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Hi everyone, this is Renae Olivia. And in this video, I’m gonna be doing a Shein haul I Think that’s how you pronounce it shine Sheen, whatever. I got about 16 items. So I’m gonna try to do it really really fast I’m gonna try it on so you get a good look I do recommend that you when you get items when you buy them online To always steam them first because it always looks better on you if you’re in like a wrinkly Disheveled kind of outfit then you’re not gonna like it. So you’re not gonna get the full Experience of it so I would always I already did it. I Steamed them all and they’re ready to be tried on so I’ll try to do it like I said really quick but first for all things beauty and skincare make sure you hit that subscribe button and the bell that way you know every time i upload a new video every week. So this is two pieces, I’m gonna try to put a lot with this skirt, I really like this skirt. It’s just a plain black pencil skirt you can pair it with You know your pumps you can do a little strappy Then this is I like this it’s actually surprisingly soft And it’s great for work. This is perfect for work so that’s two pieces black pencil skirt, and I like the turtleneck – Okay, so first of all, I want to apologize for the lighting Normally, I like to Film during the daylight hours because it’s better lighting. But so I’m gonna apologize for these horrible lights right here Again perfect for work. It’s the animal print and Really nice material and it’s again perfect for work. put some pumps on and you are good to go. The last shirt will pair with this skirt and then I’ll switch it up a little bit but this one I’m not a fan of I feel like it’s a little too 80s What do you guys think? It’s just not my cup of tea. I don’t like the ruffly Shoulder thing so I think this one is going to be a no. On to the next one. Okay, so now this skirt has the buttons going down and it’s very lightweight material So it’s perfect for spring and then this is again very light weight perfect for work So I really really like this And okay worker just keep it simple just like a simple necklace and Simple stud earrings and you’re good to go Okay, let’s go to the next one. And one more thing about this shirt is it’s very sheer So I put just a white tank top of my own underneath it So just be aware that this is a little sheer if you’re interested Okay This again, I know I’m doing a lot of work, but I’m gonna get some more casual stuff in a little bit But I love this. I love the color. I think this is perfect for spring. It’s very light weight and It goes really well with the skirt. So Again these prices are so good. I think the most is like twenty four dollars and that’s the dress. I haven’t even tried on yeah at the rest for like Less than that I’m really happy so far Okay, next one Okay, so this is super cute I love this so much this is a half Sweatshirt, obviously, it’s a cropped sweatshirt and I can wear it like when I’m going to the gym when I’m working out or just lounging around the house, I Really like it. It’s actually really good quality. I’m going to list all the prices down below with the links But I really like this one a lot Okay, so now we’re getting into more casual look for spring This is a very lightweight sweater So you can like wear it to the restaurant if you get a little chilly just put it on And spring you never know if it’s gonna be chilly But Super soft And then you can just pick a pair it with like pumps or wedges or something Okay, so this is now the color could be like a fall sweater but because it’s a cropped sweater No mind you my stomach. It’s not ready for prime time right now. So I have a tank top under stuff but if you’re young and cute and have little You know, it’s flat stomach go for it. Don’t wear the tank underneath. It’s super cute. I like the crop. It’s really soft I really really like this. And then again, you can just pair it with some wedges and it’s just a super cute little outfit. another one i like Okay, so this is another little cropped spring sweater I put a little pop of color because you know, I just wanted to give a little contrast and then you can just wear some flats And I cigarette pant and then it’s just very casual cute for spring I think it and again if you’re young and cute and have a flat stomach you want to wear the tank underneath Okay, so I was debating on whether or not to even put this in the video because it’s coming on spring and this is a Heavy sweater, but I really love it is sweater And it’s super super comfortable and like With you know, it just looks very put together with the jeans and the flats So I just wanted to put it in oh, I’m just so you guys can see I will definitely be wearing this come Well, it’s actually still cold here. It’s in New York. It’s like 35 degrees right now so I can still wear it Anyway, I really like it Okay, the last three pieces I’m going to try on our dresses so this is the first one again this can either be for work or a date Just going to a brunch classic very pretty and it kind of sucks you in, which i need. but i like it. Okay second dress is this, it’s very cute. Just like a simple spring dress really like it Okay, last but not least this is the Last dress last item I purchased And i saved it for last because it is perfect for spring. I love the color. I love how it’s very flowy and lightweight So I love it. So anyway, that is my video on my shine haul I hope you enjoyed it if you did, please give it a thumbs up comment down below and share it with your friends and I have to tell you I only I’m gonna return like only a couple things everything else. I really loved Anyway, I hope you liked it and I will see you all next time


  1. Omg gorgeous. I was about to film and decided to get on real quick and saw your thumbnail caught my eye. GOALS! You look gorgeous

  2. They all looked fabulous💖love the black skirt with gold buttons down center, the black dress was stunning…looked fantastic in everything!!! Xoxo Karen

  3. Great haul! You look so pretty in everything. I especially love the snake print blouse! 😍 I just posted a try on haul yesterday. Spring season brings some of the best clothes! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love the half sweatshirt, so cute! And all of the crop sweaters! Actually there wasn't really anything that I didn't really like, everything looked so great on you!

  5. I love all the clothes you got the only exception was the fluffy blouse :/. You look so fabulous in everything!

  6. Those skirts look amazing on you and all those shirts you paired with them are so beautiful!! Very cute star shirt!! I really enjoyed watching!!

  7. Hi Renae! Seriously, you look fantastic 😊 especially after 2 recent pregnancies 🌷
    Beautiful haul. Love the button down skirt💖 the spring dress, the sweater is cozy and spring can still be cold!
    I really love the classy black dress💕 but, alas, we recently moved from Southern California to a small town in the Arizona mountains and everyone is so casual here, even in nicer restaurants! Sedona is not far through😊

  8. Everything you picked was so cute. I loved the business outfits and loved the casual. The sporty grey top with the white stars; so cute! I love your style! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Hi Renae!! I think they all look wonderful on you but my personal fav is the snakeskin blouse….Love it!!! Have a great weekend!!! Love, Lee

  10. You look so beautiful & i love that pencil skirt ,i think all the blouses look so pretty,i really love the yellow blouse,i love the lil croped star sweatshirt but everything is adorable you look so cute in jeans too,have a lovely Sunday beautiful!!😊🍄🥀💃🥀🍄 i love all your dresses u got too!!☀️❤️

  11. You look great in all the outfits! Love the cropped sweater and outfit# 3❤️. Just found your channel and hit the red button😊. I also have a channel and would love to support each other😊❤️

  12. Loved this video!!❤️ you're so fun to watch Its a like from me! I have a channel as well if you don't mind checking it out 😘

  13. Girl!!! you DO NOT have a stomach. You are so tiny! I wish I could wear the backless dresses…these are so cute! love them!

  14. I loved everything you picked.😍💕💕That yellow blouse looks good on you! Also you looks great in all the outfits! 🌸💕
    I subscribed to your channel.Would love to support each other.❤️

  15. Everything looks beautiful Renae!! I like everything for YOU, I wouldn't be able to suck my stomach in for that long, LOL!

  16. love all the outfits it looks more cute on your body…specially i love last black and green yellow outfits wow superb n beautifull yellow outfit was oh my god tooo cute on you keep doing more clothing hauls you doing really amazing dear ty so much for sharing lots of love n big huge tons of hugs always

  17. wow you are to sexy and cute dear love all the outfits it looks too hot on your body please keep doing more hauls try some leggings and lingerie too

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