Shawn Mendes, Zedd – Lost In Japan (Original + Remix)


  1. gosh shawn my heart was beating so fast because it has a japan word if my dad heard it we’re goin too japan cause it was a secret by the way im arna

  2. Oi Shawn,liguei pra te dizer que o nosso casamento é amanhã viu?!Não esquece bjs!!
    Mais alguma Mendes Army BR aqui?

  3. I can relate to him with his height I am a fifth grader and I am 5,9 but everyone else is 3,2 so they are all just looking at me like l am weird

  4. did anyone else think the first few chords were,'' Hey look ma, I made it''? no? just me? alright, I'll go back to my weeb hole with naruto, Brendon .U, and Billie E.

    Shawn Papi – "Swing My Door" (Offical Video) pro by TimmyDaHitman Shot By Shawn Wick

  6. I don't really listen to the radio too much cuz I kind of gave up on the music that's on nowadays. But for some reason I can't help but sing to this song every time. Good work Shawn👍!

  7. All i see is recomendations for remixes I mean the remix original isn't bad but even on spotify with premium its hard to find originals and not remastered versions of everything i like everything where it was no remakes

  8. almost one year…
    this day was my first in Mendes Army… how year? h o w? thank u, shawn. for everything❤️

  9. So… how much did the producers pay in rights to Sofia Coppola to make a 2018 little version of her "Lost in Translation"? Anyway I will always rather Bill & Scarlett than these two.

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