hey friends thanks for checking out another motivating video this video is sure to give you some major cleaning motivation and I’m glad you’re here I hope you will be inspired and clean your house along with me we are cleaning the whole house over two days and many hours but at the end of the night my house will be clean and it will totally be worth it I will also be sharing with you a cleaning hack to help you clean an area in your home that you have likely never cleaned and you need this hack in your life all right guys we are going to be doing it today we are going to be getting it all done this video is sure to give you a lot of motivation to get your house ready for the holidays I’m going to be deep cleaning and this is going to be a satisfying whole house clean that I need to do in order to get my house ready for the holidays I’m going to be doing some basic cleaning that I need to do because my house is a disaster as you can see but I’m also doing some more deep cleaning because Christmas will be here before we know it and then we host a New Year’s Eve party so I’m trying to do a little bit of cleaning with every clean that I do it so it’s not overwhelming before Christmas and New Year’s oh and as I’m cleaning I am finding pacifiers all over my house because I guess that’s what my life is pacifiers all around with the twins so I’m keeping a little count and we’ll see how many pacifiers I have as I clean up but I just wanted to get started on the main level of my house and I was planning on cleaning the kitchen and the living room and then doing some deep cleaning in the kitchen in the living room here at night and then I was gonna wake up in the morning and get moving and do the entire upstairs [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] if you are new here I would love to have you subscribe enjoying my journey Jaime’s journey I make two videos every single week here on my channel cleaning organization mom life just videos that will make your life a little bit easier I am not perfect but my goal is to create a community content in this community where we can learn from each other motivate and inspire and just help each other out or if I can just put a smile on your face then that’s a win for me so please think about hitting that red subscribe button and the notification bell and joining my journey [Applause] [Music] I cannot wait to share the cleaning hack I have for you today because I’m going to be cleaning an area that I’ve never cleaned before I didn’t even know you could clean it so make sure you stick around for that [Music] are we [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] so to start cleaning my cabinets I’m using and dust and to be completely honest with you I thought that end s was a furniture polish but I had a lot of you mentioned that you use it all over your house I had asked a while back for some products that I can use all over my house and this is one of those products that you guys mentioned a lot of you said you use it on places like your furniture cabinets counters window sills so that’s what I was planning on doing today when I was deep cleaning for all of the upcoming holidays I used it to clean my cabinets I use it to wipe down my doors and baseboards especially because there’s a lot of dirty fingerprints on the doors I tried to show you guys but it really didn’t come up well on camera and I love our white doors and our baseboards I would love to have all of our cabinets be white but they get dirty so easily and the end us did a really good job of getting all of the dust and the dirt up from everything and if you’re wondering I filmed this video right before Thanksgiving because I had some cleaning I needed to do before the holiday since we hosted so even though you’re seeing this after we have decorated for Christmas this video was filmed before that so you’ll probably notice that I don’t have any Christmas decorations up but I was going to decorate after Thanksgiving and I figured if I was gonna clean I might as well film it because I wanted to do some extra deep cleaning because I had the time before Thanksgiving came and then we decorated for Christmas the night of Thanksgiving so if you want to see my Christmas clean and decorate with me I will have it linked here and also linked down below [Music] lately once I thought you will baby we’re safe and sound I guess I should check in and ask how you’re doing right now since we are in the thick of the holiday season let me know down below how you’re doing how you’re holding up it’s such a fun magical time of the year but I also find it stressful if I’m being completely honest just making sure we have all of our presents that we’re not forgetting anyone we have all of these holiday parties and things to do fun things but it’s still a lot I’m trying to juggle it all and not lose my mind but I feel like I’m losing my mind on a daily basis and it’s just it is hard even though it’s fun it’s hard but I’m really excited for this year of holidays because we have the twins this is obviously their first Christmas and there’s just something special about their first Christmas to know that we have all of our girls this big family and we can enjoy our time as a family and our first Christmas with them so let me know down below how you’re doing how you’re holding up [Music] so I know I’ve mentioned this in other videos but we hosted Thanksgiving we also host Christmas Eve as well as New Year’s Eve because Mike’s birthday my husband if you are new Mike’s birthday is on January 1st so we always have a party with our friends and then they bring their kids over everyone comes over and we just celebrate the New Year as well as have a lot of birthday fun for Mike so a lot of fun things coming up but it also makes it a little bit more stressful as you try to prepare for these parties but I wouldn’t have it any other way [Music] so then I went in to start cleaning my blinds and I’m going in with the N dust again it was perfect timing because I went out and bought it from Walmart after n dust reached out and they wanted to partner with me which I was super flattered because it was already a product I wanted to try so thanks to n des for partnering with me on this video but like I said before so many of you had mentioned that you liked this