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hi guys welcome to the resource or cassia oh it's been a while it's been about a month since summers last podcast it and we had a heat wave here in Scotland and as I said the last time I was starting to and decorate my kitchen so in the middle I decorated SAT to get my new french fries and a new cooker so we're written for that today so the place has been a be better for Berta you know and I really haven't ideal haven't done much netten to be honest but if none of you we better see him there you know but she'll have been too warm to do any with Beckett big objects you know even a shawl you know it's I feel stew here for you and me you know net in it and just other things when the Sun shines you want to go and in the gap and you know and do other things so this is what I've been doing so anyway I hope youse are all well and the hope yours have all been net and wheel and I hope you've all had the good way though and even people at an American abroad that watch me I'm sure is mostly summertime in this hemisphere and I hope it's all been very nice weather for you so I've actually for from not doing much net and I flash like it quite a bit to show you so first of all and I'm weird and one of my finished objects I think I shaved on end stick around my daughter think I'm sure JIT and it's my take my sweater there's not a sweater don't see it's more like a crop top but I made a little bit longer so that's an S by Caitlin Caitlin hunter that's Boylan networks so absolutely lovely and the yarn can't remember the name of the beer surely de France as a yarn as I still got him pennant but a theatre percent Quintin of him and I'll be honest with you it was a bit change net andressa and it was like net and not all the time but we better seek it out and that that's it wasn't like played then at the yard theater real it was all can he stick EoE and when I'm reading that at first when I put it on it was a little bit him a little bit technically you know I think my mother wash it it'll soften up you know they died for him I took it the him maybe I'll be bit a big bit like a Len and you know so no come here we will give you a retread oh so that's the talk there and it's actually had made it like a lot better like the largest size and in the bottomless there you can see it's absolutely beautiful the lease is lovely so there you know so there clearly play this women and I think it nice and loose and it's is it's not it's not so hot it is maybe in the nineteen twenties and it's actually fain with her be a camisole talk pundit it you know it's not too hot so that's fine so if you were going in that this I would see absolutely net it it's beautiful it's one of the easiest patterns I've ever met it and at first I thought when I saw the lease I thought how can that lease a enough but I thought I've never met it before in like a a garment you know and but easy as pie and a fellas who I made a couple of mistakes and it but it looks faith looks feynman is blocked oh so that's that's my take now that's my first finish to object so I'm Terminix finished object going along from the last podcast I'm sure I had just about finished these shoes shortly socks and what had happened was i dra know him of the pattern and I just used the giddy further up the foot and indeed it in the tool so that that ideal for me I'm gonna be a my socks really in the house and so that that just put on the boat sock so that's good and absolutely lovely color and then suddenly enjoyed knitting them I can't I can't remember their began but it has on my previous podcast I will tell you all about the yarns I use for them because if I have been finished for about a month no sore there yeah that's that another finished object and I mentioned to Orleans sticking a memory and to their sons to Graham have not been posting a law or a day and off but well I think I love it to see inspiration you know it's really good but I had a skin off Eden slowly didn't get this skin I've eaten courted John and it was a one-of-a-kind young and I had a leftover peach speckle and I used it and I think it was my hokey lucky Taylor Shaw one of them I used this urn I was just leftovers from the skin and then I had this this way in color and there's a shop shop he'll add the middle it's actually I saw Kyung but when I Spit this she college together and I thought I've met I've met quite a few shawls no so I'd love to try design and more and we sure from it not the same they're just come he's all hack you know it see but I come up with so what it was I've got a pattern it was off sure it was off Ravelry and it was called this simple shawl pattern and it's just you know the basic show sheep the Yankees let's say Danyang Keystone to Spain there yeah and then what I did what of course I did was I was looking forward an agent for it so I have this book notice the speaker must have had I think I've had that five five six years the enemy and it's just that look I netting book for a gives you the basics there when you first start nothing and and it is a lot of a different stitch stitch ease and so in this there was a look I pick all this pickle ruffle edging you see there see that what's a father the way sure too much and but if if you're just beginning to know a man at highly recommend this book and it gives you a few little m items that you can net as well you know there's a lot of hooey carry cables Howie McTwist that she's clusters that she's sure she liked that out clusters I didn't just know and you got a few me patterns dinner as well you know with me bags and things so I'll show you that another time I'm not only way I'm good at its they've ever taught they commander and I got that spoke I'm sure it was out of em and WH Smith and it was to 4/12 poems are just from 20-pound you know when you get to that's here two four six pound so study like good book that it's first obey Vicki – then and shred that he kept