Shirt to Bag DIY | No sew

Shirt to Bag DIY | No sew

hi guys so in my video today I'm going to show you how to turn an old shirt into a bag so this is how my bag turned out the cute one yeah and the reason why I didn't upload a video last Saturday was because I had just arrived from my holiday depth day before and I didn't have any time to film a video so yeah sorry and I would also like to say that I just started a new blog it's with my name's R and 14 and donut I will be posting like DIY beauty and fashion stuff so yeah I will leave a link in the description so go check it out after watching this video so yeah let's begin we are going to start by cutting of the sleeves at the seam and you must make sure that this shirt is perfectly flat or when you cut in it will be crooked and won't be that's nice you now cut off the bottoms sing again make sure that the shirt is perfectly flat and keep the bottom seam aside as we come to use it later now using some pins mark a deep neck hole when you get that done just get out your scissors and cut again it's very important that the shirt is very flat now just remove the pins and make sure that you put them back in place mark 6 centimeters from the bottom all the way around and 2 centimeters away from each other these are going to be the length and width of the fringe now pick one piece from the front and one from the back and make a double knot and do this to all the pieces it will take some time and yeah you get really tired after it when you eventually do them all just pull up the sides and set apart now I just found a picture from the internet from Google and printed it on iron-on transfer paper after I cut it I just ironed it onto the back it does take a while to do that and you feel are wondering why draw flowers on the back it's because I made a mistake and printed it on the other side so this is the finished look now to finish off the bag just take the bottom seam that we removed before and make a double knot at the top with passing it through the handles and now your bag is finished so give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and tell me in the comments what you think of how to bag a mouse and if you decide to make this bag send me a picture on Twitter and don't forget to subscribe and thanks guys see you next week

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  1. Commenting for recent views. I ended up picking tees with high logos to donate back to my local little thrift where I bought them. In picking those I realized I could not cut neckline down. So I added handles at the top and changed the direction than they would be if just cutting open. I also sewed up the armholes because too low at sides. You can hand sew any seam. Use a tapestry needle and thicker embroidery thread or a wool skein split down. I also didnt cross tie knots at the bottom, very bulky and lumpy I looped both and pulled through like same way knotting for doing lace tee fringe. But I sew! Have 6 machines. Not that hard. I used the back with part of the neckband to make inside and outside pockets on the bags. I also used the cut off hem to “turn” the handles the opposite way but I cut it, passed it through and then tied in a knot. It free floats so you can actually let it drop as a single handle and it cinches up the bag.

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