Sewing Presser Foot Kit: 15 Piece Set

hey everyone Sarah here with sewing parts and I want to introduce you to this great little presser foot kit it's 15 pieces it includes all the feet that you're going to need for the majority of your sewing project so stick around to learn more all right so let's take a look at this kit you open it up and you have your brochure now this is nice because not only does it tell you what foot is which when you open it up you have a description of what each accessory does now this is a very short description so we have videos on how to use all of these presser feet already you can see the back it continues so this was really nice it's a nice little reference guide inside you have this nice carrying case every foot fits into the place neatly so not only does this help you keep you organized but it's portable you can take it with you and your feet are nice and secure don't have to worry about anything getting broken so let's go over everything that's inside here first you'll notice your low shank adapter this kit is for low shank feet and it has to be a true low shank so things like the Janome memory craft they use their own kind of feet this one isn't going to work but as long as you have a true low shank machine this will work with your machine and it accommodates up to seven millimeters if you're not sure you can give us a call and we'll get you squared away figure out what machine you have so this is the adapter this is the zigzag foot it's your all-purpose foot this is a satin stitch foot sometimes you may have heard of it called a monogramming foot and this is mostly for decorative stitches it's got the clear back so you can see what you're doing and it also has like a groove here to accommodate the bulkier stitches this is your straight stitch foot it's great for quilting but it's also great for working on fine fabrics these three notches these lines help with line work making sure you have even spacing you can also do stitch in the ditch with this foot it's nice to have this is your sew on button foot basically you want to have to do any hand sewing buttons anymore this is a zipper foot this isn't the invisible zipper foot it's just a standard zipper foot it has a two sides so that if you don't have a machine that has multiple needle positions you can move this back and forth so that you can sew both sides of your zipper this is your Hemmer foot it's one eighth of an inch and you can tell how wide your end hem is going to be by looking at this tunnel so it takes a quarter of an inch end of your fabric tunnels it through this funnel and you end up with a 1/8 of an inch narrow hem this is a cording foot you could insert decorative thin cording and very very thin string and yarn into here and zigzag over it and create really neat line work this is your walking foot also known as an even feed foot dual feed foot and what it does is it mimics the motion of your feed dogs in your machine so that you have two points of contact we've got the feed dogs at the top of your machine right where your needle plate is and then you've got feed dogs on the bottom of your presser foot so you have two points pulling your fabric through it's great for quilting it's great for adding on binding because it makes sure that your fabric doesn't slip around so you can also use it on very slippery fabric things are just giving you a headache it's a good idea to use this foot this is the overcast foot you use this with your overcast stitch and it sort of mimics the serger stitch you can use it to finish raw edges this is another great quilting foot it's a piecing foot a quarter of an inch piece but and it gets a quarter of an inch name because right here is exactly a quarter of an inch this is important for piecing because you want to make sure that you get a consistent quarter inch hem or quarter inch seam or else your quilt blocks won't be even this is a blind hem foot and it is adjustable exactly as is a name you create your blind hem with this with your blind hem stitch the adjustable part goes underneath the fold and is easily moved using the screw this is a gathering foot you use two pieces of fabric fabric goes underneath it and then fabric goes through this slot right here the fabric that goes through the slot stays flat the fabric that touches the bottom here gets gathered and its best on the lightweight fabric anything that's medium weight or heavier doesn't tend to create a great gather so you want to increase your stitch length increase your tension a smidge and then use a lightweight fabric to get a nice gather while it's gathering it's also attaching to a flat piece of fabric so this is really great if you're creating like a ruffle hem this is a darning foot you use this to do free motion quilting free motion top stitching you can darn holes you just want to make sure that you keep your feed dogs lowered or that you have a darning plate to go over top your feed dogs so that you can move in all directions this is a four step buttonhole foot I know a lot of machines have the automatic one step but this is the old-fashioned four step buttonhole and when you're finished everything goes back nice and neatly in place to get this fantastic product and many more visit us online at visit us on facebook at twitter @sewingparts Google+ Pinterest Instagram we're everywhere and be sure to subscribe by clicking that button below for next week so in video


  1. Hi mam
    can I use this kit on my Usha janome stitch magic machine.

    how much price of this kit. please reply me

  2. इसको अगर लेना हो तो कैसे मिलेगा। मेरे पास उषा जेनुम मशीन है

  3. hi. i'm a 13 year old girl . this is actually my mom's account and i usually watch video from this itself.i m really new to sewing i m a big fan of sewing. i really love it. i actually have my own sewing machine. but not the necessary things or equipments or accessories or something like that. i really love your channel . its pretty helpful. i big thanks for your vidoes. and is this pressure foot kit suitable for brother JS1410. pls help me . i want to buy your kit. how much does it cost . is there any shipping charges. i live too far away . and what is a true low shank machine. what does it mean . is brother JS1410 a low shank machine.pls help sarah….

  4. I have this kit & love it! It's come in so handy, since I ramped up my sewing game. Your prices are way more reasonable than the manufacturer's. Love your easy to follow, informative videos, too!


    you can buy it from here.

  6. Hello. I am new to sewing and recently bought singer 247 sewing machine. Looking for a set of feet for it, but have no idea how to chose it correctly. Could you recommend a set? I looked at your videos and have an impression that you're a professional in sewing 🙂 thanks.

  7. hi this kit is suitable for singer 298 sewing machine… plz suggest sutabile presser foots

  8. Dose this kit fit with singer 9200 serie.Im from Sri Lanka.please let me know.

    Thanks so much

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