Ray Donovan Season 7 Episode 3 Trailer – What Did We Miss In The Episode 3 Trailer? Family Pictures

we’re not going back to prison I can’t
go back right because you can’t be you dead
radon of is another one of those great great shows that a lot of people tend to
miss out on and in this video we’re gonna review and breakdown episode three
family pictures and the trailer that they did for this to see if we can pick
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more time and then we’re gonna pick it apart to see what you might have missed
the car she chopped up that’s came up what are you gonna do gonna make it easy
for them to pin it on you you shot a teenager in the back now it’s an
intensive care was protecting the store he’d ever had to be done I need to speak
with ray Donovan tell my Kevin Sullivan sisters here in
the very first section you see detective Perry walking up to the crime scene
where they have recovered more items out of the water leading up to the dead cops
and they are hot on the trail array and his family and you just wonder how is
this gonna end cuz detective Perry she also plays on power she’s not going
anywhere and she wants to get somebody so it’s gonna be interesting to see how
they spend this to keep the Donovan family out of trouble the very next
scene if you didn’t watch the last week’s episode Mickey was supposed to be
dead and now he’s back and you see him sitting in the car ray Donovan saying
look I don’t want to go back to prison and Ray is like to hell you are you’re
supposed to be dead it ain’t no big deal with you going back to prison and then
you see Ray pulling up to the crime scene with Mickey and the plan that Ray
has for Mickey is they’re gonna frame it on Mickey and basically put Mickey back
in jail and Miki’s kind of like now I don’t want to
do this but it’s ray Donovan man what choice does he have in the next scene
you see the manager at bun Chee’s job value drugs and if you didn’t watch last
episode basically some thieves tried to rob the place but she took them down got
the gun beat him up and shot one of those kids in the back and he’s trying
to leverage the fact that he’s a hero you know give him a little pay raise so
he’s talking to the manager and the manager is basically saying bunch
brother you shot a kid in the back that don’t make you a hero
now any other business owner or manager would probably be happy that that
happened but this guy’s just giving a bunch of hard time and then the next
thing you see bunchy standing outside the window possibly of the kid that he’s
shot just having deep feelings and deep thoughts about it
then you see budget drinking he’s probably going through some sober
feelings about the situation and ray Donovan being the cold calculated
brother that he is it’s saying Bunch you did what you had to do don’t let
them guys worry you hell ray might even tell but you can come work for me then
in the very last scene of this trailer they introduced this young lady right
here and if you guys don’t know her her name is Molly Sullivan and Molly
Sullivan is of Kevin Sullivan who is a billionaire mogul and you can see the
look in Mickey’s eyes that he knows these people and basically there’s a
family connection way back in the day when Kevin Sullivan being a billionaire
mogul and his path has crossed with Ray Donovan and the type of business that
Ray Donovan does which I know is Hollywood fixing it getting rid of
issues and handling business that they don’t want to come to the media and I
feel like what’s going to happen great Donovan is going to connect with this
sister and this is going to be the person he’s going to be smashed and in
this season but it’s probably going to be a huge problem because you’ve got
this billionaire mogul who does shady business practices has got some things
going and Bray is gonna start smashing the
sister who manages those businesses and you know that that’s going to be a crazy
situation so leave me your comments and what you think is going to happen in
Episode three as I’ll be bringing more of these reviews predicting what we
think is going to happen in the next episode and what you might have missed
from the trailer that’s gonna do it for this video don’t forget to like my video
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  2. Thanks for sharing brother LAMONT. Haven't watched this yet. Been so busy. Keep the content coming. Happy Thanksgiving to you and CRYSTAL. Love you guys

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