Reading Fables

Okay, so I’m just gonna get right into the meat of this topic. I love reading fables. If you weren’t paying attention in 10th grade english. A fable is a short story usually with talking animals, That have a moral at the end of them. A good way to remember is that the word fable starts with an “F” And, so does… Furrys… So… So examples of fable you might have heard. Are the “The Tortoise And The Hare” Ummm… “Humpty Dumpty” “Pacific Rim” And the Autobiography of Hillary Clinton This ones a fable becuase the main characters a bi-(Word Cuts Off) Ha Ha I’m just kidding, Humpty Dumptys not a fable So theres this guy named ‘Aesop’ And he’s best known for creating a bunch of fables He’s written over 655 And seriously I don’t know why for some reason We can’t find the exact number ‘How many fables has he written?’ ‘Over 655!’ ‘Oh so…’ ‘656?’ Like whats the range here? Unfortunately he has died So he won’t be writing anymore fables So why can’t we get the exact number? Like what the heck guys! And he also had a very strong no photo policy So no pictures of him were ever taken Because he was born around 500 BC I don’t even think he knew what a camera was soo… Here we go this is what he supposedly looked like And what I like the most about fables Is that the wording is so.. Like Shakespearean and old-timey And it makes you feel like your smart for reading these short paragraphed story’s And even better they have a moral and the end of them So once your done reading your like ‘Oh man that was deep’ Like every single fable can end with one character dropping a microphone (Mic Dropping Sounds) Like the whole story is just build up to that one ‘Moral Moment’ Ok so im going to read some of my favorite fables to you guys These aren’t – I’m not going to read them as Aesop wrote them though Because he had so many unnecessary smart sounding words When really all of his fables can be shorted down to like three sentances So here we go Aesop’s fables in my own words (Cleares Throat) So theres these mice that get together And they’re trying to come up with a plan to stop this cat from killing them And one mouse is like ‘ Oh we could put a bell around the cat. You know so now we can hear it or something’ And This Other Mouse Is Like ‘ Yeah, alright yeah thats cool’ ‘Who’s Going To Put The Bell On It?’ (Mic Drops) (Great Noise) Ok so this one is kind of actually stupid I dont really know what the moral is Like maybe no one wants to be the person to sacrifice themselves for the good of humanity Or Mice-anity (Groans) Ok so heres my version of the rest of that story So after the mouse said that The other mouse goes ‘Oh jeez other mouse I didnt think of that’ ‘Well i guess, I say we all get our toothpicks and kill the cat!’ You know atleast that ending made sence A Bell (Scoffs) How about you poison it? Or move somewhere theres not a cat in the first place So theres this horse and a groom Which is not the wedding kind Its the actual groom-er Which just calls himself groom So this groom spends all his time brushing the horse and making it look pretty And also takes some of the horses oats and sells it for extra cash Ok stop right there Aren’t oats meant to be really cheap? Isn’t that a thing? Ok so the horse is getting malnourished And Says ‘You know, you should really stop worrying about brushing me’ ‘And more about feeding me’ (Mouths Explosion) Man thats DEEP I.. I Think The moral is don’t steal your horse’s oats Especially if it talks, like you’ll never hear the end of it (Another Mic Drops) So there’s this farmer And he somehow gets a goose that lays golden eggs And now you might be thinking Whats with all these gooses that lay golden eggs!? Jack And The Beanstalk did it The Simpleton Brothers did it Well did you know this is the very first time a goose laying golden eggs has ever appeared in writing I actually don’t know if that’s true i made it up I mean it might be true I don’t know, it was 500 BC you guys that’s a long time ago And the goose only lays one (golden) egg a day And the farmer gets greedy and wants more eggs So he thinks ‘Aw, I bet the eggs are inside the goose!’ So he chops up the goose and guess what… Theres only more goose.. parts in there not eggs (Goose Drops Mic) Ok so the moral, know how basic thing work Especially if your a farmer and you don’t know how geese work Or atleast be close friends with someone who knows this ‘Hey man I dont think thats how geese work’ ‘I mean, I get how you might think this is a magic goose’ ‘Because everything about this is physically impossible’ ‘But we could already live pretty decent lives with just one egg a day ‘Like were already in the top 1% now’ How can a goose carry around a golden egg inside of itself Do you know who heavy gold is? If there’s solid gold, can a goose ever have babies? It seems like an evolutionary dead end to me So there once was this bat And he fell Somehow.. Aesop never really said how it fell Its a bat! It can fly! Ok so the bat gets caught by a weasel Like one of these things? Ok so your saying a Bat, gets caught by a Weasel ‘Cause He Fell… Whatever Ok So the weasel says ‘I am an enemy to all birds’ ‘And Im Going To Eat You’ And The Bat Goes ‘I.. I’m not a bird, i’m a mouse’ ‘Oh what are these things that look like wings’ ‘Oh these.. uh… thats… my’ ‘Blanket, because i’m cold’ Ok that part wasn’t in the story So the weasel lets him go But then is happens again! But with a different weasel And This Weasel Says ‘I am an enemy to mice, and im going to eat you’ And the Bat goes: ‘Oh tiny Weasel but i’m not a mouse i’m a bird’ And then he lets him go Again Sometimes Aesop wrote the moral that your supposed to take at the end He did it with this one and the moral forbatum is: So are you saying to follow the crowd? Like, go with the flow Thats not really a good moral Aesop! Also, why didnt the bat just say: ‘IM A BAT LOSERS, AND I CAN FLY.. LATER’ It’s also teaching you to make up lies on the spot, that contradict your first lie Thats how you get caught lying! Ok, so last fable So this Crow has a piece of cheese in her beak And this Fox comes along and is like ‘Oh, You’re so beautiful.. Oh I just love your feathers’ ‘I Wish I Could Just Hear You Sing’ This Crow is now very flattered, and she goes to sing. And then the cheese falls out of her mouth, and the fox eats it. And then the last line, this is beautiful The Fox Says ‘You have a voice madam, I see’ ‘What you want is wits’ (Airhorns) Moral of the story, everybody wants to steal your cheese Don’t let your guard down for a second! That would be a good t-shirt design, like It would say ‘Everyone Wants To Steal Your Cheese’ And then it would have like a silhouette of a fox and a crow Someone make that t-shirt I’ll buy it (Outro Music)


