanent restraining order and dropped this video on my fb and ppl turned on her once I opened my mouth. We need to help each other. This is my narc story….

  45. I really pray for my soon to be my X wife….Poor thing has suffered abuse her whole life. I pray for her soul..I pray she apologizes to God or even me to get clean and right with God.

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