SHOP WITH US at T.J.Maxx *we save u money hunnay*

– Wow, that’s very beautiful. – [Woman] It’s for you hm? – I know, I know. – [Camerawoman] Action! – Mama Mai look so beautiful. (upbeat pop music) That’s so beautiful. – We’re not shopping for
you, we’re shopping for me. – Don’t worry I will put
it layaway, don’t worry. – Hello Hunnay, and welcome to TJ Maxx. With – Mama Mai. – No, me. – Look at. (laugh) – Say mom, give me back the glasses. – There. – Thank you ma’am. TJ Maxx, thank you so much
for sponsoring this episode. What’s your favorite place on earth Mom? – TJ Maxx, I love it, this place! – [Jeannie] Yes. – Jewelry and purse,
everything, I love it. – So Mama Mai’s favorite
place is TJ Maxx because they have every single thing you could possibly need on earth. We’ve decided to join
the Maxx 50 challenge. I’d like to fill my house
with some fall colors. Browns, autumns, golds, that type of feel. Beautiful, leafy. I don’t know what fall looks like. – You fancy?
You fancy? – Always fancy. Here’s the challenge, the
Maxx 50 challenge, which means we shop ’til we drop. Everything we can possibly find, and don’t spend over $50. – Only $50? – Well that’s the challenge, it’s called the Maxx 50 challenge. But we’re gonna show
you how much you can get and why this is Mama Mai’s
favorite place on earth. You know TJ Maxx really well, I’m gonna need you to help me, but help me shop for me. It’s fall decor for our
house, nothing for you. – I’ll try my best. You’re gonna see the good
value you can get it. – You ready? – I’m ready. – Don’t get distracted along the way, we gotta stay focused, focused. Oh my god! I paid double for this, are
you kidding me right now? – That’s good for me serum. – I gotta stay focused,
I gotta stay focused. – The things that are
upstairs that’s for house. They have a elevator. – Okay let’s go, how do we do it? Dur! – Whatever, let’s get everything Jeannie. – I see. I get, actually all my
carry-ons are from TJ Maxx. – That’s a good one. – Look how snazzy this is! – Look at security, lookin’ at you. – $59.99, this is so inexpensive. We’ll come back for that. (soft elevator music) I want candles Mom, I want big candles. – What else? Wow, this is nice. – TJ Maxx elevator. – Oh I love the kitchen Jeannie. – Oh my god. Oh my god. – That’s a pillow, this nice one. – This is so nice. – I like this one. 99.99. Sorry get out, you not qualified, go! – Look at these kitchen towels. Blessed! – Blessed, Mamma Mai, I like that. – We’re not blessing Mamma
Mai, we’re blessing the home. – Blessing to god, to god, god, me god. – God. – I know!
– God. – Five, is it five or three dollars? Something wrong my eyes. – 5.99. – I think we should get you
some glasses that actually work. Okay, I love candles. I spend a lot of money on candles just because they get brand new ones. But the same brand new
ones are here at TJ Maxx. Like I’ve actually shopped this online. Oh! Mom this smells like Christmas. – This one Joy, yeah this one good one. – I like Stress Relief. – Joy. – Stress Relief. 6.99. – You got strep? – Yeah I do. My mom decides to wake up, or come home, at 4 a.m. and play Billie Jean, I will be having this candle
lit and sleeping like a baby because God knows I need it. – No get this one. Oh cinnamon, smell cinnamon. Wake you up. – I don’t wanna be woken up I wanna sleep. – Oh okay I misunderstand, sorry. – So Mom let’s just shop for right now, and we’ll decide what
we’re gonna keep okay? – Is that twerking or? Mom do you see my butt moving or no? – Mom when people say home sweet home, what do you think that means? – That’s mean they want you to
stay home, don’t go no where. Bring your boyfriend over, okay? That’s we call home sweet home. – You know what Mom? Maybe we can get some towels
so it makes the kitchen look like all fall like, you know like change the seasons with like
light touches in the kitchen. – Okay, fall. So I have to be like
uh, like this one deer? – A deer is not fall, a deer is Christmas. Why are you going so far ahead? Because your trying to save money so we don’t have to buy
new decor for winter? I know what you’re doing. This is fall.