product so I was intrigued and I use it to clean my blinds and was able to get the dirt and the dust that was on the blinds I had caked on dirt and dust and when I used the end s it didn’t leave any buildup I used it along with my microfiber cloth and they were the perfect duo to clean these blinds before we have people over for the holiday celebrations as they’re sitting right below the blinds on the couch so if you’re looking for a product that you can use all over your house go check out n dust I bought mine at Walmart because that’s where we shop but you can find it at Walmart most major grocery retailers true value Dollar General and Amazon but there’s a printable coupon you can use in the video’s description and you can find end us at most retailers like Amazon if that’s easier for you it’s specifically designed to be a cleaning and dusting spray and it removes oil based stains like fingerprints residue smudges which you’ll be able to see everything it was able to pick up off of my dirty blinds I know this is embarrassing mental note Jamie you need to go and clean your blinds more often if you have an Instagram then come on over to jamie-lynns Dodge Journey it will be linked down below come say hi let message me it’s just a lot of fun for me over there because here on YouTube sometimes when I’m doing cleaning videos I don’t get to talk to you as much you guys don’t get to see as much as my of my personality or if you know you want to see more of the girls I post stories and pictures of them so come on over say hi to me [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] okay second set of blinds I had to do I honestly hate cleaning my blinds this is why they’re dirty I clean a lot but cleaning my blinds is not one of the things that I do obviously if you watch my videos so if you need a little reminder to go clean your blinds here it is and again I know you guys probably think I’m crazy for using n dust all over my house because you thought it was a furniture polish but no it’s specifically designed to clean and dust which was perfect because as you saw my blinds were super dirty [Music] me [Music] sometimes winning reason about us I know you got me it’s sorta best back sit back we will carry on we doin started we cook enjoy [Music] this time safe and sound not safe [Music] what if [Music] [Music] Hey I am done with my night portion I’m just a parent drinking some tea before it’s time to go to bed I’m whipped so you guys have been telling me you like when I tell you how long it takes me to do some cleaning so everything that I did tonight it took me about two and a half hours so two and a half hours to get all of that done not too bad so I am just relaxing for the rest of the night sitting here and the quiet I’m just gonna sit here enjoy my tea and relax because in the morning I’m gonna get up get moving and do a lot more cleaning it so stay tuned oh and if you guys want to see everything that my vacuum picked up you guys also been telling me like seeing everything that my vacuum has been able to vacuum up I’ll show you what was in the canister so here is everything yeah glad I did some vacuuming today [Music] all right it was another day more cleaning had to be done I had laundry I needed to put away rooms that needed to be picked up I woke up ready to get moving I don’t always feel ready in the morning but this morning I was ready we had time off around the holidays so my husband Mike took the kids to get out of the house so I could clean and to be honest with you I love spending time with my girls but when I need to clean it is much easier when they are gone it’s nice to get some cleaning done without distractions or cleaning in chunks which is what I typically do I get a lot of questions and messages from people asking how I get cleaning done with the ages of my kids and it’s because even though it looks like I’m cleaning all in one session or I get all of these hours of cleaning done it’s always broken up it’s either broken up into days or broken up into the entire day but I’m used to cleaning in chunks so that’s typically how my cleaning gets done but it was nice today to focus on cleaning and getting it all done especially because we have people coming over my husband is really good about venturing out with all three girls which I have to give him credit and it’s not because he’s a man but because I don’t enjoy particularly venturing out with all three girls but he doesn’t seem to mind I think he’s better at it than I am and it’s funny because there have been times when I only had one girl or two girls and it’s like a piece of cake you take one kid out of the equation and it makes things so much easier but anyways I was just cleaning up every room putting things away pretty much speed cleaning the entire upstairs because I wanted to get done as quickly as possible before they got home and I knew I didn’t have a lot of time [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] I had started switching out the girls clothes which has become a huge tour it’s funny because I kind of forgot how much you have to do it with babies since they go out a sizes so quickly you know Avery’s in 5t clothing so I switch out her clothing usually at the change of the big seasons like going into fall and then going into summer like that type of thing so it’s really only once or twice a year but here with the babies I’m doing it so frequently because they’re growing which is awesome because I want them to be growing and thriving but I just feel like it’s a huge chore to switch out their clothes so I was I had started it didn’t get to finish it which is I feel like the story of my life but I just wanted to put all of the 6-month clothing because they’re out of that now they’re on to nine months and I’m putting them in a bin because I’m going to be giving these to my sister-in-law so I wanted to get them out of my house [Music] then it was time to do some deep cleaning in our bedroom I wanted to wipe down the doors and you can see how dusty they were again something else I’ve been slacking on I think I need to start doing one deep cleaning task / cleaning session if that makes sense to you because I’ve been finding that I’m just so busy and I do the basic things most of the time when I clean I mean you guys see me doing the