Side Hustle Ideas | How I’d Start If I Had $0 (Broke to Rich)


  1. I’m a CTU member, and own a garbage business. I get done early make some trades and I’m currently out doing Uber eats

  2. Clay one of my favorite side hustles is dumpster diving. You can make a lot of cash just stopping at a dumpster.
    Yes I’ve charged as much as 65$ an hour to clean up houses/ yards. And you get to keep the scrap metal and anything else you can sell

  3. As they say until you have exhausted all possibilities, there is no excuse. Also thank you for covering topics outside of trading it really helps people see a different preceptive and know that there are other ways to work for your dreams besides trading.

  4. The word temporary is just a way to cope through life. Life is also temporary, you may do temporary work and think of the future then get hit with cancer and die. Also, those "temporary" jobs are often done by people around Clay's age lol

  5. I started a junk removal/moving company and yes its quite the adventure trying to get it set up and doing it but after all the learning experiences, i can say you hit the nail on the head. Get a part time job and it will be jard to get by at first but soon youll be cashing in on what used to be a whole weeks pay in just a few hours.

  6. Hy. Been watching your videos for hours here. Was wondering if you vould make a video on how you select those stocks you trade in your videos? So basically, what happens before you start recording? Thank you.

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