packed more so it's a very good book anyway when I was doing my shawl so what you do is you oh you're left with I think it was about three hundred stitches along the bottom edge I ended up with so adjusted the rows of the pattern along you can see ya so to use the peachy sparkly and then the burgundy color because if you look at this yam here it's like a rainy plum color of issuing up or a on their movie touches the orange like a blue a seafoam blue color absolutely lovely I'm really chuffed I hate it Tonto you know just shows you you can do it you know and I like how it's the lanthorn it is that st. here because it means it it laps put that saw in but I'll bet lost it it's hot late so if you put it put it like that bring any in droned bringing in ground there are so then you're showing off here to be thrill and a that shows off the colors and the show so I just thought that was lovely today's first me can he think I've done myself feeling you know yeah well that's what – so then yeah – beautiful and soft purse about Hort hey so there yeah so what my great call that I call that the casual the patterns more available Saudi I went off my husband and I don't Fort Valley my boat remember about four weeks ago and I discovered the new be a gallery show up that's autumn that before a Trillium and as I never noticed to supplement the sage G you know if I hadn't I've been walking down that way I would never have noticed it anyway so but then had a nice good but now and the last is a beautiful art on the wall I mean we have a lot a lot of different art and one day I might be sure you is you know but I really don't have in the room on my walls for the anymore and where to place something so at the moment I'm not looking for any wall pins but I was havin of you look about in that and I was seeing a clear clear donessa kettles near mezcla Windsor and she's an artist and I was seeing I do the hand net and you know so anyway we've got to talk no matter said that she would take some of my netting just like accessories you know what hearts schnitz neck warmers gloves things like that so and but this way though I mean I'm not behind I'm not be getting them to it just no but I'm start make a few things and just give them into towards the end of the summer you know and let the hell Walker's and you know I'll probably buy them hopefully obey them so the first one they're not finished off as I say I've just been picking them up netting on them whenever as I be can it be Nihat and this is a Yale or Marinol and it's actually one from stash it's look at a golden yellow looks to be a bit washed out it's more buttery yellow so it's really nice I'm not going to put on and that's factorable but I did that one and then the will this is will have had and mustache for years maybe three four years and it's actually will from the Women's Institute I think is you can only get out hobby crafts I think it was all about two pounds a ball and it's marine or single yeah they're lovely mint green color chocolate brown and liquor a guinea be easy color sort what the colors so Tim yeah borrow of each of them so I thought I'll do another me beanie this time or do it with stripes so there ya go straight beanie it's lovely I'm flock this one so nice we heal or know if you can see it I've leaned soft and then I thought I'll do a neck warmer and the seam it's not this this hasn't been blocked it but you can see there than this japes this veil and then these are just mowing patterns are made up I think a caster and 150 and just today there wouldn't be one rep and then the I think it's a five stitch colored repeat did it back down and I think the hearts of 96 stitch hats and then using their at a couple of balls of this Croft of deaky bicep powder and mustache that's a lot was like pinks lemon giddy I've got there the sunshine made a blow every bet so and it's yeah and that's she had zero eat it too Croft of deaky and it gives a a female effect the third that didn't a fear though so it's actually lovely it was quite a nice for how this came over you can see it there thanks for lovely that's and that be really nice it's lovely and soft it's not I've not blocked that's one year but if you can just see so Kobe Kobe fear I'll Pat and you know Bell into the net offer really nice so if it didn't a little as a seat I said I've not been netting but I've not been there in the anything big you know and just been doing little things like that but I'll keep them until maybe a August September you know when the autumn starts to come in here it starts to get a bit colder and then I had them in a cleared gallery so that's another V interest of God the earth in a so let me think what my working on know well I'm not working on any garments yeah well I think the last time I showed you I was working on a sock for my husband and it wasn't net off there clears his orbit ball yep and the color as 2/3 marsley Mars experiment 2 2 3 3 7 you can see that there yeah get it to focus play and as how it's man up that's a little it read but can decrease dark grey black and it it's absolutely lovely my husband he thinks it's lovely the color is real so just – oh do I weep out long give me about another inch and I'll be the league and just at the basic 64 stitch he's a 64 steps League and he's a size 11 getting at 12 what a tree over net and food but this time I have to do he's out she's I'm gonna come into the heel heel flat and gossip I'm going to add a few a few rows and at the height of the heel his funeral is drawn across and if the front is food and it's gonna be a problem he's fit at the moment so he's funerals can you draw and tell you across the front is food so I'll do a few extra via doors anything that so daddy I think that when they'll be finished Bologna basket then I'm working on another sock now this sort came and I love laquet I think I showed you the last podcast of my podcast before it was actually gifted to me by my lovely friend