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  1. I admit I haven't watch SNL for 20 plus years….after watching this and a few other of their videos I am glad to have missed it. Not funny in the least.

  2. Unfortunately a funny twist on what actually happens for real. Just missing the physical violence at the end. As we become increasingly divided, the man just sits back and laughs at the show. Achieving the goal.

  3. The only funny thing about this one was the fact that they had a white girl being the "I'm gonna blast this motha fucka on Facebook" lady. oh, and Kennan is still pretty funny I guess. Everything else is shit. Why SNL? Whyyyyy???

  4. I would beat the ass of every man who has ever even thought about spilling a drink on a woman's shoe for Saoirse Ronan

  5. I freakin' love the cast of the past few years. These kids are so great. It's a total renaissance for the show with some of the strongest writing and performing they've ever had. I remember watching the show when there were so many skits where you'd just say, "Who the hell thought that was funny?" or "Why are they just taking one stupid joke and then beating it to death till you're just angry?" This cast, though — geniuses.

  6. Working as a customer service representative? Man! I'll tell this is too fucking real, some cx really don't know manners and respect.

  7. Listen. This one time I was working at my supermarket, this old male client walked up to me and asked me to refund him on the pads he had bought because they wouldn't stick to his underwear.
    I have never had a more awkward experience than having the old man take out the pad he had obviously tried on and make an attempt at showing me the glue didn't work…

  8. If the Walmart near my home had this type of customer service, I would be planted in a chair with popcorn right there.

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