  1. James What T-shirt Size Do You Wear? I Will Gladly Make That T-shirt With My Grandpa ( btw he watch your videos too! ) If You Respond To Me!

  2. I was learning about fables in English class (I’m a sophomore btw) and my friend looked at me and mouthed “fable starts with F and so does furry.”

  3. I made everyone wants to steal your cheese shirt
    6:35: make your end of the deal

  4. Aesop didn't actually write down any of his stories himself, his students and people who heard them repeated them and they were put into written form somewhere along the line. It's not clear how many were actually told by Aesop, since some might have gotten lost over time and other's might have later been added to his name.

  5. James how many fables have you readen
    James:i don't know how many loafs of bread have you eaten
    Sooubway guy:JAMES!!!!

    Yes this is jojoke

  6. the first fable i heard of cause in our first day of 3rd grade our English teacher talked about the belling the cat fable and it was pretty short ._. cause its a fable…. and the fox and crows fable

  7. I don’t know when I was subscribed hmm I think I was a subscriber since 500BC

    Edit: this is just a joke don’t hate olz

  8. He would find gold in the goose because it’s a solid artificial egg it’s not a real embryo (which needs time to fertilise and form) so the goose actually probably does have gold in it.

    Or this could just be another fable exaggerating the fact that geese lay eggs and talking about fertilising eggs made of solid gold, and I may just be over exaggerating the whole fable.

  9. Fabão nobody cares about it but I still like and who wants to read a short story so small that it’s like dude like one minute that fast that’s just weird nobody would like that but incredible and I like your videos for a reason because you’re awesome and I when I first met you you were incorrect bed and I’m also six years old so I don’t mind it so OK🐢 and The🐇That’s just weird but I still like a video by

  10. And who dropped the microphone in the book that’s just dumb nobody cares but it’s actually called the same time and funny you made a great video

  11. Aesop died cause he was giving out money for free and the people got greedy and threw him of a cliff.

    Moral of the story: never give out free money

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