Seersucker Suit, Blazer & Fabric Guide – How To Buy It, Style & History

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette! In
today’s video, we discuss seersucker. I talk about this iconic summer fabric, what it is,
what it’s not, what you should look for when you buy one, and how to combine it. First of all, seersucker is this puckered
fabric that I’m wearing right now. Traditionally, it comes striped, and the most popular color
combination is this light blue and white. However, the original color combination was
more of a cane sugar brown and white; I’ll tell you more about that later. The huge advantage
is that it’s made of cotton and very lightweight and therefore, it’s very popular during the
summer time. The original crinkling effect is achieved by bringing tension on yarn, so
it crinkles. Because of that, it’s very easy to maintain as you don’t really need to iron
it and unlike regular cotton, it really doesn’t wrinkle very easily. Some people even say
it facilitates the movement of the air but personally, I rarely feel that but it’s nevertheless
a great summer fabric due to its light weight. Even though stripes are traditional, you can
now also find solids and checks, and no matter what the color or pattern is, it can be a
seersucker. Sometimes, you also find linen blends or even silk, added to the fabric,
though the original seersucker and the one most often used is made of a 100% cotton without
any additions of polyester. The origins of seersucker are in India. The
words “Sheer” means milk and “Shukkar” means a brown version of cane sugar. So from Sheer,
Shukkar, it turned into Seersucker. Even though it’s not super popular in Europe, it made
its way from India through Europe in the 18th century all the way to the US. It was first
mass-produced in New Orleans by Haspel who still is very famous for seersucker suits
today. Legend has it that the owner actually wore the suit, went into the sea, took a bath,
just hung the suit up, and wore it the same day for dinner. It proved this point that
it was maintenance free because it even withstood a bath in salt water. In the beginning, it
was a “poor man’s suit” but in the 30s, students in Princeton picked it up. Eventually, Life
magazine deemed it acceptable to be worn at the office and the Duke of Windsor, famously
wore it during his assignment in the Bahamas during World War II. As you know, once the
Duke wore it, everybody wanted to wear it, and so it became much more acceptable. In
1962, Gregory Peck wore a three-piece seersucker suit in the famous movie “To kill a mockingbird”.
For more details and information about the history of seersucker, please check out our
in-depth guide here. When you buy seersucker fabric, you want to
make sure it’s original seersucker because sometimes you find finely striped fabrics
that are cotton or blends that are advertised as seersucker, but they’re actually not. Basically,
you can take the fabric and look at it from an angle, and you should see little waves
and crinkles that show you it’s an original seersucker. If you don’t see it, stay clear
of it and go for the original thing. In the US, it’s very easy to find them off the rack
and large companies like Ralph Lauren, or Brooks Brothers, or Haspel, sell them all
over the place. The most popular style is what I’m wearing
here, in a single breasted version with either three buttons or two buttons. Because it’s
a summer suit, it makes perfect sense because a double breasted suit would insulate you
more and make you feel hotter. Nevertheless, some men wear a double breasted seersucker
suit because they can show that they got a bespoke garment because they’re hardly available
off the rack. In terms of accessories, what goes really well with seersucker is a knit
tie in any kind of color but of course, bold colors work best. White shirts or light blue
shirts, maybe light pink. Seersucker also looks great with pocket squares in either
plain white, or you can go with summer colors such as orange, burnt red, yellow, or light
blue. Boutonnieres are also perfect they underline the summery character of seersucker. Some
men also like to wear bowties with seersucker and ideally, you want something summery, fresh,
and a madras pattern, a linen texture, something that’s not too polished. Of course, seersucker
also works really well with a Panama hat. Alternatively, you can also wear sunglasses
but make sure they’re classic. You really shouldn’t wear sunglasses and Panama hats
together unless it’s really bright outside. If you’re looking for summery accessories
for your seersucker suit, please take a look at our store here. The advantage of buying a seersucker suit
is that you can wear the pant independently and oftentimes, pair it with blazers. Of course,
you could also wear the jacket on its own with maybe a pair of royal blue pants or even
Nantucket reds, so it’s a very versatile summer garment, and it’s even appropriate in the
office, particularly in the Southern US. For casual Fridays, it would also make a good
outfit in other parts of US.If you’re outside the US, I suggest you only wear it in a casual
setting because people aren’t used to it, and they may be considered to be very flamboyant
and out of place. It can also make a great outfit for horse races, garden parties, or
even weddings. Most seersucker jackets that come off the rack have flap pockets, but I
think it looks better with patch pockets, even for chest pockets, simply because it
underlines that summery, airy, nonchalant character of the garment. If you enjoyed this video, please sign up
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  1. My brother wears his seersucker sportcoat in weddings and partys in summer and he looks gud! We call it corduroy sportcoat 🙂

