[Music] hey guys welcome back to my channel so for the last couple months I have been doing non-stop online shopping any time I got a break from studying I had this bad habit of going online and just browsing the Internet thanks so much shopping here and there that I have a huge haul to share with you guys today and I also was thinking about trying to get rid of some of my clothes that are sitting here in my dressing room a lot of them I’ve kind of outgrown and a lot of them that I just don’t really have the right occasion to wear to anymore it was such a great timing for Poshmark to reach out to me so this video is gonna be a mash-up of showing you the app and what I’m gonna be selling online as well as couple new things in my wardrobe for the summer season so let’s get right to it so I got a couple of the clothes that I’ll be uploading on my Poshmark right here and I’ll be showing you a couple pieces right now a lot of these come from Zara as well as a Korean fashion website so if you like Korean clothing Korean fashion I have tons of it for you let’s start with this first one Elise black dress with tons of details see-through right here at the top of the neckline all the way down to the sleeves but it comes with an inner lining slip on dress so you don’t see anything else and just for a reference I’m about 5 6 and 1/2 and it goes right to right above my knee just right above another piece which is a really cute piece is this court right here I think that’s what you call it it’s where it looks like a skirt from the frontally shorts from the back and it has a really cute fun print and I think it’s watermelons you can see it up close this one is from Zara this one is from All Saints another one of my favorite brands I love also for the way that they draped their clothes and how structured it looks this one is a beautiful taupe colored skirt that drapes right here in the front and goes all the way down to the bottom and I just don’t fit into this anymore this is in the size 2 and US UK size 6 so this one is also going up I wore this again once so it’s in pretty near to brand-new conditions another dress from a Korean website is this black and white floral dress it’s sort of a mini dress with tons of details I love the ruffles here at the bottom it hugs the waist pretty nicely even though it kind of looks boxy and loose it’s very form-fitting once you put it on this one I would say is a size small to maybe a size medium next one is a trench coat I have never worn this and that’s why I’m putting it up it’s from a Korean website as well I love the pleating detail that runs down the sides here and it goes all the way around the back so when you tie the belt around it looks more like a trench dress so it’s very girly and feminine I may be adding a few pieces more after uploading this video so if you’re interested you can check out these items on my account was O 88 and I’ll put all my links down below in the description box but right now I’m gonna go back to the app put some of the pictures up and go from there [Music] just love this dress I could wear it every day for the summer months fold here at the top and I love how it sits right here below the shoulder this one is another polka-dotted dress from Nordstrom I thought this is the perfect dress to throw on for a lunch day going to a wedding going out with your boyfriend it’s really cute and again I love the polka dots the ruffles how it’s a wrap here on the side and I like this muted brick red color this next dress is another one from H&M and this is another I would say a brick brown colored dress it has a nodding here on this side again I love how simple it is but the details are everything here again another polka dot piece it’s so cute I love the buttons that go down here in the center the ruching details right here on the sleeves and I like how flowy looks and the draping that goes to the back really flattering and I like wearing it with a pair of skinny jeans and these are from Abercrombie and this final item that I’m going to be sharing with you today is a very beautiful jumpsuit it has this not a detail right here in the front nice and simple and I like how it has pockets here on the side as well and that is it for today thank you so much for watching I hope you join Poshmark and find me on there see some of the clothes I shared with you today on my Poshmark account and if you have one please leave me your account name down below so I could check out your closet and whatever that you’re selling as well maybe I’ll buy something from you guys so that’s it thank you so much for watching once again and I’ll talk to you guys soon bye


  1. Yay welcome back! ❤️🌷 I have the same bad habit of online window shopping on Poshmark and Depop… The other day I got a lavender Prada skirt for $40 so I remember why I’m on there 😄

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