Roman legionary's clothing, armour and equipment

this is Placidus a Roman legionary soldier Placidus has signed up for 25 years of military service at the end of which you will have seen much of what Europe today the region has been sensor which we now call the Netherlands looks completely different from the place where he was born and raised the basic dress of this legionary is the same as that of almost every Roman a tunic and sandals a tunic is a long woolen shirt girded around the middle with a leather belt or strap for underwear he may use a loincloth and a linen tunic his military sandals called Cala guy had been cut from a single piece of leather the thick sole has hobnails this prevents the sandals from wearing down and it gives him a firm grip on slippery soil in addition he wears a scarf to protect his neck and shoulders from the sharp edges of his armor during the cold winter months Placidus may wear several long sleeve tunics trousers and woolen socks a warm woolen cloak will protect him against the wind and rain being a legionary soldier Placidus is of course well armed but his body is also very well protected by a helmet armor and a shield his body armor or lorica is made of iron plates riveted to heavy leather straps on the inside of the harness so they won't break easily during a fight a lorica consists of four parts the two shoulder pieces and two body pieces can be taken apart for easy maintenance and transportation when the armor is assembled Placidus can put it on like a jacket the lorica is fastened with leather straps that run through the hooks at the front and back it weighs almost 10 kilos but because the different parts move along with the body movement and the weight is spread evenly over the upper body he can wear it in relative comfort all day long this type of segmented armor offers very good protection against both slashing and stabbing weapons the military belt which is called a king golem ensures the weapons remain firmly in place the belt is made of leather and has metal plates both for decoration and reinforcement at the front is an apron of leather straps decorated with metal discs and pendant on his head Placidus wears a helmet of Gallia it is made of iron or sometimes of a brass alloy the helmet is designed to offer maximum protection to the soldier's head a neck plate ear guards cheek pieces and a brow band all help to defer or cushion the blow of an enemy weapon the helmet is tightened with a leather strap under the chin the shoot or Scouten measures about 1 meter high and weighs 6 kilograms it is constructed of three different wooden layers glued together the shield is covered in linen or leather and painted in bright colors the edges are protected by metal strips making the shield more solid the Scouten is lifted with the left hand the iron shield boss at the front protects the soldier's hand and can be used to punish the enemy in the face because the shirt is held by a horizontal grip Placidus can easily maneuver it and use the shirt in different ways it's curved shape provides excellent body coverage with this helmet armor and shield Placidus is well protected from head to toe Placidus carries different weapons during long training sessions he has learned the use of well when confronted with an enemy army the Legionaries start their attack by throwing their pillow this javelin has several remarkable characteristics the iron tip has a shape of a pyramid not only does it inflict masty wounds it is also very difficult for the enemy to pull it out of his short leaving him no other option than to throw it away the iron shaft of the javelin is very thin so the spear can pass through the enemy's shield to penetrate the person behind it after the pelham is launched at the enemy Placidus takes out his primary weapon the Gladius a short stabbing sword like every soldier he carries the Gladius on the right side to prevent the Legionaries who fighting close ranks from hindering each other when they pull it out of the scabbard the grip of the Gladius is made of wood or bone the scabbard consists of two thin wooden planks covered with leather the metal decorations not only make the sword more beautiful they make the scabbard stronger the Gladius looks small but can inflict terrible wounds because of its small size Placidus can stab very quickly and precisely in the thick of the fight on the left side of his belt he carries a dagger appoggio this is not a standard legionaries weapon Placidus had brought it from the pay has saved soul belt and dagger are sometimes silver door enameled and decorated with beautifully engraved images Placidus can be sent to the farthest corners of the Empire as a Spanish farm boy he was trained near bulk you know after which his unit was sent to a very calm in modern-day France now he is stationed in the Netherlands in the legions camp of novia mothers at the northern frontier of the Roman Empire in all the places where the Empire is expanded where people rise in revolt against the Romans or where enemy tribes cross the borders the legions must be present at short notice during these long marches they must carry their heavy equipment and personal belongings from sell everything that Placidus owns he carries with him in several bags and a net containing things like money dice tinderbox plate cup a supply of salt pounds food knife spoon razor canteen and a wax tablet with a pen in addition he carries spare clothing and salmon when the March begins the shirt is covered in a goat skin leather showed cover and carried on the back with a leather strap or the other luggage included in the pillow is attached to a pole called a fur coat which is carried over the right shoulder as if that's not enough he also carries in trench and claws like a pickaxe and a shovel for the construction of a cap all-in-all a trained legionary soldier carries up to 35 kilos of armor and equipment no wonder they're sometimes mockingly called Marius mules named after the famous Roman general Marius who introduced the carrion of this heavy burden for the Legionaries in the Roman army Placidus still has 20 years of service to look forward to for this cold wet region he will not soon forget you

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