  2. Thank You for this video you are a role model for men. I will look out for seersucker thanks again!

  3. I love Your videos. You were a suit yet you can make it casual enough to were it everywhere.

    Could you make video about styles that suit Brown or black men ( the color combination , etc ) pleasssseeeee

  4. Well done video and good information. Your videos are much appreciated, Rafael. Thanks for making them.

  5. You always read my mind and make a video about it haha. I've just seen a seersucker trouser and I found it very interesting but it had thicker black stripes.

  6. Seersucker is indeed a fine suit it's good to know it can been worn together(pants, jacket) or as separate's thanks for this insightful video.

  7. I was just thinking that seersucker suits have become to uncommon to be worn. My friend wore one to a garden party and everyone called him an ice cream man. Unfortunately, much like ascots, the seersucker suit has fallen too far out of favor to be worn, unless you are at a specific fashion event.
    I know that some will disagree, I just don't want people to be fun of. It happened to me when I worn an ascot to a dinner party and I have never worn one since.

  8. I'd say another nice hay to wear with seersucker is a Milan straw hat. It has a lot more texture than a panama. Some hat makers can also dye the straw. The only thing is is that I've only found one hat shop in the US (outside of Amish country) that makes them out of the traditional wheat straw. The shop is VS custom hats. I've been to the shop and it is just amazing being able to see everything.

  9. I think seersucker has connections with the Kentucky Derby. If so, that would be interesting.
    thanks for making this helpful video

  10. I've always been curious about seersucker suits, but the big issue is that they're not very readily available in Australia unfortunately. I find this quite peculiar because most cities in Australia get quite hot in the summer so seersucker would be quite practical. I might have to look a little harder so I can get myself a seersucker suit by the time our summer comes around. Thanks for the great information.

  11. I wasn't sure how to ask you this, but in the How to Wear Men’s Waistcoats & Odd Vests guide you have 4 pictures of you wearing the same jacket, and I was wondering where you got it from?

  12. quick question,i put my Thom Browne seersucker shorts into the dryer and it's shrieked. Do you have any tips to save it back?

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  15. Trent Lott started seersucker Thursday in Washington DC several years ago to "bring a little Southern charm to the capital "

  16. Just a comment in hopes of learning: I was thinking that your deep red-ish tie was a bit too dark to be combined with an iconic summer blazer. Not a criticism, but a curious comment. Can I have a few words on it, Raphael? Wouldn't a lighter color be much more pleasing summer choice?

  17. Does anyone have an experience with seersuckers jackers from j.crew and/or j. Crew factory?? Curious if it is worth it considering it would be worn in warmer weather maybe i can get some good longevity from it. Any advice and input is much appreciated

  18. love all of your videos, and this one in particular…since I am retired & no longer wear suits, have had many and I mean many seersucker shirts in all colors & designs made…my favorite shirt is a popover with half zip, rolled collar & 2 chest packets with buttons…have them embroidered with some sort of crests & my initials in various designs & configurations…they wash beautifully & are perfect for the New York summer hot & humid weather…my nick name is "Mr. Seersucker"….

  19. Pls help me.
    Just my one question.
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  22. I started working at Brooks Brothers and the seersucker suits are really beautiful. I'm very tempted to buy one!

  23. Good Advice! I picked up one the other day from Tailorbyrd. Not great off the rack but my tailor today said he'll fix it. The coat is quarter lined and is in the plebeian blue/white with notch lapels.

  24. Been wearing seersucker for decades this time of year (July) My fav look is…. I wear the Blue Seersucker stripe shorts with black tassel wingtip loafers, white short sleeve seersucker dress shirt with a double breasted navy blazer, and a red plaid bow tie….White pocket square …..You would think you are a celebrity so many woman smile and compliment you…my wife gets a kick out of it. Best advice though is with seersucker if not done impeccably correct…it can get very clowny looking.

  25. I have a Haspel seersucker suit they have been making them in New Orleans since 1909 they have a online store…….Mine is over 30 years old, still fits…word of advice is after the season is over or if you get a stain on it get it dry cleaned fast…the material is not that easy to get out stains……as my cleaners have told me.

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