'She Already Stalked My Whole Life' Official Throwback Clip | Jersey Shore | MTV

Danielle chick is making me crazy I just met the girl and cherry stalks my whole life also I don't know what's wrong with you thirsty but if there's one thing that you should know about me I don't like to be please you don't like to be played okay I feel stupid okay I kids in the club a queue here it keeps down the world then you go through the girls and then I'm walking by and I see on the fifth with the three girls my turn okay wait okay do what you did yesterday okay maintainer kind of loud then don't say you're gonna call if it is that you but I say is somebody else they might hear you that's the way stupid if you're that guy then we don't need it just go do your thing go with all the little girls so whatever you need to do and that's it and now it's your turn okay so you stalked my whole life on the boardwalk and then when I go home I've had every intention of calling you but you had already called you said you wasn't a call so you stalked my whole life on a broad wall at my ten o'clock my turn to talk you stalk my whole entire life right and I don't like that I do nothing wrong and I you know I how I feel about I'm talking now you know how I felt about you you just have no trust with the level so you thought I was people with those tricks which I wasn't I went on would ride god bless me summer yes I was upstairs on a balcony with three chicks in three dudes did I do anything no all we did was had a conversation that's it all those girls have boyfriends if you weren't such a stalker I would have called you and I go home instead yes you are it's crazy I can't do with that I'm not stopping I'm not crazy oh I don't want to look stupid don't you think that makes you look stupid you like I'm not calling you call like a hundred times I call on your time how many times you call me we took the phone off the hook last night all I wanted to do was call you when I go home so we could hang out you wouldn't let that happen right you were so worried to how you're gonna look because people see me walking with three girls at oh my god well I don't want to look stupid well now look how stupid you look I'll tell you about me under Danielle's definitely out of the picture now I think she got the point I mean I hung up on him Danielle does not looking for like hook she's looking for our husband and uh sorry for that thunder kiss it show come over here with a shotgun


  1. One thing I cant stand is a female picking apart the food like a dam bird , put the dam sub in you're mouth and eat it already Sam

  2. Its a shame people think its funny to hurt people like this. She made herself look stupid for a d-bag. But those sandwiches look good though

  3. His calm voice when she’s freaking out:
    Is my turn yet? Ok.
    Then he unloads on her is priceless.

  4. This is one of the only 3 times I’ve seen Pauly mad: the other two with Snooki and Jenni in season 2, and with Angelina (but that would be pretty much anyone in his shoes).

  5. Pauly knows when to settle down & with who because for now he has no one. If I had not settled down with my husband I would not have any kids right now. Ha ha

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