Short Denim convert to a long top with lovely pattern,Cloth creative hack

One old denim, it is a little small I am trying on to show you a bit tight cutting off laying it on the table print pattern fabric mark it with chalk Cut 11.5‘’ x 50‘’ cutting stitich on checking Sew /Stitch on by sewing machine Ater stitiched Trying on, V neckline and it is long top now Add two pieces at front to make it slight big Cut same size Stitich on Cut 2 pieces for the neckline Cover the neckline and then stitch on After, New Neckline with lovely parttern Cut fabric for the cuff fold and use needle adding on Stitch on by machine or hand Ctting one piece fabric to use as a scarf , Easy match the coat Show my restyle jacket / Top Reuse , Recycle ideas, ife hacks


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