Sexy Skirt Try-On Haul & Beautiful Hair | IZA Apparel Plus UNice Hair

what's up everybody its Victoria K I'm back here in ISA peril with another haul for you as you can see it's going to be about pencil skirts today so these are some new items that ISA got in I'm very excited to show you along with a very beautiful lace bodysuit so we aren't about to get started but I do want to show you something else that I received and I got some very beautiful hair from you nice so today I will be doing the haul with my natural hair but I will show you what I have coming for the next video so let's go ahead and move over to the couch alright so I just want to get comfortable so I can tell you about this hair that I received from you nice and I'm really excited to wear this for the next video I'm about to unbox this for you and show you what it's all about so you need send me Peruvian hair it's actually straight this time I know that the last hair video that I did was with the wave so this time around I'm going to show you straight hair so it comes with four bundles super long as you can see so I'm going to be wearing all four in my next video for my try on haul these are three different links so I have a 26 28 and also 30 inches so I'm very excited for the ombre hair and it comes with a closure as well it's a 20 inch three-part closures so basically has three parts right here so I'll be able to flip it either way I can wear a side part or a middle part and uniess also sent me a cap so Jenny will actually help me make this hair ready to go for the next haul and she's going to be using this cap right here to actually make a wig out of the whole thing so we will definitely show you the process so I'm about to open one of these to show you what this hair looks like so you definitely want to make sure you wash the hair before you use it and wear it for a while so this is the hair right here so this is one bundle can you imagine take way longer than like so I'm gonna be wearing all four I cannot wait so like I said before if you want to get this hair I have the info listed below with all the links in my description box and they also have a really nice giveaway right now and offer a lot of discounts so you definitely want to check if you really want to get the hair it's definitely great quality it's 100% human hair I cannot wait to show you in my next video what this looks like so stay tuned so here's my first combination for you check out this very beautiful luxe lace bodysuit it's off-the-shoulder and it features a 3d lace overlay long sleeves as well as bottom closures and it's just so beautiful I really love how it completes the outfit and it's definitely perfect to pair it with a bandage skirt I really love the spaniard skirt because it is high-waisted so it does give you a very nice shape it is very stretchy at the same time and I love the dusty pink color and here's my next skirt I would like to show you this one is also very nice it features a knitted design with a silver material and metallic threads to add a little sparkle and it also has an elastic waistband and a pencil cut and it's super form-fitting which I love very comfortable as well in my last third that I have for you it's also a bandage skirt and it features a be overlapped design as well as a high waist and a beautiful red coral color it's very stretchy as well and of course form-fitting since it's bandage material and as you notice all three skirts go amazingly well with the bodysuit that I'm wearing it just really makes the complete outfit thank you so much for watching everyone I hope you loved today's video wearing these beautiful skirts if you loved any of the items as always I have my links listed right below my description box and also if you already want to get this very beautiful hair from you nice I have the info listed right below my description box as always so you can just refer there you can also wait for the next video if you really want to see how the hair is going to look on me and also compare the difference between you know my natural hair and the hair from you knees and don't forget to give my video a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel and definitely give me a feedback leave a comment below and I will be back next time with another video


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  2. Hallo victoria
    Ich have ein Frage fur Ihnen.
    Sind Sie ein Transgender?
    Ich versuche nicht, Sie zu beleidigen.

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