Natick and she she sent me / like it and it's from the fiber friends you know the fiber friends podcast and the song is the rambling friends sock you can see you there like this whenever you pay cable anything down so I've never done a part on sock before fully ever done plain sock so I thought this is ideal for me you know well so and it is also nuts lovely back from Catalina and our system or a or ever tourists this was part of the cat is real isn't it beautiful lovely colors absolutely lovely so here we are near the yarn as by Adrian of the fibre friends absolutely beautiful color of turquoise teals turquoise away like like his variegated – : yeah I'm so lovely you see a bear that's great good yeah so okay one finished these are from myself the thing else I'll show you this ahead OVA we should tail on Instagram and then Louise who designed the path um she explained something to me I don't know but you but a few if you slip two stitches do you slap it net net rise or do you slap it paralyze for some reason we night that the slip slip to the first be a debtor who that which is the we how always did it I have dunno as to slap to net ways but when I looked at her you can see it there yeah I don't know I just it just doesn't look right look right to me at the time but then I slept to puddle is that a lease I should have stuck to me I should have just you know man sting Christie anyway I had to read discussion me a orden Instagram and will you say it is she was slightly too she swept them that ways you know so that's meat I had a better for booboo the end and there's a few be made mistakes and as you can see it Rey Oaks it's a lovely pattern a enough the only thing let's get lovely we better the back as well know one thing in the patterns written for on for needles and I'm will never yes T net and on three needles today my socks so it was a me by a main square few no just for the top talk part he it was in for and because of the be pattern at the the back of the heel you know if you were doing like three stitches a steamy dose able to cut up the pattern and when I mean I only the food I did do it I did the front part on stitches on one needle and in the two Saints on with another two needles so that was like three needles so I found it create I don't know if you just used to do in something when we can always your main stuck be anyway beautiful be socks and then I'm on the second run here no what happened was a certain last night and I thought hadn't had the moat for a couple of days and I thought oh you'll pick up be released off you know and as I thought I had indeed on it's a sexual padam and as I thought I heard Andy doing I sexual and obviously I had a happen so you can see the LC is like a I don't know like I've done an extra two rows or a nature one in the pan yeah Phyllis I love her I just see it said the same future but not by the designer yeah I mean it's absolutely lovely yarn is real beautiful and soft and I've been my first dam my first sock narrow of a good quality merino you know so looking forward to being on them in the winter suppose you could even wear them in the cooler days of the summer kidding over the believes on them but they're yeah that's lovely that's another project so the next thing I was going to see as practices so they think it was the beginning of mere would have been the middle of me actually got the porn porn magazine it's absolutely lovely some lovely in patterns in it and it was having to be chat with Anne who has span its own end sticking arm and she was asking what I thought about it and I was seeing her awake you know there's some lace patterns on it so it had to be chat and we were thinking that we were doing that a long effort for any patent and the pom-pom magazine so what I'm going to do is have pencil then tomorrow which is true I don't be Tuesday the 5th of June and I'm going to go in Lane and I'm going to try and work out if I can work it out how I see it up a resource or podcast Ravelry group and then we'll do a hash tag Ann and I'll do a hashtag on Instagram as well and we'll do a net along you know over the path because all of the patterns and they're cotton linen patterns which means for the summer it's ideally net worth and I've actually ordered me yarn ordered it today so I'm like I'm I'm one year and Andrus initial eight this pattern like as well whether she said she's had her magazine and she's had a really good look at us or we'll see which pattern she chooses but I've actually chosen the lead and laden this one here I don't make sure you though the stuff you can see it there yeah there it's lovely and it's off ship geez lemon softy key 27 percent Lennon 47 cotton and 26 acrylic and I'm an ordinate and I think it's two poems so I think it's about to pose to need to name a ball or 250 a ball so it's really for and I think but to get the ten ball Satan offers largest size and three balls in the shape I think it was all about 30 or 40 50 40 pounds so if somebody isn't of all they have it's here that's they see the schematic foot it there and so be better for Lord back I think you could do all of that and it the via loops as always it's never you know sleeve to sleeve and this be down nice to be they gather and gather stopping us talking and stocking stitch as I see look so simple enough pattern and with her just a little bit if the same there in the front and the college that I Corps was M like an oatmeal a beige color and I go a khadeem end of color and I go I cannae Lamy get even color see a bitch when I lay the best you know so yeah yeah summer straight assess you really really nice and there's I think I might even start busting a I was working at it sup it loads a Courtin Owen the my craft shared it's foreplay organic cotton I think the court knife cuts D cubed enemy and and it's the judoka and it's so one of the bags should tie the Japanese bento bag you just see you there isn't that lovely you do that in any color and