Sewing Patterns – Jeans and Shirts

Angela Kane Sewing Patterns My Sewing Patterns are all Online and Downloadable I have developed my own PDF format They are Easy to Print and Easy to Assemble The Sewing Patterns are simple enough for
beginners but many experienced sewers use them Today I’m thinking about fabric choices
for shirts to coordinate with the collection of Jeans
I have made up Here I have faux suede, which could just as
easily be real suede Blue denim of course Black denim with a lovely contrast grain effect Acid green, stretch cotton Plain Black denim and a favourite well worn pair I’m amazed when people buy faded jeans it doesn’t take very long to get them looking
like this My Jeans Pattern Number 948 has proved to
be very popular and of course, I knew it would be I’ve been itching to get back to making
some shirts and tops from these various lengths of fabric This is a man made devore where fibres are
burnt out or ‘devoured’ by use of chemicals Black and white gingham, never out of fashion and fantastic in this super sized version Some pure silks This one will be lovely in the Man’s Cut
loose fitting Shirt Pattern Number 540 And another silk, a bold floral I have already made this silk up and it looks
great with the black jeans And this lovely course weave cotton print
by John Kaldor has been used for the Sleeveless Top Pattern
Number 532 great with blue, black, grey and white jeans. I must make some white jeans this summer! So I have this lovely Stretch Grey Denim from
Croft Mill Fabrics in Lancashire cut out using Jeans Pattern Number 948, ready
to be made up It’s going to look just perfect with this
Sleeveless Top, Pattern Number 532 The black and white Gingham is also ready
to go It’s cut out using the Man’s Classic Shirt
Pattern Number 540 Jeans made up again in Black Denim from Croft
Mill and again in this cool weave effect denim Here is the silk shirt made up with grey pearl
buttons This time I added a more masculine shirt cuff
placket rather than a bound placket I shall be adding this adaptation to Pattern
Number 540 and showing several ways to stitch this in
my next movie So a couple of words about faux or real leather
jeans If you are sewing with any fake skin, remember
that skin size has a limit I’ve added seams in the legs to add a little
authenticity If you want a tight fit then fabric with a
little bit of stretch is the answer Real leather and suede will give you a little
bit of ‘give’ This faux suede is not so forgiving It’s great though for an easy fit version Go up a size and taper a little into the waist
band If you plan to make some terrific leather
jeans make them up a few times in denim first! So finally here are my jeans a little bit
worn, and a pair very worn! This is the same denim would you believe? I only had a short length left so here we have jeans shorts A season on the beach and they will be nice
and faded too Sewing Patterns Featured in this Movie Authentic Blue Jeans, Sewing Pattern Number
948 The Classic Man’s Cut Shirt, Sewing Pattern
Number 540 and the Sleeveless Top, Sewing Pattern Number
532 All sewing patterns shown in this movie are available to Members of PDF Sewing Patterns Easy Downloads and Easy to Assemble Join my Site and Subscribe to this Channel and lastly HAVE FUN WITH YOUR SEWING! Thank you very much for watching this movie


  1. I've been watching your movies for about a year and finally have a space and a few fabrics to start sewing again.  I will be joining your website in the next week or two. I need new summer clothes and can't afford retail pricing.  I love the way you teach and how much detail you give.   I would to hear more information about different types of fabrics and what types of garments they are suitable for. Thank you sew much for being a great inspiration!

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