SHOPPING from my CLOSET – Mix + Match OLD and NEW CLOTHING ep 2 | ANN LE

– Hey loves. Welcome to another shop in my closet. And I’m really happy
that a lot of you enjoyed the last shop my closet video. This is to help encourage
you to stop going out and buying unnecessary things, things that you don’t really need. I mean, I don’t have anything
against getting new things, things that makes you happy. I am on a personal journey to
just being more sustainable. I still buy things every now and then, but I am being more conscious
and aware of my actions, what I’m doing, what I’m
bringing into my space. I want to make it more
purposeful and meaningful instead of just buying things
because I feel like it. I want to make sure that this
is something that I want, this is something that is going to bring me happiness and joy and it’s going to stay around. It’s not something that is short-term, excitement for the moment. So with that being said,
welcome into my closet. It is a little bit messy today. I’m just trying to also let
go of trying to be perfect, trying to look perfect, so
this is what it is for now. But I will be doing a closet
clean-up soon in the future. So let me know if you wanna see that by giving this video a thumbs up. But with that being said, let’s go ahead and shop in my closet. Okay, loves. So speaking of buying, I
wanted a nice A-line skirt. And it’s been awhile since
I was able to find one. So I found this one, and
this one is from H&M. And I feel like this is something that I can definitely
wear with leopard prints. It’s always in season
and it’s always around. So I just love this. This is kind of like a classic print. And so I feel like this is
going to be a lasting piece. I have a few pieces that I
want to pair this with in mind. And so, I mean, there’s so many pieces
that I could pair this with. And this is more of a lingerie piece. And I usually wear this
with some nipple covers, so that it doesn’t show. It’s definitely more sexy, but this will be a great evening look with some strappy high heels. I’m excited about this pairing right here. (bright music) All right, so the next look I’m gonna go for with this skirt, I will probably go for
this, this is a T-shirt that I always gravitate toward. So this is going to be the outfit. And I’m probably going to
pair this with some sneakers. (bright music) I wanted to wear something
with a jacket combination. I wear my leather jacket a bit too much, so I want to be a little
bit more experimental and kind of go out my comfort zone when it comes to just
like, pairing outfits. I’m thinking about a blazer jacket. I never actually pair blazer jackets with skirts before. We have one jacket here. I’m gonna go for probably
a lighter color top to put underneath this. Let’s see, what kind of top? I’m gonna go for a, maybe I’ll do this. Maybe we could give this a try. I don’t have a lot of light colored tops because I always get them stained. So this is outfit combination. We’re gonna do the jacket. We’re gonna do this light, white top. And then we’re gonna
do this skirt together. (bright music) All right, so I want to wear
this with a loose sweater. And I wanna stick with black and white. And I’m not into like
a bright, poppy color. We could do that. And then, so I know this combination looks weird, but this is an outfit that can be, you know, you can switch it up during the day kind of outfit. You know what I mean? Like if you’re going somewhere super hot and you’re gonna be in places
that are air conditioned, then you can kind of like
adjust, readjust your look. So this is that kind of outfit. (bright music) So let’s give this skirt a daytime look. So I’m thinking about
this peasant-style top. You been seeing a lot of
peasant-style top around a lot, and I’ve been wearing this
top a lot in my other videos. It’s like a nice, cottony material. So I think this would look
really cute with this. I wanna give it a nice, daytime look. And then I’d probably wear it
with my straw bag right there. And shoes, maybe a pair of sandals. I only have like one pair of sandals that I’ve been wearing a lot lately. So this is going to be a
nice, summary vacation look. Let’s try this out. (bright music) For this last combination with the skirt, I think I already know what I want. I was already thinking about this when I was talking about
the other combination. This is a crop top. A crop turtleneck top. I want to try this with
some boots and skirt. This would be a really
nice, like, indoor look or for the fall time. (bright music) Hey guys, so I’m obviously
not at home right now, but I want to thank you so much for spending time today with me and I really enjoy creating today’s video. It was lots of fun. I want to know which
outfits are your favorites or which one is your favorite. I like to dress for
the occasion, you know, or how I’m feeling at the moment. So I’m very eclectic
when it comes to style. But other than that, feel
free to share this video. Give it a like to support. And I make new videos every week, so come back and we could
spend more time together. Thank you all so much for watching and I will see you next week. Muah, love you, ciao. (bright music)


  1. This is how many people Love ANN LEE!❤️
    Btw I’m a YouTuber..I would love to hit 10k😭💙

  2. I love this journey of yours. I am planning to move out real soon, this journey is so helpful, I hope you know how much I appreciate this… Thank you ❤❤💕

  3. I have to say that you are one of the most beautiful women I ever seen. I also like your energy and enthusiasm you put on your videos. You have a great sense of style.

  4. I love that you're so modest and trendy with your outfit looks! It's very mature but fun at the same time

  5. I’m being frugal now as on strict budget to meet my monthly mortgage payments as a single female financing the purchase of a property 😉 so happy to have your videos to be inspired to refashion my existing wardrobe pieces. I’ve been slowly getting into shape and can fit into some of my slimmerfitting clothes (not yet lost any weight though).

  6. Love this kind of videos, they are fun and inspiring and you're very creative ^____^ I think the lace bodysuit could be fun to use even during winter: imagine having a blazer, a lightcolured turtleneck top and trousers/a skirt and when you open your blazer this piece stands out, being placed over the turtleneck 😉
    The skirt is beautiful and a classic piece; I was thinking about pairing it with a long sleeved top/bodysuit and knee high boots for fall maybe even over a dress…or maybe with a denim blouse and denim shoes…or with a bold colour ensamble, like top, shoes and bag all in the same shade of red, green or purple.

  7. These videos of yours are the best!! I love your style so so much, it is so elegant and simple at the same time. It looks so effortless but still very on fleek! Pls do more of such videos! Thanks so much for sharing it with us. Lots of love from the Netherlands (Europe)

  8. Very creative and inspiring! I love the last outfit the most, the black sweater & skirt combo. Thanks for sharing, and can’t wait for next episodes!

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  11. I love how she isn't posing like other youtubes, she's just smiling, that so lovely, and the combinations are awesome 😍

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    But I think you really should try a hot pink or turquoise or green top!
    That would look really pretty, too.

  14. I've been trying to get more organized and stop buying stuff I seriously don't need. I been going through my closet mixing and matching outfits for work. People be thinking I thought something new.

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  18. I love how you stayed with the skirt and built from there. I loved all of them but the blue off the shoulder sweater was one I wouldn’t have thought of.
    Great travel capsule wardrobe also.

  19. I really love these kind of videos, getting people to be more conscious about sustainability. Keep doing what you are doing Ann ❤️

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