then but I know she was a holy holy make it tote it for that and what I was thinking was you know tell you you're doing that and you're going to pay it together but I would like it with a strap so I'm just went on the fake adorn strap attached oh and see it down here they even maybe buy a leather strap so then it's on a strap and you can just tie it I don't know whether that would work um I don't know how I mean it could even use that as I like I got the bento bag from French society friend Supply Company you could even use it for your net and couldn't you if you had your your needles and let protect us you know so it wouldn't pork through so that's quite nice so I may even goat goat maybe share because it's caught and sort of Fame in that with and the summertime winter so that's lovely so that's a porn porn magazine the tautly recommend that I get it like one lane street from porn poem I don't have really any yarn shops this stalker near me so I just go and mine and get it and see or today and as soon as this is published you know you get it with funding and xdf true so I think I actually I even got this before I was shorts abroad blatant carrot a man had to even go out that you know so really nice just to get the sneak preview you know before other people so they'll enjoyed that so they're yeah so that's honor us create here so uh hopefully in the next the next week I'll what can I chat with an and will organize the M then that along and I might even do a be quick podcast pop up about it just too late use nor a we're going to be starting it because you might you want it for the summer so I know some of the patterns I don't think no take that long to net you know so you were definitely have it for the end of the summer or the middle of the summer the enemy so we're going to practices no but it was letting the socks by the fiber friends and it was a for a for needle DPN you needed I a lot of my DPN say it's a following that for needles so I thought I better go and get I said you know with em with five needles no forty night one in that office so that so ordered them off of it will shark which is a company online in the UK and I got these things for my socks that I'm the socks and but what I also got was when I was net enmity akima there I think it was a 3.75 for the sleeve the only desire I had am and the 3.75 in the DP ends was the the really long addy ones that I use for doing with sweaters and I don't you know so I thought only if I I'm Levi a another say so I bought a set for the socks with the five needles and also bought the three point three point seven five and four there for like what you'd do another take might because I definitely bail and can see but these needles absolutely bdellium needles what I thought was for the the silver tip because I'm even you know what different me or sometimes you get like a little stick and joined but it's not a joined it's just as if it's been like depth you know absolutely fast smooth ah I couldn't think think living on a bit forth poem I said for faith bonus it absolutely brilliant definitely and I'm definitely going to invest and I will see off them like four or five or six sizes and I think they've got net Pro I've got like a few seats in Royales and definite needles but definitely the Zeng taught that here commend and absolutely love them so they're yeah something else so and plan for the the nice summer weather and you know take it man my netting Mordor back yeah I thought I'm going to order some yams so I went online and there's a few yarns that few young companies that haven't tried in the UK and I thought I'm going to give them my bash and a special ability benign than a Instagram you see everybody you fall or you know you see the guns and all and that's lastly up and fall never on YouTube she's got podcast no the first time I actually watched her she was on a podcast by tell each out I don't think tell a joke does her I've heard do a podcast anymore be anyway I used to watch telly toe and this in get all early and he must she was or net and then she started up at one point cast called craft house magic she'd watch it she's really beautiful net a beautiful craft she does beautiful like am bobbin lace and backs and she's really really crafting embroidered a lovely enemy I've got for skiing so get to or called coming around again which is seven to five super washed win in Iowa and faced Alina if you can see that's Weaver blown out you see it's like a giddy ish blue was the pit I'm right auntie peach at the moment I don't know love and the peaches yeah there of what we're variegated and speckled and we tape the color as well lovely absolutely super soft Sparkle is just amazing this beautiful sparkle don't know if you can see it but totally mesmerizing so the two of that color then I get two off nobody does it better nobody does it better I can't sing by the way just the kitchen then though up there but I love music oh I kinda do a lesson too anymore but I could name that chillin – you know what so doesn't it Diana Ross enemy no mate nobody does it be I don't kill our beautiful peach brighter than water as but it's as bright you know it's lovely there's a deep Navy delay creamy peach that's four so what I thought was to do was maybe do a straight jumper I think there's one by via novella Marquis at the pyramid space we have cardigan and I think oh if people have done it in strips I think that with the lovely so there's yeah yeah when I'm back any they the netting jumpers and that miss lover I think that but what we made though the marina winter so there you go that's beautiful that's had to be carved ear and he could after his magic I don't know I've got a view mouth corner they're addicted to all things crafty handmade project bags accessories in pounds so she's on she's on all the all this aids yeah and you got a lovely thing that's up there I think you got a lovely be back your lavender and one of the other people I bought