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Hey guys! It’s Julia And welcome back to my channel Today’s video is a review and try on Of the brand Re/Done This brand is most widely known for Their big selection of Vintage Levi’s jeans So what they do is They take Vintage Levi’s And repurpose them Into new one-of-a-kind denim And their quantities are always super limited I’ve always wanted a pair of Re/Done jeans But just couldn’t get around to Buying them for $300 Especially when I usually get My Vintage Levi’s at The Melrose Flea Market for about $50 But when I got the email That they were having a sale I had to jump on it Because the prices were so good Usually they’re priced at $300 But they were marked down to $100 The Vintage Levi’s that I have right now Are really big on me They grow as I wear it So I’m looking for A better fitting jean That still has that Vintage feel Before we get started I do want to share About my first shopping experience With Re/Done After I placed my order It took 11 days And 2 times of me reaching out For my order to actually be shipped And once it shipped It took 2 days for it to arrive And when I opened my order One of the jeans that I had ordered Was the wrong size So then I had to Reach back out to the customer service again It took them 2 days to respond And then they told me That the jean that I had ordered Is out of stock So I had to return that one And then place a different order For a new jean I’m not sure if it was Just my order that it happened to If you guys have had A similar experience with this company Please let me know in the comments down below It could just be that I had bad luck with this order Anyway, back to the topic Of this video I did get 2 pairs of jeans And the first jean I got is The Crawford Jean in the color Super Light I got it in the size 25 Which is my regular pant size And Cindy Crawford actually collaborated With the brand a few months back And made this style jean That was inspired by her Favorite Vintage Levi’s These jeans are a light wash With some stretch in it There’s no distressing at all In the front or back And they have a straight leg At the bottom And for the branding This brand takes off The Levi’s patch at the back And just puts on their own patch So on this one it has Cindy’s signature with Re/Done Originals And then on the inside Says “The Crawford” And also says made in U.S.A On the front It is a button front closure And it has custom branding on it That says “Re/Done Originals” Oh, I actually didn’t know this Until just now So I guess you can Register your jeans’ Unique serial number Located on the inside pocket At And enjoy free repairs for life It says, “If your jean rips or tears.. Just send it to us And we will patch it up for you At no charge Just because your jean Is on it’s second life Doesn’t mean it should be it’s last” That’s actually a really nice touch Because these are made Of Vintage fabric They are super delicate So I think that’s a really nice service That this company offers Here’s the Crawford Jean on I think it fits really well It’s perfect around my waist And the style really elongates my legs It is a tad bit long But looks ok with these heels I think if I wear it With other shoes I can just roll it up And make it more of a cropped length There’s definitely some stretch in it So I’m hoping it doesn’t stretch too much After wearing it after a long time I’ll post an update In the comments section below After wearing it a few times To see how much it stretches So definitely check back there soon Moving on to the second jean The second jean is the Straight Skinny Jean This one is also in the size 25 This was originally $302 But I got it on sale for $166 These ones are one-of-a-kind jean I noticed on the website That the one-of-a-kind jeans are All taken with flat product shots And there’s no model shots So I’m hoping these will really fit On their website You can just filter By your size So it’s super easy Just to see all the jeans That are available in your size These are the Straight Skinny jeans on And as you can see They’re really big Especially on the waist I think it fits more like A size 27 than 25 So I’m thinking its either Mis-sized or these jeans just Run really big I do however like How the waistband is Not perfectly straight across the front It slants down And would really accentuate the waist It just doesn’t really Look good on me Because it’s too big Another thing I really like In these jeans is that You can really tell That there’s 2 different types Of denim fabrics in this jean Especially when you’re looking at it From the side seam It makes these jeans really unique And one-of-a-kind Other than the shipping issues I’m very happy with my purchase Of the Crawford Jean However for the other one I’m disappointed because I wish I had bought A smaller size But on the website It did say to Buy your true size So I’m going to reach out To the customer service again And see if they can Accomodate a return for me Just because of the inconvenience Of my first shopping experience Since the Crawford Jean is more On the mass produced side As opposed to The one-of-a-kind side Then I think that’s why The sizing was so off for me So if you’re looking to buy The Crawford Jean Then definitely buy your size But for any of the one-of-a-kind jeans Then I’d suggest Going a size down The sale section is still really full So I’ll leave a link to that page Down below As well as any other styles That I see That are really cute And are worth buying If you guys have an Instagram Feel free to follow me @juliasuh To see how I style these jeans I’m always wearing jeans So I’m definitely going to be Living in these this summer Thank you guys so much for watching If you have any questions On the sizing and the fit Then leave me a comment down below And if you guys have Any shopping experience That you want to share Then definitely you can do that too Please don’t forget to like and subscribe If you haven’t already And I’ll see you in the next video!


  1. Update: Wore the Crawford Stretch Jeans 3 times now and it definitely stretches a lot. I think I have to wash and dry it after each wear to maintain the fit.

  2. What about trying them on? Do they have free returns? I really want to invest in a pair but i am too scared that they will not take them back if they don’t fit.

  3. how were you able to get in touch with someone at customer service? i've been trying for the past week and still no response. it's a nightmare. 🙁

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