This is in the middle so that way this is a little bit Christmas but it’s also fall. Check the price, is it under $50? Okay so we have the kitchen. – After the kitchen we’re
gonna go look at um, okay how about this one? – Oh, what about candle holders. – I like that Mom. – 9.99. – No it’s gonna use up
our 50, what else, go on. It’s like for soup bowls, you eat soup. Look you can make pho in that. – Yeah, yeah yeah, we thanks for, yeah. – What are you thankful for? – For the person cook pho for you. That’s what is for. 7.99 for Mom. – Nothing for you. – You can buy this one
for me and one for you. – Let’s buy two.
– Buy two, okay. – Okay 7.99. Cute, so we have the kitchen. – Jeannie, look it over here. – [Jeannie] Oh my god Mom,
this is cute to put all your freaking dumb jewelry and stuff! – No, cookie. When friend come over. – But I have more of a
problem with your jewelry all over the house. We should put it inside here, so then you can hide it and put it away. Do you like this white one? – I like, no, I like something shiny. Yeah. – You do love it?
– I like it. – Do you, think it’s pretty? Does it remind you of anything? – Oh my, my, my hair. My hair color.
It’s match. I like, now we can get it. – Nothing for you. – (laughs) We can put
outside the door, right? – 14.99. – We go something else. – I think we should move
on to the living room. We got enough of the kitchen. I love fake plants. – You don’t have to water, right? – I love fake plants! Which one should we get? – Pick things that are
timely for the season. – I know. (speaking very fast) Yeah that’s why I always
shopping over here. – I say we put together like a nice little display like this. Like pumpkins and pine. Do you remember that rosemary tree? – Oh my goodness. (Jeannie laughing) – That’s a ugly one, I never see. Where you put in a corner. – So what did you take from it? – Keep the bow. – What? Mom, we’re not keeping anything (laughing) – That’s a nice bow. Get it, the bow so we can do a gift. To give it to somebody. You take that bow, you put in here. – I was just gonna get
this to have memories of the way the plant was supposed to look. Mom,
– Thankful. – Yeah, that’s why I like it.
– Thankful. Pumpkin.
– Hello far? – It’s fall, you’re
forgetting the two l’s. – Fall!
Okay. Fall! Fall. – No, you have to pronounce the l, fall. – Fall. Hello far. Whateva! Too much English. (deep gasp)
– Which one? – A euro sham. A flannel one for my bed! Euro sham is a European sizing, where the pillows are
bigger than the standard, you know pillow like this. So that, it has a more
luxurious look on your bed. – You have a boyfriend already. You don’t need the big pillow. When you single, you need a pillow. The big one you can hug. But now you have a boyfriend,
you don’t need to do that! Less buy, save money. Give it here. Buy something here for Mama Mai. – Nothing for you. – I’d want it, if it said, pho, family, and fashion. – That’s good one, I like it. Why, what’s wrong with that? – Who watches football? You never watch football in your life! – I don’t.
I only bet. – Together forever. – I don’t want to be together forever. I wanna leave someday. How about this? For fall? (mumbling together) – For fall Mom. This is, no Mom, for fall not pho. For fall. Mom. Oh my god, she thinks it’s
that same bag of spices that she rubbed on her damn face. – This is ingredient to cook noodle soup. – Is that why the bathroom
smells like you eat in here? – That’s what I thought. – I think that’s cute Mom. No get that, ’cause we can
put that in a nice bowl and put it in the middle
of the coffee table. And that way, it has fall
colors and a good smell. – Is it smell? Or you have to buy something to spray it. – All I smell if your Tresor. I like it. It’s, Mom, it’s on sale too. – Oh okay okay, got it got it, I like it. Anything on sale, Mom I go for it. – I just love frames. I love frames and I can’t believe this, I look for clear frames
with really thin borders. And this is only $3.