from you back it I think that's from nearly lovely be sweetie you know we're just the naismith touch beautiful baggage this bill so they may love his own Instagram I get hooked any another another die so Leslie Diaz really mama will email my yams favorite handbag John Sonic's ears cities its issues only it see look at that they're easy like a Sunday morning nice a song Israel about 4-ply 7525 superwash merino look at that isn't that amazing I love the colors actually cause we have to be Tucker as well look at puts me in mind alike sweats or sweeties Judah members bezel sweeties we sweetie she used to get no they definitely passed all colors I'm so beautiful super soft I mean the alias is beautiful but I don't offer that looks like her I think Ellie's is a bit of a higher twist so that's maybe more assault cam but as that as a you see the difference in that first yeah so beautiful then I couldn't resist vanilla with sprinkles look at that that's that no that's time to be that's time to be a party on my needles remember that the fluorescent one with the black and the pink I think knows the amount so that's going to be and I keep that wonder we so I would need them although I've got another skin of that am from brainy they party on that they the one that was at nebula party in hippie I can't remember but hey I was that one some music for now I keep whispering cause hospital works late than that and I shall it's like the sprinkles when you poo when you're like ice and sugars not quite see it and you put you you know and it came in like the color can you run sorry but you don't look at those vehicles hits then just to finish it off I've got these – Wow but a fuchsia as totally that color and this be bright teal but I blew it is a chilly blue turquoise a blue looking at oh that's definitely partying my needles and then she give no here's to me there's a lovely beasts touch marker should I hide it there anyway nevermind so yeah what's next right but no it should have been but a neti da cannabis yeah but six weeks ago took me four days to net the can't be absolutely love it can't we in its fat to a halt and will and this time this is the Women's Institute because when it was netting with other Women's Institute yeah and I was really impressed with it for the place so I thought I'm quite like one lane here to hobby craft and see what the for and and I've had the soft and chunky Women's Institute and as seventy acrylic theft in Marina and I got that color there it's like I'm Evie doesn't it's either softened chunky Navy nearly huh look at her not lovely so got enough to do another copy so that's that's that's looking ahead to the been taught again but I'll probably start netting that maybe a bit awkward September so I've got it for the winter do you know so there yeah not lovely as I see once again that's their no Women's Institute actually create good quality and I'll see how it washes so onto quickly quickly I bought a couple of fifty books you know how I love my books and I do I actually leap through them it t–'s nobody else to get through them but a fussy a book a lake because it'll be at Aleph I like to buy it when I see it because I'm away somewhere and I see a book and I'm like oh I don't buy it I make no gate again so anyway this book here is called the button box by one mate now if I think that's have not started it yep I found this quite intriguing can't remember where to go Atlas book I think this was out of water stones an open social history and I memoir as and it's a bow their story of women and the twin if cinch and they pull through the cords the war so it's just like everybody's got a domestic our domestic yesterday throughout the years and you know women have made the women of sword Nazis Jess making and I never did got a button I viewed button ten heavenly you know before got burnt them chasing the story of women at home and then work from the jet buttons of Victorian morning to the short skirts of the sixties taking and suffragettes Bachelor girdles little dressmakers Biba and the hankerin for vintage the button box left solid on women's lives with elegance and wet that I was dead for now to me I really so there yeah I don't like you know how that comes they in the next one yes I got with a knitted magazine how to love it all of a sudden you got always one or two patterns on it that you can do and when I create late a couple of there's a be better net boat and it's just in Crawford and I think Ella Gordon's and it is well and there's almost let me feel like Kristen and Rob see that look at that that's lovely that one yeah love that Sloat you young summer late deaky so it's caught them yeah so they're now awfully deck I don't know if this is su one two four and it's $5.99 so why my patterns are not absolutely beautiful oh poor people actually baby yarn see that never tried that theorem or said I could come news Vale so it's that they heading back to my school days maybe you stayed do embroidery and just pillow cases and you know a little canvases and things so I bought this episode what washed ones this way oh I think it's embroidered is that she's stay at base tape I see it well then stick around see beautiful gives you all they do buttonholes you know even that on a Catholic in the even at it you know they didn't patent buttonholes and things I think I think that a local men actually I think I think that all come back in again you know let the embroidered jumpers and that you know how they would get any entirely an inner get any color work embroidery I know it's a lot of the like Instagram feeds that's like Russia and maybe Czechoslovakia lavinia that sort in Romania I want you there if you look at them and a lot either butyl and beautiful embroidered it and a half beautiful lace meeting I mean really gorgeous and it just made me think that you know if you're not either clean playing jumper you know I sure hope you like do it too two together and then you