hey guys what's up it's Nicola welcome back to my vlog channel so today I'm gonna be having a fun day I'm gonna be going shopping with my stylist I thought that I blog shopping today and then when I get back I could just haul everything for you guys right now I'm just getting ready I just got back from my eyebrow equipment I got them done do they look snatched you tell me I'm about to start doing my makeup right now I'm honestly so bad with time sometimes we're supposed to meet at 12:30 like she's gonna come here and then we're gonna go from here and I'm not ready at all so we're gonna start off with primer so for primer I'm gonna use the Smashbox photo finish primer I always use this one I always go between this or the Too Faced hangover primary but we're using this today oh my god I probably should have washed my hands before this uh too late while I'm waiting for this primer to just settle in my face I'm gonna go wash my hands because I don't want more acne than I already have my hands are washed they smell fresh they smell like coconut uh-huh okay so for foundation I'm gonna use this Dior one I've been using these brushes recently I got a whole kit of these a while ago I don't know if you guys recognize these like this shape but I have a whole kid of them and I just have them in so many different shapes and I've been using them for my foundation and concealer recently it's just so good we could pop it in like so many different shapes you can get every little place you guys don't have one of these kits yeah I don't know what Brandis says this is from the cream shop they do sent it to me but you can honestly get any brand of these kind of brushes if you want these I'm gonna try to link them down below I just finished my makeup right now and now I'm just doing a lipstick lipstick is the last stop and you know if you guys are ever wondering what lipstick I use I use velvet tiny by Mac and all someone's gonna beat them oh my god I'm getting a no caller ID call it Cline that the makeup this is the finished look lipstick is on so Caitlyn just got here and we've just been opening packages right now all the ones that I was telling you guys about earlier and we're trying on some outfits to see if they look good because we ordered something last week this is one outfit that Kalyn put together and then it was these jeans this corset and then these sparkly shoes from Steve Madden and they're so cute like they're so sparkly you guys can't even see it on camera but trust me like they're so nice they're crazy and we put this together oh yeah and then let me show them the choker this is the outfit we put together so far this is original one like with the sparkly shoes and then this choker because it goes together choker with the shoes but then we were thinking now I should actually wear this top with NYX I'm not the biggest fan of this corset and it's a little loose too so I have the outfit on it this is what Kaelyn picked out I'm wearing this top from Daniel easy oh and then these genes from revolve these little booties from Barney's and then this little bag from Gucci and these samosas from ray-ban I just put these on they look cute with it now we're gonna go to launch where should we go to lunch okay put here in the mood for like something Melrose our West Hollywood ear yeah okay yeah let's go over there so we're at lunch now we went to zinc and we got salads this is like a quinoa Prato eat salad she got chicken I got shrimp so we're shopping right now we're on Melrose around the store and look at what we found we found this – people can actually wear this like there's two sleeves right here and I'm thinking of getting it for a video we're in the dressing room now and we're in this really cool store on Melrose what's it called a wild style a wild style and we found such cool pieces oh my god like I'm just so ready for this two-person sweater like I'm gonna make someone spend the day with me in this try this on first dude this is a reflective crop top and then matching pants oh my god they literally match like same things right there and then we got this top a hoodie that's so cute and a bunch of random things this is the outfit with the crop top Hayley's trying to tie the pants because they're very big on me because the store this store is unisex so all the pants are kind of big because I have to fit men into but this cop top is so cute the top is reflective I'm gonna show you look at that the top is reflective on the screen and that's so cool so exposed yeah I love the tassel I think it's just so cool like I would wear this outfit let me try I don't think the booties – I feel like I'm gonna wear white chunky sneakers with those are booties you need your reflective boots – oh and I want to post a photo in it like a reflective outfit yeah a perfect caption for it you guys coming soon I know it looks so good and it matches oh my god I love this we're getting this how great this okay this is 161 and let's hope these pants aren't $700 Panther 355 okay do you guys like this outfit comment down below this is the next outfit I'm not the biggest fan of this one because they didn't have my size yeah so it's very loose yeah and these pants are cute but they're not my favorite should we pass all this well yeah no to this outfit what do you guys think okay this right here it says please use a face cover to avoid staining clothes to make with makeup I saw these and I was like are they love it's like what is it it's a face cover after stopping in a shoe store around here and they made me wear they made me like to walk on papers so I would give the shoes very welcome paper yeah I'm like this is the Melrose height B's like if to wear face covers when you try on clothes oh my yeah I seem I've never seen that it looked like a lunch lady or like a surgeon about to like go in this honey is like almost $400 and I feel like that's not worth it yeah cute yeah cute like this would be cute those $100 or less but foreign rollers and they're not really on the next thing what's the next outfit next I'm giving her this oversized feel I like that we just got some white chunky sneakers I think that'd be really cute or even like yeah she had on today in black booties or that black movies would go with this white trunky sneakers or my reflective sneakers so we're gonna try it on see like I just put on the shirt with the face mask on no makeup already but I'm not the biggest fan of this what are you thinking I don't think it really fits properly I think maybe if you had a cool belt or something but then it's gonna make it shorter so I'm thinking this is probably yes it looks like it's kind of swallowing you so I think it's enough for