$3. – What is that? – Believe in yourself, Mom. Have you ever said that to me? – I will believe myself,
I don’t need to buy that. – Me, not you, me! Nothing for you. – Are you, are you, okay okay
you can buy that for yourself. (inaudible) That’s good one. I always believe in myself. Myself. – I consider fall decor to be pictures. I’m going to change all
the pictures in my house and that will be my fall decor. Family pictures of us going to Lake Tahoe. Us like playing in the snow. – Yeah I take this one live
laugh love, I like that. – Do you have one that says freshtable? Oh no because that’s not how it’s spelled. – Mom, I will make it, don’t worry. – Are you watching our cart? – Oh wait, no I don’t watch your cart. I hold in my hand two thing! – Go get the cart, somebody’s
gonna steal our stuff we worked so hard to shop for! – Okay, yeah. – Don’t worry, don’t worry! Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ouch! Hurry up, go! – Oh my god, it’s a– – Thank you. – They’re thank you cards. Mom we need to write more thank you cards when people invite us
over to dinner, you know? We should write a thank
you card and send it out. – You can get this one
and say thank you mother, you fought for me. – You live at my house! – Thank you Mama, you cook for us really
good, I’m really proud because all my friends like it. That’s what you gonna buy for me. – Nothing for you. – Yeah, thank you card. – You’re buying off my credit, thank you cards, to thank you? – What is that here? What’s wrong with this guy? – They’re crackers. – What is a cracker? – Look at those, those are firecrackers, like the one’s I blew up in
your place for your birthday. Happy birthday, Mama Mai! (screaming) – That’s cute, I want those. – That’s a rabbit right? – Mom, it’s not a rabbit, it’s a gobble gobble. Turkey. Do you think this is a
good choice for fall decor? – I like this one. We can have the face, more funny. – Okay fine, we’ll get these for Mama Mai. Let’s get pillows because
we have so much sofa, that I feel like if we just switch out a few
fall colored pillows, it’ll make a big difference in our decor. Okay Mom, so I think, Mom. – Oh that’s a nice one,
that’s the gold one I like. – I actually like this
because then you can… – I like this style. – Okay let’s get two of these. If we layer this velvet gold with… (deep gasp) I like this. – And what else? – Let’s take only what we really need, so that we don’t go over $50. That’s the challenge. These are gonna eat up
a lot of our budget, so let’s pick one. Which one would you prefer? – This one. – Okay, so let’s get rid of this. I think that’s gonna be a nice touch. Or wait, the crackers are cute too, to set up around the dinner table when we have guest over. Do you wanna keep these for 12.99? – I’m thinking, I’m
thinking, let me hold it. I like this. – We’re not gonna buy you thank you cards for me to give to you. You live at my house. – Just in case, let see how much it cost. 3.99, that’s okay. Oh (bleep) Pho for you need. – This is cute. I kinda like this Mom. ‘Cause I am thankful for you in my life. 7.99, we’ll get one and share. Or to really show gratitude, you can put back your own
thank you cards for yourself. Or we can afford two bowls for ourselves. We can decorate our living
room with the pillows, our kitchen with the towels, and we can have a memorable dinner with
our new thankful bowls. And we didn’t go over $50. – Good, I like it, that’s
we have a lot already. Thanks TJ-Maxx. I’m come back again. Get more stuff, okay. – Thank you TJ-Maxx. Okay, you wanna join
in on the fun like us, head to your local TJ-Maxx. Shop, just like we did, take pictures of it.
Post it. And put #maxx50challenge Let’s see if you pu- – Oh, Mama.
– Mom. Let’s see if you could do
as well as me and Mama Mai. – Yes. (upbeat jazz music)
(price scan beep) – TJ-Maxx, thank you so much
for sponsoring this episode.


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  6. Dear Jeannie
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    I don't want to jugde, because I know that I have to do a lot of change in my own life, its just, that I'm not having a good feeling about this episode.

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