could you can do the like this has a I thought with the call up and join two pieces together so like however whoever died thank you no I don't think you like Elise us a sleeve or something and you could join the sleeve with what they embroidered a Fagin but that word something like that you know I don't know it just makes you think what you can do honey corn felons rich state cheese and it shows you step by step that's good yeah so they have last one 200 ripple stitch patterns video so got this video so I say to you squid trying do maybe more and designs myself in all its shawls and things so this here there's crew she and net Nana it gives you all the like even for blankets you know that the zigzag patterns then you've got it here in the crew she man don't lease all different textures that was great and Jason no one knew even he could do it even as a basic a basic sway of sheep now I've got a book of be a top-down Spears and you know heard that stigma has got the lease at the bomb if you dress a plane sphere of the same and change up the lease part Matt the poem couldn't you and just add different different Bolton's on air so that's just like mash up there in isn't her I don't know if that's still in the designers part and if you're you're hacking it you know and I don't know how that works obviously you know sailing up but there yeah you see beautiful things so that's that that's me a month that's been a long time it feels like ages but then again it just feels as though it's flan and you know but I've only met support cast and then you you know you get you get so busy and then things come up and you hang on your podcast I'll be podcast and you know and then you get visitors I think it's happen anyway I hope you're enjoying the way that I hope user buzzy do me you're doing enjoying the way that I didn't give Gavin the night you know weapon in the guy out in Israel so my husband that I fit quite a we bet repainted today and it's the Banshees and cheers and shades and so been keeping busy but there's always so much in the Sun I can take you know I'm not like start under the parasol but I'm not I sat in the Sun Pierson yeah I can walk about na you know were walking the beach but I'm not one for lying down and that or something for too long you know and a collage man but getting told as a kid I used to TC take this under we take this son away so that gives you an idea how sensitive arm to this on also you know screw my face up in the Sun as well but and anyway I'm babbling or nose or tick here I feel a few listen let me sniffing I don't know whether it's here fever sinuses are what the heck bear my nose is running all the time I don't know it's like a fever and mizar nature anything it's just come on Ian what's of course so anyway tick here a before I go up your son see a couple of the wofully these emailed me and I have got your meals and I've made them thank you very much and I will reply and tomorrow as a potema say to do like thanks for the podcast and I will get my computer and I'll be emailing you back so tick here thank you very much for subscribing thank you very much for watch and hope hope you have a great time I'll see you soon tick here so ray I'm back again you'll be wondering where is she playing at hey I'm just going to put this in at the end there's a flag wasn't about this living room and I was watching whatever chord it there and all I can see is this big black Blubaugh bank robber and I've tried feigned it to get it you know but home bad ass and late but if you see it and or burn it know who they and I'm not being my house for long no must have been when I was out in the back terrible the heat brings all these beasties about and I don't like there's another thing is real and well here Jim this is my birthday month ain't fifty this month so there's some had to show you because I thought it was really nice a really really apt from my stage and wave no so what is his husband who me fresh meat my husband bought me a bracelet Adam bracelet and every year that ever the occasion is he's bought me a chair them to go on it so and with her being my fiftieth this year and I'm so anything that and it but I hope you'll be able to see it but I'll just wait to show you this he bought me this little silver challenge to go on my bracelet I thought if you can see it easier so little sheep netting hmm he says give me glasses on and his kiss it's to be nothing sticks and there it's nothing nothing Ellis there's a back off it if you just see it you can see it there hope you can you see it nothing I don't know I've trained hey easy there guys isn't that gorgeous so he bought me that for from a birthday month and it's from wilty to blessed charm dog melted blessed home and that lovely so I definitely recommend that you want I mean that in charm there you are what it is is an eagle is this is say actually I need to get a strong gift catch on it because there's there's so many Chalmers on it know that it's it's too heavy to hear it's just for a issue some of them you see you see them there they're all differently dragonflies a lot of Dragonfish amrok for luck my Buddha maybe but deeply isn't that was when my crab for my bar same mobility but as an animal came off strawberry because I love strawberries I had because I've got his heart me frogs I love frogs I beg had a sugar skull a pan that cuz I love pandas another beautiful heart butterfly her my angel wings this there's always an angel with me another we pray isn't heavy Scottie dog and I start there yeah so that's that's much happen bracelet as I see it's a bet here every now you know and every year it but he buys me a birthday gift so I'm a birthday month Time Warner so they're the ad that's just another Miki you could even fit on a be necklace you know on a bracelet just as a we individual charm its loveless I just thought would show you that so give me glasses on and it's just it's just me they dick here Cho what's up fly


