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welcome back to my channel everyone this is Victoria Kay I'm super excited about today's haul here at ISA but before we get started I do want to share something with you that I'm thinking you're really going to love and as you notice I'm wearing this very beautiful watch right here I have partnered up with short watches to actually do a giveaway for all my viewers this is your chance to actually win a hundred and eighty dollars plus free sizing and free shipping so you definitely can get one of these beautiful watches or so all you have to do is just click on the first link in my description box and you can enter the giveaway I'm also offering a discount for you in addition to the giveaway so you will be able to save $25 on their website so you can also take advantage of that my code is Victoria Kay so also click on the link below it will direct you to their website and you can check out these beautiful watches as you can see I have some really great to pieces and sets that I want to share with you today and as you can see they're also the same color I can't wait to hear your feedback let me know which outfit you liked the best and which one you would want to get for yourself I also have a special for you that I will mention after my try on Paul's so definitely stay tuned and I can't wait to put these long select them and start at the first outfit check out this first two-piece combination this is the Ogden I'm look I usually don't wear a style like this but I actually really enjoyed it I've never thought of wearing a complete denim look I really like the blouse a lot especially the lace-up design in the front and I also love the two pockets that it has on your chest and the jeans of course they actually have torn ankles that you can see since I chose to pair this outfit with black boots this is a very comfortable two-piece combination and if you are into denim you definitely want to try this so here's my next two-piece for you and as you can see it's a lot sexier so this would be really great for you to go out with and you're definitely gonna turn heads with this the pants are so amazing I really love them they're really stretchy and they also feature a lace-up design on each side of your leg the second part of this outfit features a very beautiful bun dough top and it has a very nice lace design and also a scrunch front as you can see and then it also has a strappy back me personally I would not wear a bra with this top you can however choose to wear the angel brought from Issa if you want a little bit of extra support but me personally I love it just the way it is so here's my last two-piece that I've been dying to show you because this is one of my favorites and as you can see it is a latex two-piece I'm very happy to show you this because I know you have been requesting to see latex outfits so here is one and I am so in love with it it is very comfortable even though it is latex but it hugs your curves just perfectly so this two-piece features a crop top with a round neckline and the skirt also features an elastic waistband it is super comfortable as I said and you know it is a matching set but you can also wear it separately I will definitely wear this two-piece out very soon thanks so much for watching everyone I'm hoping you like this tram haul today and as I mentioned earlier I have a special for you though if you choose to get both pieces you will be able to save I have a special promo code for you you want to make sure you enter save onto at checkout please be sure to give my video a thumbs up and also subscribe to my channel and I will definitely be back with another video next time


  1. I love the fact that a woman can be exactly that to the fullest nowadays , dont yall ever go back to what a insecure mans perception of a woman should be!

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