[Music] today I’m going to show you guys a try on clothes okay I don’t I’m going to be showing you guys are not really bad in one go so it is a collective all of them are pieces that I bought online from shopping so let’s just get right into the first category so the first category I have for you guys couch first I have this is this kind of like striped top I love the colors like this beautiful blue red and kind of like a beachy brown color into it it also has a very cute mock neck and I like a hearty tail into it it’s quite stretchy material and I’m worn it so much with like dark wash jeans too much I also worn it with like cream-colored too much cream color and it’s really easy to pair okay the next up I have for you guys is a with your striped top this one is a lovely I like this one because the color is again really nice and I like this because it has these beasts order droopy shoulders and this very kind of oversized look this is something definitely we’re tapped in with some jeans the material is very soft but it is cotton it’s like this synthetic like island material next up I have is this is really cute ivory beige color that I’ve been really into recently I produced one and this one is really soft and you can tell that the stitching is really nice it’s really easy to just put on it’s really cool and breezy and I just worry a lot because I’m like how cool and breezy so the next time I have okay it’s actually this this is like a white ha it has this like drawstring brushing detailing thing on it and it’s like an off the shoulder top actually underfill make that round clip the rubber elastic holding the off the shoulder part kind of came off and it’s all loose and baggy oh my god yeah I can totally get this one fix though but it’s really sad that it kind of just broke up this [Music] but in my opinion is really a little bit overpriced for that I should have been able to get it for cheaper this one is definitely a little bit out of my comfort zone but I do think it looks really flattering and pretty on me I still really need to get a proper brown to fit this because I don’t really have any strapless bras and you know you can just see my sports bra me through it the last time I have to show you guys to the top that I’m creating me wearing this graphic t-shirt it’s really cute in my opinion there’s a really soft material it’s just really basic I with you I really like it because it is unique and the colors are rather bold some next category is gonna be paths so I have bad history paths I used to only wear skinny jeans and recently I just realized that you know my pets don’t really look flattering on and if we speak like beggars ballotines are a lot more popular and I really wanted to try that style first one I have this it’s just this really nice dark blue denim pair of pants it already had this elastic back but I have tightness I had elastic a bit more to fit me the waist manner because I have a reddish small piece I like this because it is extremely high waisted it makes me if there’s how does balance your body it looks more flattering on you the material is why you doesn’t feel cheap it’s okay next pair pants of this one this one is just like Washington honestly distant wash looks kind of like old it’s like I already washed it but yeah it’s kind panties it’s still a little bit bigger a big for me on the waist and I definitely need to get it tailored but other than that it’s quite ok so the next draft bottoms I have is this really pretty like cream color I like this disc at me like you can pair this with so many colors this one also Jaime said just like all of the pairs of pants get off a high-waisted this list has the same problem with the blue one it’s just a bit too big and I’ll be especially on the crash barrier like I definitely need to size it down material feels pretty great and I like it I have my last pair of hands its shape the best and east white crotch area problem and it’s also super duper high waisted so like I wanted to say something in general about all these pants I love them because they’re all very high waisted and I find that really hard to find in the store also this baggy kind of style was so personally where I live it’s just really hard to find at the store so that’s why I enjoyed them the biggest kind of caught out of all of them is like the back pockets I find the back pockets to be very unflattering especially the dark blue one like super unflattering yeah makes your butt look my back pockets play but important role in shaping your butt like it’s also me right now but it’s true okay okay moving on to the next category which is outerwear so for outdoor I have three pieces first this one this one is actually the only piece that is from an Indonesian store I have this altar because it was way too big for me it doesn’t have any inner lining so it’s just like this so that kind of is the minus point it’s really soft the weather here where I live it’s just flaming hot and I don’t know when I can wear blazing right so this one because it’s thin I think it’s more suitable for where I live next I’ll do what I have is this one this one is an all-time favorite because it’s so comfortable I wore it so much because I just liked it a lot it’s very droopy and kind of oversized look I like how it has a variety of patterns on it still like the mix match for my last outerwear piece half of this blazer I always wanted like a simple black blazer the fact that I’m gonna wear this with my black pants it looks like it’s a suit set just funny and I could wearing them together now okay not going to be moving on to the last category which aren’t dresses the first dress I have to show you is this one it’s just super cute github there’s two variations you can get a short version and a low vision and I bought the long version but it was flattering so I cut off the bottom and just meet it this has a really beautiful ribbon design at the back it’s really low back and I just can’t wear it like that so I wore it with this top I just started with the top and I’m currently right like this gives me very beachy vibes and very like you know like you’re going on a picnic and I really like this you know this on I instantly feel ten times curvier okay the next dress I have is this one it’s a really really cute kind of like me with ditching style kind of pattern which I have something that I just don’t like floral patterns stop most me but this one actually isn’t that over because I think it’s rather cute it’s very long and it has this kind of like elastic in the waist not reading about the ways to be get very high waisted it is really fun during one con about this is it feels like paper is not the best material you can make class a skirt with it really does feel almost like paper so many different colors you can choose the one for you I’m moving on to the last thing in the hall which is technically a two-piece this is technically a two-piece set so this and the inside is very really transparent but of it has nice [Music] this is really cute I really like it it’s just this transparent thing and on top you layer this dress I’ve just been really into this type of layered dress look and think about this that’s a con is that I find the top on the inside kind of uncomfortable on of me it just doesn’t feel the most comfortable especially the mock neck but I can wear this dress with other t-shirts may be aware with this t-shirt to be getting more comfortable but this is just really pretty and aesthetic it makes me feel like I’m a rich CEOs daughter you know like it has that kind G bite to it I don’t know if you guys think the same when it is just how I feel when I wear it so that’s all the pieces that I have to show you today I hope you guys enjoyed it and I will definitely definitely continue all my clothes online instead of buying them in store to me it’s just been more pleasant there are just more styles that are that’s personally my style and personally I like and also the pieces are rather affordable and because I interested in any of the pieces that I mentioned that I will link everything below and thank you guys so much for watching the video until the end early work hard on this one I felt filming it three times already this is the third time I’m filming this video so please support [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]


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