  1. Love your podcast. You have lovely knitted garments and love the Tegna! You inspire me to knit garments. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to future podcast. Thanks.

  2. My goodness what a talent you have! I love ❤️ the jumper and socks and my goodness the shawl with the edge is so pretty!

  3. The Tegna you knit is beautiful. I have it on my list too and bought some nice soft cotton for it. But I have to finish the two projects that I am knitting on now first. I'm like you. Can't have too many things on the go or I'll forget what I'm doing!

  4. Oh Caz, lovely podcast as always, you make me smile, your joy and the pleasure you obviously get from your gorgeous yarns makes me giggle as I am exactly the same with my yarn. Have an amazing birthday sweetheart xx❤️❤️

  5. Thanks for the shout out Caz, I was most surprised to hear my name mentioned. Yay, I'm up for casting on a Leiden! Love your colour choice. I have not decided on mine yet, maybe grey and red but I can't decide which should be the main colour. I am aiming to place an order tomorrow (Monday 11 June). I have narrow shoulders and a big bust so will need to make it straighter across the back or it will fall off my shoulders all the time. I have looked at the pattern to see how to do this but I think it will all be much clearer once I have it on the needles. I bought the Zing DPN set from Woolstack and it is great but doesn't cover all the sizes but of course we never need an excuse to buy more kit. Your shawl is lovely, the ruffled edge is so pretty. Happy birthday for whenever it is this month. Your charm bracelet is a wonderful collection of memories and I like that some of the charms are different colours.