me I ended up making Kaitlyn try on the two-person sweater with me and we realized two people can fit in here oh my god I'm so making someone do this with me am i doing like workouts in yeah I'm gonna work out imagine going in public like this oh my god no Thor is like 700 bucks how much is this two-person sweater it's half off okay good Oh 780 but 50% off we love a deal yes but the face mask on I'll go under okay maybe okay Keeneland's getting out oh my god Rojo how was that experience I feel like that was another grant we got pressed freeze and I got vanilla with strawberry [Applause] [Applause] so I just got back from shopping right now it was really fun we went and got lunch and then we went picked out a lot of things and I think it was a successful shopping day we didn't do too much damage but we got a lot of good things if you guys see me and I need really cute outfit she's definitely the one who styled it so check her out like down below and so now let's get into the hall I did a lot of shopping over the past week I did a lot of just online shopping and I also want shopping yesterday with my friend Jordan and then today Kayla and I went shopping so I'm just gonna haul all the stuff and show you guys everything and I'm gonna try to try on some of the things but I'm gonna be honest I'm really lazy right now I'm gonna show you guys what I got today first because you guys are probably most excited for that so first I went to is wild style and the storm is on Melrose and it was so cute I love it so much I definitely recommend so I got three things from wild style the first thing that I got is this little crop talk you guys saw me try this on and this is so cool it's really tight on it fits perfectly and then let me show you it's reflective so look at this I took a photo of it and it literally glows I don't know if you guys can see that clearly but the shirt glows and it's so cool I love reflective things I'm limited to buying reflective things and to go at the top I got these pants and they're really cool they're like cargo pants I don't know what to call them but then they're also reflective right here too and they match they both have reflective lightning bolts and Alf it looks so good together you guys saw me try it on earlier I'm gonna be sharing prices and sizes in this haul because when I'm watching hauls I like to hear the size because I like to use it for reference I'm gonna buy two or I just like to hear the price sometimes you guys I don't want to so this was a size zero how much was it it was one hundred sixty one dollars and then these pants are size one and they were three hundred fifty five dollars and it's a bit of a pricey outfit but I think it's so worth it it just looks so good and the stuff is amazing quality so the next thing I got is so cool oh my I love this thing so much I got this because I thought it would be really cool for a video it's a double sweater I thought it would be amazing for a video where I make someone spend the day with me in it like I make my mom getting one side of the sweater or make someone do it it'll just be like the video where I was handcuffed to my mom for two hours except this time we're gonna be conjoined twins so I thought that would be fun and then for the size this sweater is I guess this is a size small I guess it's just really big and then the price was seven hundred eight dollars but then I got it for 50% off so and then the next I went to you today is Topshop and I only got two things from here we went to the Grove because we wanted to check out a couple stores there and we saw that top shop is closing down and they were having a huge sale I'm so sad that Topshop was closing down it's generally one of my favorite stores I got this little choker and I thought this is cool because this top part looks like my Cartier bracelet and it matches and then you put that right there and then you have these two dangling down this is supposed to be $35 but it was 75% off and then I got these little earrings Kaelyn picked these out for me I think they're so cute I would never pick these up for myself but after she picked them out I thought they were adorable they're like they're really sparkly they're so cute that's all that I got today I think it was a small shopping trip but it was very successful I got some amazing things so I'm gonna move on to the stuff that I bought with Jordan yesterday we just went to this mall in Westlake it's called the Oaks and we went to some stores there thirst or we went to is Paxson and I got a few things from here first thing I got are these blue jean shorts I bought these because I really need some simple shorts I literally wear the same pair of jean shorts every single day so I thought it would be time for another pair and these are cute you could just pair this with a little bodysuit or something the next thing I got are these black shorts they're kind of like the blue ones but they're just a little longer and I thought I just needed a staple pair of black shorts there's another pair of black shorts that I bought install so I probably shouldn't have bought these because they're the same exact thing but moving on I got this skirt and this is a plaid skirt I put this on my story on Instagram and I was like get this and you guys voted yeah so this is what it looks like it's very cute I love it so much and you guys know I love plaid skirts so I couldn't resist when I found it but then I got this skirt right here and I think this is so cute it's kind of like a neon pink and I don't know what you call this but I think it's corduroy print and it's adorable this was $28 I got this top and this is kind of a cheetah print I don't really know what to call it it's not like a leopard print it's not a cheetah print it's some kind of print let me know in the comments not a little bit it's so cute and it fits so well and this will go with some of the jean shorts that I bought I like it because it's a plain top but it's not just a plain like to talk style the thought that I always wear and this was 16 dollars so it was priced very very well brendi melville's prices are always really good their clothes are always really affordable and I like how their clothes are so plain because you could just go and get a ton of basics but I swear when I was 12 my whole entire closet was brandy melville I didn't wear anything else legit only brandy melville it's all I wore through middle school and then once I went to high school I actually started wearing out their clothes but I swear literally like this is all 12-year old me would wear so that's all that I got from PacSun so next door I went to is Bath and Body Works and I love how the body