Sewing Projects for Kids : How to Dress Toddlers in Costumes

Hi Shelly Cordsen here with Expert Village
and I have our model here this is my grandson Treven. He?s almost 4 years old and he?s in
our Christmas play. We have put the shepherds costume on him and you’ll see we come around
to the garments we tied them around in the back. He’s a little tall, most other toddlers
this would go all the way to the floor. But he’s my only available model today. Now we
made our head dress and this is how it goes on and you’ll come to the front. Take the
straps and tie them in the back.
And he’s ready to go and herd his sheep. Now one of the ideas for a shepherd staff that
we did is at Christmas time you can always find the red and the white candy canes there
are plastic they go in the ground you’ll see them in your, they lay on your front porch
step. And they stand about this high and all we took was those candy canes and wrapped
them with brown duck tape and that?s what each of our shepherds got to carry in the
play. And again this is the angel and we?ve added wings. So there’s a lot you can do with
this kind of costume you can decorate them as bumble bees or anything you want and even
use them as Halloween costumes.


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