vacuuming the mop being picking things up wiping things down general dusting but the deep cleaning doesn’t get done there’s no time for that so what I need to start doing is throwing in one deep cleaning task or session when I do my cleaning because in that way at least one deep cleaning thing is getting done but it’s nice that we have the holidays coming up because it’s forcing me to get all of these done because it’s been months since I’ve done a lot of these things [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] if you’re curious how long it took me to clean this whole upstairs it took me about three and a half hours to complete I woke up pretty early which was a good thing and was able to get up get moving and get done at a decent time with the exception of laundry I had to fold later on in the afternoon [Music] [Applause] [Music] lately I don’t feel like you don’t know my love no more no more sleepin on different sides problems we can’t know make sure you stick around because that cleaning hack is coming up and I’m going to share that with you after I’m done cleaning my house [Music] [Music] you know so baby if you’re walking now I’ll be [Music] I’ll begin truck ride never be and there [Music] I just want if you are I’ll be [Music] lately I’ve been feeling like I don’t recognize myself myself cuz I’m gonna work in late nights hoping I can buy some time oh but I been so caught up and get it in my paycheck I can’t even focus how do we talk there’s nothing I don’t know so baby if you’re walking now [Music] I’ll begin drunk like never before until I can’t [Music] I don’t I just wanna beautiful better here I’ll be late [Music] I’ll be [Music] so babyish again to clean my bathtub I’m using a dish wand which I got from the Dollar Tree and its in the kitchen section you can use it to you know clean your dishes but I use it in the bathtub I just fill it with white distilled vinegar and dish soap it’s simple easy natural and it helps me clean the tub super quickly [Music] perfect I will never ever Pratunam that it is hard that I know but I’m scared as hell can you please just comfort me know so well this is how but I know we can make this work it feels the praise that it hurts my boy could you ever feel the same I love you it’s true like I say it again never [Music] typically in the past when I’ve cleaned our laundry room I will remove all of the pet stuff like the litter box and the food because who wants to see a litter box I personally find it pretty gross so I usually already remove it before I start cleaning and filming but some of you guys have been asking where we keep our pet stuff so this is where we keep it we keep it in our laundry room so I feel like it’s pretty cramped but I know a lot of people have small laundry rooms and you probably think my laundry room is big so I’m not gonna sit there and say it’s tiny but just with everything in there I just wish it was a little bit bigger but I just feel like we crammed everything in there so I like to go in here and clean it out periodically because of all the pet stuff and especially keep it dust free and lint free because I feel like with the dryer in there it gets linty and all of that so I like to keep this area clean as much as possible because of the pet stuff [Music] [Music] we can make this work I’m it feels so crazy that it hurts tell me boy could you ever feel the same I love you it’s true I could say it again never [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so I still had laundry to fold and this was actually much later in the day because the girls had got home and I wanted to spend time with them instead of cleaning so later on in the afternoon when they were napping I took advantage I came in here to finish up the laundry and I’ve been talking about doing at least one load of laundry every single day and how important it is because it just gets hard well it’s hard in general for me to remember to do one load of laundry every day because I just feel like I have other things that I’m focused on and I forget but I put a reminder in my phone which sounds ridiculous and I have to remind myself to do laundry but if I don’t I get distracted and I forget so I feel like I live in dive on my to-do list but put a reminder in there for laundry because I find that when I do one load of laundry every day but it doesn’t pile up and when the loads are smaller it’s not as like overwhelming because I have to fold and put away so if I keep the load smaller by doing one load of day it’s not as overwhelming and I can get it all done get it folded and put away before I go to bed [Music] don’t forget to go check out the coupon I’ve linked down below for Enda so you can try it out and clean and dust all over your house it’s made of a silicone free formula the only such product in the furniture care category so definitely go check it out so for the cleaning hack have you ever cleaned the glass on your oven door I didn’t even know it was possible to get that oven door clean and I had to remove the drawer from under the stove and this is not a part of the cleaning heck but I didn’t expect it to be so dirty under here when I removed the bottom drawer of my oven and this is what I was I found when I took the drawer out so I was luckily able to get that cleaned up before I clean the glass of my oven door so all I did was take a wire hanger and I had started out and wrapped a microfiber cloth on it but it was too thick so instead I wrapped a disinfecting wipe around a wire hanger and then stuck it into these little slots there it should be these little slots you put it in there and then you can wipe between those pieces of glass to get it clean simple easy so go clean your oven doors [Applause] [Music] I’ve been feeling so small watch the cloud picking off


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  56. Nice work! I have to set alarms for everything, so no judgment here, haha.
    My hubby's birthday is Jan 1st too! He'll be 35 😳. But so will I in a few months, so….😢

  57. Seriously can not wait to try the oven door glass hack!! This has bugged me for forever and never knew how to clean it.  I'm 34 weeks pregnant with fraternal twin boys and in nesting mode so this is going to bring some major satisfaction 🙂

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