works so much I'm just obsessed with everything they have I use all their hand soaps I'm obsessed with their candles last year around a fall time when all their pumpkin candles came out I literally went on their website and spent $1,000 on candles like it was a really stupid purchase I don't know why I would spend $1,000 on candles but that's how high dick did I am to buy the body with candles so you already know I had to get candles so I got three candles I held myself back to three I literally went to the register with five candles but then I was like okay you need to put some back you don't have room for any of this I wouldn't just clean my room and I can't just have more clutters so the sense I got our cactus blossom and eucalyptus mint and then champagne toast I love all these scents so much I picked out the special packaging for it because I thought it would go with my room I thought it would look really cute I was gonna get the other packaging the name all over it but then I thought this was the classiest one and I did have to pay double but that's fine it was twenty four fifty per candle but they're so cute it works out it's gonna be amazing and the next thing I got is this airbrush body bronzer and one and I both got this we thought it was really cool because it's like a shimmer Longjing miss we really like this because you could just spray glitter on you and it's not getting all over the place and it's not that sticky I have this glitter puff and whenever I use a clay it gets glitter literally everywhere and it's like rubbing on everything but with this one it's nice you just spray it in your glittery next thing I got is this room spray and shade like why don't I keep saying shade it's in the smell champagne toast and it smells so good last things that I got from Bath & Body Works are of course hand sanitizers who doesn't love some bath & Bodyworks & sanitizers I got juicy watermelon and then I got a focus one this one's supposed to help you focus and then I got stress relief and this one's made out of eucalyptus oil I got this one called fresh water for men and I thought it smells like when you just get out of the shower and this last one doesn't say what scent it is but it just says girls supporting girls on it and I thought it was so cute because I don't know if you guys follow Adeline Warren but she has some weird collection and all the merch says girl supporting girls and it reminded me of that so I thought I'd get this and support Adeline even though this isn't her line but it says girl supporting girls there might be of herself got that and then last place I went to with Jordan is Sephora before we walked in there like okay Jordan you're just getting concealer and Nicola you're just getting Foundation and then we kept seeing things and picking up random things and almost dying them and we kept holding each other back because you know makeup stores are very dangerous for your wallet so I got two foundations I got this NARS sheer glow foundation and then I go out the Giorgio Armani foundation I've been wanting to try this one for years so I'm finally trying it and I can't wait I'll let you guys know how that goes and then I go out this Becca under-eye brightening concealer I thought I just looked so cool let me show you guys it's in a little container like this and you just open it up and then you put your finger here and you get concealer and then put it on your hand and you blend it out and it just looks like it really conceals their under eyes so I'm gonna try this so that's all that Jordan and I bought together and then now I'm just going to show you guys random online purchases that I made so let's get started so the first store that I shopped at is pretty little thing and I have two separate packages from here because I made two separate purchases within the same hour first thing that I got from Goody's little things is this plaid skirt you guys know I'm obsessed with plaid skirts this one's just black and I think it's so cute and I can't wait to wear this oh my god maybe if I do something tonight I can wear this but I think that's so cute oh my god I love you so much I can't wait this is the new plaid skirt that I'm gonna wear every single day I know if you guys remember but I have this brown plaid skirt and I used to wear it way too much so let's just have this one replace it this little skirt for pretty little thing is it says 19.2 so I'm guessing it was like 20 dollars and then what size is it it's in size USA 2 so if you want to set a difference this is a size 2 in the other packages just have these white socks because I want to be able to like wear high socks and scrunch them over my shoes I don't know if that makes sense these socks were 3.9 and then the shipping was $9.99 so that's just great I love paying more than triple what my order is for shipping next please I got so from is Urban Outfitters and I got a pair of black shorts from here let me open this up so these are the shorts and I think they're very cute and they're kind of distressed and they're not too short which I like because I definitely have some shorts that I'm relieved to pull down every two seconds I have one last package and this package is from far fetch and if you don't know what far fetch is it's this online designer department store it's like Barney's or Saks Fifth Avenue but only online or it's like from Europe so it's only online for me so from bar fetch I got these pair of shoes from Buffalo I love that you guys have probably seen these but they're just white chunky sneakers and oh my god I am so in love with these I can't wait to wear these they're gonna look so good with so many outfits and I love you so much I don't know how much I paid for these because my receipts in Euros but it says I paid 151 your own and in the shoes I got size 39 my camera's literally about to die so I have to do this in like 20 seconds but I hope you guys enjoyed this haul see you later


  1. Omg! Your stylist Coat is juat the same Coat I have. I bought it from a thrifted store. The patterns are the same I just forgot what was the brand.

  2. I am learning from you though Im older than you lol. New youtuber here guys. Lets support each other. Pls tag me if you sub on my channel and I will sub back. I hope Nicolle will find time to sub back on her subscribers to help them out as well.

  3. I love how she really takes care of the money and doesn’t splurge on stuff she doesn’t really like💕

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  5. i don't rlly like those diamond-y earrings that kaitlyn picked out…thats just me i thought they looked rlly tacky

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