  6. Wish you a very Happy Birthday month🌹🎁🎂🍓, lovely podcast and beautiful knitting, I am thinking of knitting the Carbeth, but I never knitted a garment before ! Thank you for lovely podcast 😊

  7. Beautiful projects and yarn. Those yarn colors are so happy and perfect for spring and summer. You Tegna is stunning. You have good lighting and sound in your podcast and you are so easy to listen to!

  8. Hi Caz. Watching you from Barga in Italy ( holiday ). So good to see you again. Great podcast as usual. 👏 I feel as though I am FaceTiming a friend although there is no input from me 😟. I think your charm would make a great progress keeper and happy birthday when it comes 🎉🎂

  9. Hello Caz,just wanted to say, " thank you" for another most enjoyable podcast. You have brightened some dark days for me. Thank you

  10. Such a lovely podcast Caz (sorry I don't know how you spell your name!) love your Tegna, I think I need to knit one myself! Thank you for purchasing yarn from my shop and for the lovely things you said about it! I will certainly be watching again! Ellie x

  11. Lovely podcast. I could listen to you chat away all day. I also turned 50 this year. Happy birthday to you this month. Watching you I remembered I was given the Button Box for Christmas. I had forgotten all about it. I'm going to start reading it tonight. I love a good book. X

  12. Enjoyed you podcast!! It has been a cooler spring here in Nova Scotia, Canada so I am still enjoying warm knitting but I know the hot, humid weather is coming.

  13. Wow! You are a powerhouse knitter! Your jumper and shawl are lovely. Thank you for entertaining me this afternoon.

  14. Hi Caz, I love your top, your other knits are all lovely too. If you want to stock up knit pro needles check out get knitted website, it's a shop in Bristol and they sell knit pro at 20% off, I bought loads from there, really like the zing needles and I bought a set of blockers with the discount too 🙂

  15. What a great video! Cold here in Australia so I want to wear ALL your jumpers and those gorgeous socks. Hope you have a happy birthday – listening to you list all the charms on your bracelet was lovely…made me smile. 🎉 🎂 🍾

  16. Sorry Caz I meant the pom-pom book, I see other podcasts showing it but don’t know where I can get it. I would like to knit a few tops that you showed, and meant to say loved the one you were wearing.

  17. Carly Simon, sang it 😃 Your Tegna jumper and your shawl are gorgeous, love the colour of the Tegna. I bought some minis from Crafthousemagic and although I haven't used them yet, I just love sitting looking at them haha. Love your little sheep charm, so cute and your bracelet is lovely, very meaningful to you. Happy birthday when it comes, I past my 50th a few years ago, although I still can't believe am not 40 anymore .🤣

  18. Another great podcast, can I ask where you get the magazine from,I’m not on instagram, need to get someone to help me set up, loved your jumper and your choice of books and Happy Birthday, hope you get lots of great gifts.

  19. Your Tegna sweater is beautiful! You have inspired me to give it a go, but like you said, it may have to wait until cooler weather.
    I’ll say it again…you are a fast knitter!!! Totally jealous.

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