Richard Ting on "Pride Jersey," ADC 98th Annual Awards Brand/Comm. Design Best of Discipline

hi I'm Richard ting global chief experience officer and us CCO of our GA our best indiscipline choice for the brand and comms design jury was the AIG pride Jersey and part of the reason why we chose that jersey and that project was because we felt like a hit on all the different creative filters that we were looking through to evaluate work one we thought the concept was phenomenal the fact that the the the jerseys would reveal the the colors of the the of the rainbow flag when stretched and we thought the fact that the actual stretching the jersey leveraged behavior that already takes place when rugby players are playing rugby we thought that was a pretty brilliant innovative idea the locker room the last stronghold of machismo a place where diversity means a wide range of sports logos unless someone makes a stand a stretch not when the All Blacks and AIG are involved we believe diversity and inclusion make for a stronger team in both sport and in life so we teamed up to produce the pride Jersey the harder you pull the more you see the symbol of the LGBTQ community the rainbow mix all the colors of the world and you get black we developed a world-first technology with different colors come together to form web we delivered these jerseys to many influences with huge audiences who showed their support towards diversity the movement expanded from stadium to street and be [Applause] AIG depends dangle discrimination in the sport no sir a real discrimination educators about action not just the word it's the battle against discrimination here are the new meaning to blend better if your own manner disabilities way from we all belong a positive message to allow really exciting because it's another step forward for energy in helping this is the challenges that face the society today as a great campaign to us [Applause] the arg index Pride Jersey diversity is not a strange

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